Friday, February 22, 2008

ATAVISTIC-equilibrium 7" (1987)

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1.half life
2.means to an end
3.perpetual motion

This is one noisy as hell record. Atavistic were a U.K. crustcore band from the 80's who released this great 7", and another thats called "life during wartime". They later put out a LP that I recall being very disappointed in(they started going for a Motorhead vibe). This rare ep came out on Looney Tunes, and has pretty much been forgotten in time. Both their two 7"s rank up there with the crusty greats (Deviated Instinct, Amebix, etc). This shit was a bit harsher then most the other English bands of the era... A serious wall of heavy, brutal & raw noise is the only way to describe these gents. Each song has some echo guitar leads that just shreek with raw power. This stuff is so raw I can see some black metal fans appreciating it.
I got this as an alternate record when I was ordering punk records from blacklist mailorder out of S.F. in the late 80's or early '90. I remember being semi bummed that I got this when I put it on my turntable back then. Guess it was to heavy/metal for me. Play this shit loud, its just noise.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

WARFARE Noise filth & fury 7" (1984)

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1.burn the kings road
2.the new age of total warfare
3.Noise filth & fury

This three piece were from England and formed in the early 1980's. Some Seriously great metal with a punk influence (short songs, minimal solos, etc). If your a fan of Tank, Venom, or Motorhead then you'll need this. The band shared members with, and had records produced with dudes from the aforementioned bands. This ep came out on Neat, and has guest guitar appearances from Mantis(yeah, wow right? he he he). Old demi gods!
In the early 80's I was buying all the Neat records eps, but I guess I stopped because I just got sick of not enough songs on the records, so I was then buying all LPs. These 7"s got pretty trashed, some I lost the covers for, used the records as ashtrays, etc. Total idiot move, as I've found myself rebuying them now for about 10x the prices I paid for them back in the day ($2.75). Turn it up!

Monday, February 18, 2008

NO FRAUD s/t 7" (1986)

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2.don't let me grow old
3.thinking of you
6.nothing left inside
7.suicidal maniac
8.its all economic

No Fraud were a wicked fast diy hardcore band from Venice Florida, who played a skate styled punk that had no metal influences at all. I originally bought this record through the mail when I lived in Livermore, and would read MRR reviews, and scoured the pages for ads that caught my eye. I sadly sold the ep in my first purge of selling off parts of my record collection in the early 90's. I have no idea what I was thinking, and have been looking for it for years since then. Recently I was totally stoked to pick this up at the wfmu record fair in nyc, It made my day for sure.
Side two of this ep is amazing, totally blazing hc that reminds me in some ways of early RKL. The song wastecase on side one is great as well, bringing me back to my youth in the 80's. The band did some early demos that are fucking brilliant too. I'll post one of those someday on here as well. This is pretty rare, and came out on No Club records. Enjoy!

V/A -SENSELESS DEATH LP compilation (1989)

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1.take a look around
2.when I sleep
3.some curiosity
4.prophecy fulfilled/pyro
A.M.Q.A streak
8.big fat muffin
10.satans sandals
11.chemical death
12.cigarette death
13.this world
14.satans dorrmat
15.herman munster
16.pattons disease
ATTITUDE blind power
20.deadly Euphoria
23.cardiac arrest
24.on the team
25 meatmarket

I love most of this compilation. I think what I loved more about the comp then the actual music, was the idea of punk bands and metal bands playing on the same record, and being cool with it. The Impulse Manslaughter tracks are totally awesome, the Heaven and hell bust is funny as hell. My favorite tracks by far are the A.M.Q.A. tracks, because the stuff is so fast and catchy. Most people I know hate Sacred Denial, but the vox on this stuff remind me a bit of Gang Green, plus I have a weakness in my heart for NJ crossover shit. The Attitude stuff is live, and sorta is filler. The songs are to long, by this time I was over them moving on beyond Attitude Adjustment. Condemned, and Attitude later merged and became, yup you guessed it... Condemned Attitude.
I think I originally bought a copy of this from Charlie Infections band Psycho when they played a show in Albany with Sheer Terror in around 1989-1990. This came out on Ever Rat, Medusa who also released the Coven LP, and a bunch of other stuff in the late 80's.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

NAUSEA-crime against humanity LP (1991)

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1.mind dead
2.blind point of discharge
3.system breakdown
4.production ends
5.make more profit
6.enemy alliance
7.dreams and prophecies

This should not be confused with the Crusty NYC punk band. This shit here is fanfuckingtastic molten metal grindcore from L.A.. The band featured the frontman Oscar Garcia of Terrorizer on vox. That being said everyone expects more than anyone can really deliver, as "world downfall" is just one of the greatest grind records of all time. The vox on this one are really the only thing that is similar to terrorizer at all. The songs are much longer, and sometimes slower and heavier. Don't fret though, there are still plenty of blast beats, and even a few crust parts as well. The over all production on this is so bass heavy that it gives the feel of the record a totally doom/gloomy dark feeling. These dudes recorded many demos, and did a few other records. They actually formed in the mid 80's out of the death of a band called Majesty. The song Enemy alliance is actually a old Majesty tune.
I discovered these guys through my love and awe of Terrorizer. The first thing I heard by them was the demo split with terrorizer. Sadly I no longer have that one, it was lost in the purge of '93. Enjoy.

