Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pentagram-s/t LP (1989)

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01 Rotten Dogs
02 Mephistopheles
03 Metal Not Dead
04 Astharoth
05 Bloody Guillotine
06 Powerstage
07 Dimensions of Death
08 Pentagram
09 Deceptive Bells
10 Los Magandos

Yes I know, there is a pentagram in every town. Well this one is from Turkey. How fucking cool is that? How much thrash metal do you think ever came out of Turkey? The band is sort of known as gods, or has a cult like status in Turkey for pioneering the heavy music scene there... and also because the first guitarist was killed by Terrorists in Turkey in 1993. The band later changed their name to Mezarkabul (meaning Pentagram).

Mottek-hypnose LP (1983)

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1. Countdown
2. Gott sieht Alles
3. In schlechter Gesellschaft
4. Wie ein kranker Hund
5. Herz aus Metall
6. Das Spiel ist aus
7. Ist das Alles
8. Mottek
9. Horrorpuppen
10. Meine Meinung
11. Nie wieder Frieden
12. Nieten und Leder
13. Das Schwarz
14. Fremde G?rten
15. Sex Appeal

Mottek were one of the earlier of the German hardcore/punk bands that I had heard. During this time period Germany was still divided into West Germany, and East Germany, so The political climate there made for some of the best punk rock to come out of Europe in the 80's. Mottek were one of the earlier European bands I'd heard alongside BGK, Raw Power, L'arm, Upright Citizens, etc. They weren't afraid to sing in their native language either. great stuff...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Riot- firedown under LP (1981)

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1.Swords and Tequila
2.Fire Down Under
3.Feel the Same
5.Don't Bring Me Down
6.Don't Hold Back
7.Altar of the King
8.No Lies
9.Run For Your Life

Okay one of my fond memories of Riot comes from me being a teenage metalhead(1983), getting caught smoking in high school by some random teacher, her confronting me... then me calling her a Cunt and stupidly running away. Later I was called into the principles office, I was of course easy to track down according to Mr. Williams due to my denim Jacket with the words "RIOT" painted in bright red on the back. Stupid shit...
Riot were one of the few USA metal/hard rock bands that were sorta doing the N.W.O.B.H.M. thing in the early 80's. I loved the nwobhm sound, but was interested in seeing and hearing New yorkers play their version. This is where Riot came in (along with the Rods, and a slew of others).
Riot featured two great vocalist through the years... both of whom are now dead. Guy Speranza the vocalist on this record died within the last 3 years of cancer. My favorite song on here would be "swords and tequila" or "altar of the king". I never got a chance to see the band, but the bands live shows during this line up were supposed to be legendary.
Fucking Brooklyn...

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download fire down under below

RABID LASSIE-camel toes demo (1987)

2.mental power
3.positive energy
5.cracked mirror
6.just say no
7.fighting for peace
8.reagans butt
9.creature in your head
11.society image
12.unite and fight
13.rabid lassie
14.s.s. crisp

I bought this from Joey the vocalist when It came out. I was living in Livermore CA with my friend Kenny, who was friends with, and went to school with some of these cats. Rabid Lassie were a straightedge band, but not an ordinary one. When the band first started out, they had more political/social lyrics, and some jokey ones as well. The straightedge stuff didn't really take to much control of the band until the next demo, in which their sound is more '88 sounding youth crew style. the camel toes demo though... fucking awesome punk rock from the suburbs of Northern California. The song "contragate" ended up on the MRR double 7" compilation. listening to these guys really brings back memories of strange punk shows in auto mechanic joints, etc. If any one from that area reads this and remembers a band from Pleasington called T.H.C. I'd love a copy of that demo.
Share rabid lassie camel - 51 MB

Friday, May 25, 2007

Sacrilege-demo (1985)

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2.Skinned Alive
4.Heed No Warning

I can remember clearly the day I bought this demo at the record vault in S.F. Andy from Attitude Adjustment talked me into buying his bands demo, this demo, and the Excel demo. It was the best $9 I ever spent, seriously. I loved going to this store and getting the scoop from employees like Andy Airborne.
Sacrilege were one of those great Bay Area metal bands that crossed over into the punk scene and had serious DIY roots. I can recall being blown away live by these guys at the rock on broadway and the farm (opening for the Subhumans I think). I was even more blown away when I went to some early Gilman Street/MRR meetings and members of Sacrilege were there involving themselves, and giving their impute on the creation of a new DIY club run by punks for punks. The lyrical content of "skinned alive" really had an impact on me (and has one of the best mosh parts ever in the song during the second solo). A metal/thrash band singing about the cruel and unusual killing of seals. The band later had added B.C. (Berkely core) at the end of their name to differentiate themselves from the other bands called Sacrilege. Sacrilege B.C. are one of my all time favorite metal bands ever.

