Monday, February 11, 2008

TYRRANICIDE-hiding under white demo (1986)

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1.hiding under white
2.summoned to die
3.facing reality
5.cripples revenge

In my opinion this demo blows away the bands LP. The demo is right on par with Sacrilege B.C.'s demo in rawness, and sheer brutality.
Amazing Bay Area thrash metal with catchy as fuck Mosh parts. Some of the riffs even have that Possessed seven churches feel to it. The ending of the title track is one of those songs. It mixes elements of Sacrilege, Possessed, and even some Exodus. This is a down right amazing demo tape. These dudes were from the same suburb as I was living in for a period of my life. They played lots of diy shows in places like my surrogate family's mechanical garage. Seriously an inspirational band for me then, as they were writing social/political songs, playing with punk bands, while still waving the flag of long hairism. Mike, the drummer was crippled, I still don't know how he did it. seriously, listen to this shit, then think about the fact that the drummer couldn't walk without crutches. mind blowing.


  1. Good upload. I don't know if you noticed but they have a link to your blog on their website. Thanks again for all these obscure bands that I'd never know about if it weren't for you!

  2. Good shit. You weren't kidding about this demo being better than the lp. I think its sick how the drummer played so great in his condition.

  3. and another one if never heard about , and liked at the first listen - timo

  4. Great post Nate. It's funny I just did a post on my site about a band I played in called Grout up in Humboldt. Ty Turner played bass. You should give that a listen even if the band sounds nothing like Tyrranicide. Thanx again dude.

  5. Justin... thats crazy. Is there where he lives these days?

    I couldnt find the grout stuff

  6. Nate, the grout stuff is here, . Once I get the taxes back I will get a turntable and start spinning out what little I have on vinyl. Check the comments section and it tells what Ty's doing in the bay area.

  7. terrific post man! thank you, I'd never have discovered some great shit if it weren't for you.

  8. I found this tape in the free box at Gilman in 1989. At that point my musical knowledge was Green Day, Operation Ivy, and whatever bands would play with them. This Demo got me into metal. I lost everything in a house fire a few years back and I've been looking to replace alot of stuff. I never thought I'd hear this demo again. Thanks alot!

  9. sorry to hear about the fire Dave...


  10. I could have sworn it was one of the guitar players on crutches. Been quite awhile, though.