Friday, February 15, 2008

WHITE PIGS s/t 7" (1984)

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2.dropout life
5.pigs theme
6.early grave
8.kill kop

White Pigs were from Connecticut, and played shows, and recorded this awesome raw punk ep in 1984. The band originally formed in 1980 out of the ashes of Zak at the Soda Boys. W.P.'s had many, many line up problems right up until their demise in 1989. The band went from playing aggressive hardcore punk, that at times reminded me of the Abused, or Antidote to thrash metal with double kick drums, and solos. No idea what these dudes were thinking at the time. The metal version of the band released an LP on the combat bootcamp series. This ep came out on Switch Kwilson and is perfect in my opinion. Its been said that only 400 of these exist. I've No Idea, as the band members are still squabbling on mssg boards and web sites. Please leave a comment if you download. Its a positive part of doing this blog, the interaction with people. thanks.


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1.force of habit
2.numbing process
3.manufactured christ
4.creeping brown deth
5.society for creative pain
6.victim to the prey
7.last grave at dimbaza
8.attack position
10.never enough

I originally heard these guys on an old Maximum Rock n Roll radio show in the 80's. I couldn't believe how brutally metal they sounded, but had a goofy fucking name that still had some social relevance at the time. This was truly punk as fuck metal. The guitars and drums have a total Celtic Frost/Hellhammer sound. I'm not sure these guys were familiar with the bands at that time(though its hard to believe by the sound, that they weren't). If you love Celtic Frost, or even the 1st Sheer Terror LP, you'll kill for this one. More underground music from the great state of Michigan.
I've owned this record three times. Originally selling it in my first purge of record sales in around '93. I think I recently acquired it again through my buddy/ex band mate Jim MacNaughton. I Forgot how great this was. The band had a second LP slated to come out but couldn't find a "deal". Known as The "Contrafusion" demos these songs were even more metal sounding, as the band got a different singer. Don't miss this, or let the band name scare you away. This is a rager. Awesome lyrics that had my mind in the right place 20 years ago. Leave a comment if you remember these guys, or dig this shit.

"never enough"
break from the norm to fight for your rights
no peer pressure no more cliques no more labels
things have changed your ideals are a cover
practice what you preach stupid hypocrites

I go into the show you look me up and down
judge me by your standards as if you were my parents
is my hair to long? should I have a circle A on my back?
will I never score enough points to make your hardcore standard?

I hate war, poverty and death
I thought my values were in the right place
you don't even bother to ask what I think
you got me figured out by just one look
yeah you got me figured out, you know everything
and you'll never take the time to know me
hidden safe within your clique
use your rags to distort images
something meant for benefit used to destroy
we're not going to let your narrow minds hold us back
we'll do it without you!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

TOXODETH-mysteries about life and death Tape (1989)

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2.the beacon
4.visit of the dead
5.doom predictions
8.seeing to our ages
9.tales from beyond

This is a brutal classic Mexican metal release, that verges on technical death/thrash (what with all of the guitar solos, and guitar god riffing). The recording is totally raw & evil sounding, and sounds as though it was recorded in a dark black cave in one take. The vox border on pre black metal. It's Hard to believe these guys were a 3 piece, and had been around since 1983. This has some elements of Possessed for sure.
The cover art is great, so minimalistic and gloomy looking.
Mexico has always been a place with millions of underground metal supporters, I guess its just rare that you hear of a Mexican band in the USA. Obscure and Classic. Originally I bought a copy of this at ERL Records in Albany NY. Dave and Jack used to call me up when they'd get some metal collections in the store. There was a guy who was an older state worker (like 40 years old, in 1991), he would bring in all this weird metal,and was knowledgeable of it all. He was totally straight looking, but into some brutal gruesome stuff. Jack and Dave would let us smoke and drink in the store... the place was amazing.