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the photo is one of a kind. thats Moose the first bassist all the way to the right, and vocalist Stephon Taylor in the center

Sacrilege -demo Download

Trouble-the skull LP (1985)

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1.Pray For The Dead
2.Fear No Evil
3.The Wish
4.The Truth Is, What Is
5.Wickedness Of Man
7.The Skull

Trouble came to me when I was in Junior high school. I totally related to the lyrical content, as I was going through depression and teen angst at the time. The band was playing doom metal before there really was such a thing (or at least term). The band just seemed to be playing music that was heavily influenced by Black Sabbath.
I remember getting bummed on the band when the skull came out because it seemed to have pro Christian lyrics. These days I could care less, as the music is totally catchy, and the lyrics get me feeling nostalgic.
Trouble formed in Chicago in 1979, and are still touring today.

Pray For The Dead...
The one you love is dead
feeling so empty inside
I know it hurts

Out from the depths
I cry to you
shed all your tears
for the one, who is dead

We loved you in life
hate you in death
how could you leave me here
all alone

poor souls wait for the Lord
paying for sins which have not been paid in life
pray for the dead - for it is of faith that these poor souls
can be saved

He`s not to blame for his death
For his death
one day his fate will be yours
and we`ll pray for you.

trouble-the skull" Download

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Betrayel-helpless souls demo (1986)

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1. intro/Betrayel
2. Helpless Souls
3. D.D.P. (Destruction, Death & Pain)
4. Cathedral
5. Beyond the Gates

Betrayel were a great metal band from the bay area that played shows during the mid 80s... I saw them a bunch as they opened for the likes of Vio-lence, Death Angel, the Mentors, etc. at the Rock on Broadway.
I remember thinking they were hella cool because the members moshed around so crazily while playing, completely tangling their guitar cords to the point where it just seemed ridiculous.
Betrayel were one of those amazing SF bands that went on to do nothing... They released this amazing demo, and thats about it.

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Betrayel-demo Download

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Blood Feast-kill for pleasure LP (1987)

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1.Menacing Thunder
2.Kill for Pleasure
5.Suicidal Mission
6.Venomous Death
7.The Evil

It is true that not much decent Metal really ever came out of NJ, but Blood Feast were from Jersey, and played some pretty awesome thrash metal.
I of course was always sold on the bands cool looking record covers.
The bands demo "suicidal mission" scored them their first releases on two compilation LPs... "thrash metal attack", and "speed metal hell".
The cassette version of this LP had a bonus track. One of the band members started his own record label years later...

try this link guys... sorry for my fuckup

Onslaught-power from hell LP (1985)

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1.Damnation/Onslaught (Power from Hell)
2.Thermonuclear Devastation
3.Skullcrusher I
4.Lord of Evil
5.Death Metal
6.Angels of Death
7.The Devil's Legion
8.Steel Meets Steel
9.Skullcrusher II
10.Witch Hunt
11.Mighty Empress

I was turned on to these guys by the writings of Pushead in the mid 80s. It was then that I became interested in them because of their d.i.y. roots.
Before releasing this LP, they released a slew of demos dating back to 1983.
Onslaught played an early brand of death/black metal that was compared by many to Venom, only not as catchy, and a bit faster. The band was from the U.K., and helped to set a sort of the early trend in this style of music. This was the sound track to a lot of partying, and skateboarding for me.

Onslaught-power LP Download

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sorry-imaginary friend LP (1984)

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3.doomed from the start
4.where were you?
5.why do i have to look at you? more step
7.don't assume
9.imaginary friend
10.listen concern
13.on my own
16.dirty old man

Sorry were one of those over looked, and under rated hardcore bands that came from Boston in the early 80's. The band was known for their energetic live shows.
Oddly enough I heard of this band through Al Quint's magazine "Suburban Voice", and searched out the record in California.
Sorry broke up as the LP came out...Members moved to NYC, and one of the members went on to play in Burn.
This record came out on the infamous Radiobeat records.

