Sunday, February 27, 2011


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These guys were from Connecticut, and had a 7" called "fred" that came out before this one in 1984. Its a classic to me. I celebrate the bands entire discography(well up to a certain point). I never saw them, but somehow ended up with their second LP while living in California. I got it from a metal friend of mine(Kenny),who bought it because the band name was cool. He got it home and hated the record because it seemed to dorky or nerdy to him. He was expecting more of a crossover DRI type thing. The music just wasn't as brutal sounding as the band name in his opinion. He gladly gave it to me. It wasn't until I moved back to Albany NY that I ended up buying this copy at Worlds records. Its a repress of their debut. The original was a silk screened cover and limited to 300 copies or something ridiculous. After listening to this again recently for the first time in like 15 years, I really like it... makes me feel semi young again. Enjoy.


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Saturday, February 19, 2011

SADISTIC SEX-tale of...demo tape (1988)

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Its a real shame that these guys lyrics are so ridiculously stupid, because the music is really fucking great. Its spot on NJ hardcore that has me by the balls. I understand that this stuff is a joke, and not meant to be taken seriously, but its hard to back with song titles and lyrics that I'm not really comfortable repeating. I'd say these guys were heavily influenced lyrically by the Mentors. Musically they loved stuff like Agnostic Front, and DRI. I'm Pretty sure these guys put out another demo tape before breaking up. The band was from Manville NJ(all I know of this suburb is that one of my bands played here years ago). The 6th song is really awesome sounding because the vox sound like they were recorded in a cavern. Enjoy this stuff.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BLlND ILLUSION-the sane Asylum LP(1988)

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1.the sane asylum
2.blood shower
3.vengeance is mine
4.death noise
6.smash the crystal
7.vicious visions
8.metamorphosis of a monster

This is some pretty tech savvy Bay Area thrash metal that features ex Possessed guitarist Larry, and Les Claypool(primus fame). These guys were a long lived staple in SF in the 80's. They played many a show that I attended. There is just so much history to this band, that its just insane that they only released this one studio album back then. They started as a prog band in 1979, and moved then moved in the direction of metal. They released a slew of demo tapes(one that was produced by Kirk of 'tallica).
My friend Zoran and I were in the pit numerous times going crazy to "vengeance is mine" back then. The song still sends shivers up my spine when ever I listen to it. I love the production on this LP, its just so tight. You'd think with Les playing bass that it would be bass overkill, but its really not. Marc Biedermann the main dude in the band(only og member) really was a genius.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DARK KNIGHT 12" EP(1984)

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1.the grass is greener
2.cabin fever
3.when all else fails
4.return of the dark knight

I was in 11th grade when this 12" came out. I remember it came out a year or so after the first Queensryche 12". I recall being really stoked that there was yet another band from NY playing the style of metal these guys were doing. Most metal was coming from the other coast(or England). I was one who appreciated bands like Riot, the Rods, Talas, and Anthrax because of their proximity to where I lived. NY state pride... These guys all had made me realize that being in a band and writing your own songs was possible.
This stuff is pretty cool, but is seriously for those that love metal. Its so hard for me to describe this stuff. Sorta under the radar, cheesy power metal? I love this shit... unfortunately this was all the band ever released.


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2.your mistake(NA cover)
3.hand of power
4.chained for life
Spazz side
5.crop circles
6.gas x
7.Jean claude Bland Dan...
8.war in the head
9.elder mutant stomp

I played in Monster X pretty much all the way through the 90's. We started in 1992 after the breakup off a few other crappy local Albany bands. We were best friends....This was one of our our last releases. The record came out on Reservoir Records. I recall Andrew Orlando from Reservoir asking me back in 1997, "if you could do a record with any American hardcore band who would you want it to be?" My response was Man Is The Bastard, Spazz, or Capitalist Casualties. I don't think Andrew could convince MITB to do a split with us, so it was on to Spazz(who were famous for doing a million splits back then). At any rate we were very excited to do a record with these guys(as they were all pretty much friends/heroes to us). Monster X had real issues with recording... and this is the closest I think we ever came to nailing what/and how we wanted to sound. Andrew really was an awesome label head and totally backed what we wanted to do. He really believed in us. If I recall correctly the guy that did the cover art/layout was a member of the 80's German hc band Tu Du Hospital.