DED ENGINE s/t LP (1985)

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2.kings of the city
6.take a hike
8. young hot
9.reighn of terror
10.'till deaf do us part

These dudes were from Lansing Michigan, and played an American NWOBHM style of heavy metal. Think the 1st Anthrax LP(fistful of metal), Armored Saint, and Manowar and you'll have a pretty good idea of what these bros sounded like. This came out on Pentagram records. I recently got a copy of this from my car mechanic, Derrick who also went to the same high school as me. Derrick played in a band called Militia, but has no interest in metal anymore, he was happy to give me a stack of old metal LPs.
Another record that I was originally turned onto by my high school pal/band mate Pat Janedlo. Looking back at this, this record sounds like it should have come out in 1983, as most metal bands were doing the thrash thing.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

TYRRANICIDE-hiding under white demo (1986)

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1.hiding under white
2.summoned to die
3.facing reality
5.cripples revenge

In my opinion this demo blows away the bands LP. The demo is right on par with Sacrilege B.C.'s demo in rawness, and sheer brutality.
Amazing Bay Area thrash metal with catchy as fuck Mosh parts. Some of the riffs even have that Possessed seven churches feel to it. The ending of the title track is one of those songs. It mixes elements of Sacrilege, Possessed, and even some Exodus. This is a down right amazing demo tape. These dudes were from the same suburb as I was living in for a period of my life. They played lots of diy shows in places like my surrogate family's mechanical garage. Seriously an inspirational band for me then, as they were writing social/political songs, playing with punk bands, while still waving the flag of long hairism. Mike, the drummer was crippled, I still don't know how he did it. seriously, listen to this shit, then think about the fact that the drummer couldn't walk without crutches. mind blowing.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

COVEN-blessed is the black LP (1987)

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1.Blessed Is The Black
3.Burn The Cross
4.Out Of The Grave
5.Rock This Church
6.Iron Dick
7.The Monger
8.McDonaldland Massacre
9.Another Life
10.Creature Of Duty (And My Duty Is Death)

These metalheads were from Seattle and formed in around 1985, and put out a number of LPs, this one being the bands debut.
This LP came out on the Ever Rat/Medusa label, and shouldn't be taken to seriously by thrash fanatics. Some of the lyrics could have only been written in the good 'ol 80's. "Iron Dick", is just ridiculous and borderlines on flat out absurd. I think what attracted me to this LP initially were the vocals. They border on over the top at times. On the first song They totally remind of of Paul Baloff's mighty efforts on "bonded by blood".

Sunday, February 3, 2008

UNITED destroy metal 7" (1985)

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I know I haven't uploaded many 7" eps on here, but I couldn't ignore this one any longer. True Japanese metal greatness just doesn't get any better than this. The band had a slew of other releases, but lets forget those, because this is tops for them, and Japanese metal from this time period. There are many elements of NWOBHM bands such as Tank, and Maiden in this ep. Add some Motorhead, and Gism with the diy punkish production and packaging and you have the perfect true punk & metal record. This came out on Noise Room.
This is another one that my buddy Louis turned me onto, pretty late if I might add. This was released in 1985, and I don't think I heard it until 1989. Louis and I would drive to the Anthrax, and trash American Style records in CT., and he'd always have some obscure new foreign music blaring from his tape deck. Enjoy!

Friday, February 1, 2008

CITIZENS ARREST demo tape (1989)

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1.serve & protect
2.start again
5.grand mal
6.I won't allow
7.pressure's on (Red C)
9.death threat

This is a classic for sure. These guys released an amazing 7", a great LP, and a flexi. Influential NYC hardcore, that along with Rorschach, GO!, and Born Against helped to fuel change in how the scene in NYC was viewed by the rest of the world. Before this, NY mainly had a rep for being dumb, and supporting macho, straightedged punk, that was pretty non political, or sometimes even had a slight conservative edge to it. These bands helped to change that and helped created the ABC No Rio scene.
This tape features Ted Leo on vox, and Daryl on drums (he played drums for Born Against at one time as well).
The first time I saw these guys was at Abc no rio, with Born Against. CXA were a steamroller. Daryl approached My friend Louis, Mike J, and myself asking about a L'arm shirt Louis was wearing... Daryl seemed totally cool, and talked to us about Heresy, Fear Of God, Ripcord, and L'arm. It was easy to tell we were from out of town, as Mike Bullshit started yelling at us for pulling out our money on the street, to pay our way into the gig.

KORROZIA METALLA-orden satani LP (1988)

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3.Viking and a Sword in Storm
5.Black Terror

Well, I picked this LP up because of the fact that the song titles looked VERY foreign to me, or Eastern European... and that used to be a rarity for any extreme music. These guys are/were indeed Russian. The cover is pretty sick looking, with the logo that is half swiped from Kreator, and half ripped from Maiden. The music is tooth and chip thrash with lots of solos thrown in. The vocals are almost more of a tough type hardcore style, but match the music appropriately enough.
Unfortunately only one original member remains in this band, and he's some sort of weird nationalist. This is still a great album, and very Obscure.