Sorry LP Download

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Wehrmacht- beermacht demo (1986)

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1.The Wehrmacht
2.Suck My Dick
3.Night of Pain
5.Gore Flicks

Wehrmacht released a shit load of demos in the 80's, and then two full length LPs. Members lived in both Portland, and Seattle, though when listening to these guys you'd figure they were Bay Area thrashers. Macht played Great thrash that never let up, with tons of wanking solos. I was lucky enough to see them somewhere in S.F. though I can't remember a thing from that night. We would party heavily before shows on these huge stairs and a park behind Broadways the Stone.
After this goofy band split in the late 80's two members went on to form Spastic Blurr, While the drummer took over duties pounding the skins for Cryptic Slaughter.

Wehrmacht- beermacht demo Download

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Agent Steel-unstoppable force LP (1987)

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1.Unstoppable Force
2.Never Surrender
4.Chosen to Stay
5.Still Searchin'
6.Rager 04:07
7.The Day at Guyana
8.Nothin' Left

These guys put out a number of albums, this being my favorite (its their second LP). The band played a very powerful brand of speed metal, now considered to play power metal. They started in 1984 in L.A.
Vocally it reminds me of early Queensryke, or Judas Priest. Musically its prolly more like Testament or something (though the dual solos are very Priestish as well). I was turned on to these guys while living in California by my friend Kenny.

AGENT STEEL -unstoppable Download

Gauze-fuckheads LP (1984)

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1. Power
2. Fuck Heads
3. One Last Kiss
4. CoreTick
5. Shot
6. Love Song
7. Ghostlike Crime
8. Neurose
9. Suikyo
10. Go

The amazing thing about these Japanese thrashers is that they are still around, and playing the same type of shit as they were in the 80's. This is probably Japan's most famous hardcore/punk band ever. When I visited Japan on an Oath tour I was lucky to meet members of the band, and To watch the interaction between them and other Japanese kids was unreal. People bow to these guys like they are gods, which they are.
I first heard these guys in maybe '89 on the Farewell to arms compilation LP, the four songs had me forever hooked. My friend Louis jacobs was a friend in the Albany area who was buying and trading Japanese hardcore way before it became trendy and cool. He would play me bands and I can remember being like, "what the fuck is this". dude was amazing.

Gauze-fuckheads LP Download

Romper Room Rejects-demo (1987)

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1. abortion
2. judgment day
3. Body pile
4. challenger
5. Reagan lies

This demo was recorded at Gilman street by this dude named Brian. Yes, Gilman used to record demos there on its off days back then. They would jst use the sound system and record you live, so there were no over dubs or anything. I played in this band while living in S.F. It was my first hardcore band. Zoran and Myself pretty much started the band. The band had many line up changes through its two years of existence. We started off jamming in my bedroom on 603 Fell street... Zoran played guitar, Michael Roy (from France) played bass, I played drums,and we had numerous singers (sic nic, and Rainer reject). We later met metalhead Kenny, and he Switched to drums, and I took on vocals. We then released a demo, and were featured on a Lethal Noise tape (became Very Small records).

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Romper Room Rejects - demo" Download

Vulcano-bloody vengence LP (1986)

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1.Dominios of Death
2.Spirits of Evil
3.Ready to Explode
6.Death Metal
7.Voices from Hell
8.Bloody Vengeance

Think about what you were listening to in 1986 (if you were even born yet), then listen to this Brazilian brutality. This shit scared the hell out of me when I first heard it. I loved it because It was raw, dark, and VERY evil sounding. Vocally and speed wise, black metal bands from Scandinavia bit off of these guys for sure. The echo on the guitar solos is funny as hell, but rules none the less. Its crazy to me that this is the same band that released the "On Pushne Namah" record... total nwobhm sound w/Portuguese lyrics, not at all the same sounding band.

VULCANO - bloody vengence Download

Monday, May 7, 2007

Corrupted Morals-chet 7"

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1. be all that you can be
2. peer pressure
3. corrupted morals
4. power
5. the adventures of Ed Meese

This is the second ep that I've uploaded on my blog by this band. These guys really were one of the most important bands of the time for me when I was living in California (along with DRI, RKL, & Attitude Adjustment).
They played the perfect mixture of punk and metal, blending it together to make fast, raw, intelligent music that spoke of the political and social climate of the time.
My copy of this ep has a hand numbered stamp on the back cover.


Anthrax-fistful of metal LP (1983)

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2.Metal Thrashing Mad
3.I'm Eighteen
6.Soldiers Of Metal
7.Death From Above
9.Across The River
10.Howling Furies

I was way into this record the day it came out. The cover sold me in a heartbeat (I was sold before even seeing it). I don't know how, but I was a member of the Armored Saint and Anthrax fanclubs before the records even hit strawberry's and record town. This album features the bands first vocalist, Neil Turbin who made the band sound like a faster version of Manowar. To me, its the best Anthrax there is... the only Anthrax. This record also features Danny Lilker on bass... he later joined Nuclear Assault, then Brutal Truth. A great cover of Alice coopers "I'm 18".

ANTHAX - fist Download

Cloven Hoof-the opening ritual 12" (1982)

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1. The Gates of Gehenna
2. Stormrider
3. Back in the USA
4. Starship Sentinal

These guys were from the U.K., and started in 1979. There are only four songs on this ep, but two are over 6 mins, and the other two are over 4 mins long. The opening riffs of Gates of gehenna remind me of early Budgie musically. great and influential nwobhm, that vocally reminds me of U.S. metal from the same time period. Cloven Hoof stole the name from the church of satan, making them all that much more appealing in the early 80's to weirdos like me.
When I first heard this record, it was very late in comparison to its coming out in 1982. I'd started off hearing the full length, but not until around 1986.

Cloven Hoof - 12" Download

Sunday, May 6, 2007

CRUCIFIXION-singles (1980-84)

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1. green eyes
2. jail bait
3. moon rising
4. take it or leave it
5. on the run
6. death sentence
7. the fox

These overlooked U.K. nwobhm pioneers put out 3 singles in the early 80s (one being a 3 song 12"). The band is by far prolly my favorite of the new wave metal sound. I just love the "take it or leave it" single. The songs are A+, and the cover art looks so fucking punk looking. Really not much info known about these guys... they did records on Neat.
There is a rumored demo of the band that I've never heard (1979), that I would kill to have.

CRUCIFIXION - singles Download
or copy paste this...

G.I.S.M. detestation LP (1983)

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1.Endless Blockades For The Pussyfooter
2.Death Agonies And Screams
3.A.B.C. Weapons
4.Nih Nightmare
5.Document One
6. Syphillitic Vaginas To Pieces
7.Nuclear Armed Hogs

Gism are one of those legendary hardcore bands that people talk about for decades. the singer(Sakevi) was known as a crazy motherfucker who would kill you in a heartbeat(he'd attacked photographers, concert goers, and random people on the street). Sakevi spent time in jail, and was rumored to have organized crime ties. The band was from Tokyo Japan, and formed in around 1980 (one of Japans first hardcore bands). The band became famous for its use of violence through imagery (record covers, films, t shirts) and the fights that Sakevi would get into.
I first heard the band on a Compilation LP in the mid 80s..then again later from my Japanese hardcore collector buddy Louis Jacobs. The sizzling leads, and raw metallic riffs are what drew me into the bands music.
In around 2001 the main writer/guitarist died of cancer.

GISM - detestation LP Download

Hermética-s/t LP (1989)

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1.Cráneo Candente
2.Masa Anestesiada
3.Desterrando A Los Oscurantistas
4.Víctimas Del Vaciamiento
5.Tu Eres Su Seguridad
6.Sepulcro Civil
7.Vida Impersonal
8.Desde El Oeste
9.Para Que No Caigas
10.Deja De Robar
11.Yo No Lo Haré

Hermética were from Argentina, and were one of the most well known heavy metal acts of that area. The band opened for every metal act touring through out that part of the world in the early days of metal. What first attracted me to these guys (besides the album cover)was the fact that they sang in their native language and could really give two shits about the English language and becoming popular in the America's. Pretty awesome metal that takes influences from everything from the nwobhm to early Metallica. The vocals help make this sound heavier then it might sound in English.

Hermetica - S/T LP Download

Total Fury 2007 East coast tour

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Kong having fun with the crowd at ABC No Rio 2007

I really had a good time driving and selling merch for Japan's Total Fury on tour in the North East last week. The guys are amazing, as Kenji gets the crowd going almost every night. The new members fit in well with the band, and the mix of newer material with the older stuff was cool. ABC No Rio was the bands best gig for sure, and the NYC venue has always treated the band Kindly. Johnson Street in Brooklyn and Albany were also highlights. This was at least the 4th or 5th time the band has made it over here from Japan. I'm proud to have put stuff out by these maniacs.

Total Fury live @ abc no rio on may 5th 2007 video