Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Desecration demo (1985)

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2.deaths revenge

Featuring pre Corrupted Morals/ex Possessed members(maybe up to three guys), this demo is a true classic, and its unfortunate to have only 3 songs on it.
I saw these guys once at the Farm in S.F. opening up for some punk hardcore bands with my buddy's Zoran and Kenny Donnovan. We had no idea who these metal heads were, but loved em just the same. I picked this up then.
This stuff has the fixings of Desecrations other bay area counter parts of the time, Sacrilege, Possessed, and Exodus. Features the drummer of Possessed playing as a "session" drummer for this demo. Killer death/thrash that will not disappoint, It sucks they never put out a proper release.

Beherit-the oath of black blood LP (1991)

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You won't see much from me up here on my blog from the 1990's.... It would have to be a true essential, as this record is.
I rarely listen to all that much black metal these days, as its become pretty com modified within modern culture to me. Shits become some what of a played joke.
I was however lucky enough to be listening to and turned on to these guys, Burzum, Immortal, Dark Throne, Emperor, Mayhem, etc. in the early 90's, as I was doing a music 'zine (Gloom), and was regularly getting this stuff for review purposes. I remember thinking this stuff was crazy, and automatically thinking back to my high school days of Bathory, Celtic Frost, and Hell Hammer. The recording and vocal styles really make this record. It really does sound like it was recorded in hell.

2.Metal of Death
3.The Oath of Black Blood
4.Grave Desecration
6.Goat Worship
8.Black Mass Prayer
9.Beast of Damnation
10.Hail Sathanas
11.Dawn of Satan's Millennium
We'll cause your death
We'll kill Jesus
Rape the dead
We'll spread evil
Grave desecration, grave desecration...
Rape the whores
All night long
Grave desecration, grave desecration...
I go to the graveyard all night long
I go to the graveyard ritual
I go to the graveyard ritual
Grave desecration, grave desecration...
On... Sabbath!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Angel Witch s/t LP (1980)

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1.Angel witch
3.white witch
7.sweet danger man
9.angel of death
10.devils tower

Angel Witch formed in London in the late 70's under the original name Lucifer, becoming one of the original players of the nwobhm sound.
They always reminded me of a cross between Sabbath and Sweet, heavy but melodic with a catchy element to it. The production on this LP is superb for 1980.
The story goes that A&R guys were at a show to sign them that they played with Maiden in 1979-80, and A.W. had a really off night so Maiden got signed instead. They later signed to Bronze, but never fully recovered from the incident.
I was attracted to the bands covers, and the idea behind them more than the music itself at first. My Brother Brian, and Step brother Ethan would have this LP or a Maiden LP blaring in the back ground as we played Dungeons and Dragons in the early 80's. Stand outs for me on this LP are "Angel Witch", "white witch", and "Sweet danger".

As I walk alone I can feel you there
People said to me
That you've got long black hair

You are the sorceress
I've seen your castle
Oh take me there
And hold your wand up high
A star of spectrum
A rainbow sky

Dancing around your grave
I'm glad you're gone
Can your soul be saved
Go back to where you belong

You walk through the mountain side
Mysterious powers go passing by
A storm is coming near
A soft warm breeze blows through the trees

You're dead!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Genetic Control-16 song unreleased LP (1985)

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1.brave new world
2.drunk again
3.lisence to kill
4.big take over (bad brains)
5.right brigade (bad brains)
6.first impressions
7.Gilligan's island
8.the vigilante
9.condemned for life
10.urban cowboy
11.suburban life

Gen Con were from Montreal Canada, and released a rare and sought after 7" that was limited to 500 copies in 1984 or something like that. The band later recorded this session for an LP, but due to issues with the Engineer (them breaking or damaging equipment in the studio), they never were able to get the reels. They had these roughs, that were transfered from cassette tape. This download features 11 songs from that session. I was lucky enough to get a copy of this some years ago from a Canadian friend of mine. If you haven't heard this, and love raw 80s hardcore, download the shit now!

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

THC-Christian brainwash demo (1987)

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1. Christian Brainwash
2. terraphobia
3. blot test
4. white trash
5. violently ill
6. punk nuclear explosion
7. jail cell
8.epic pandemonium
9.Gypsy dollar
10.punk virgin

Thrashing Hectic Circle were from Livermore California, a place that I lived for about a year with my buddy Kenny. Kenny's step dad Wayne had a industrial garage next store to another body shop that was owned by the father of one of the T.H.C. guys. They practiced there, as did my band(romper room rejects), next door.
These guys played a raging style of speedcore that was influenced as much by metal, as Punk. We would do shows at Wilson's garage, and had wild parties with metal and punk bands through out the area. I was lucky enough to see THC a few times.... and always popped my head in to see them practice. I listened to this demo over and over and over again in my 1972 Gremlin as I drove the streets of Livermore/Dublin/Pleasinton. Listening to this gem brings back very sweet memories.

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Share T.H.C. - Christian - 18 MB

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Adrenalin O.D. HumungousFungousAmongus LP (1986)

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1. A.O.D. vs Son of Godzilla
2.Office Building
5.Pope On A Rope
6.Fishin' Musical
9.Youth Blimp
10Commercial Cuts
13.Crowd Control
14.Velvet Elvis
15.Fuck The Neighbors
16.Surfin' Jew
17.Bruces' Lament
18.The Nice Song

Looking at my blog this morning, I realized I'd been ignoring hardcore and punk for some time, so I've decided to upload the goofy A.O.D.
A.O.D. were from New Jersey and played a wacky brand of hilarious, blazing fast hardcore punk. They also had their own record label called Buy Our Records.
I first heard these guys from a friend of mine named Eric Meade(sp),whom lived around the corner from me on Fell St in S.F. in around 1985. He made me a mixed tape with Incredible East coast bands that I'd yet to hear (SSD, 76% Uncertain, Jerrys KIds, Sacred Denial,etc). I still have the tape. I actually ran into Eric in L.A. working at an Amoeba Records about 2 years ago. It was an incredible coincidence. I owe that dude a lot.

Juggernaut-baptism under fire LP (1986)

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2.Slow Death
3.Cast the First Stone
4.Rains of Death
5.Cut Throat
6.All Hallow's Eve
7.Burn Tonight
8.Juggernaut (instrumental)
9.Purgatory's Child
11.Hang 'em High

I love this record because It reminds me of a Megadeth LP that should have been made sometime after killing is my business.
Juggernaut were from Austin Texas, and formed in around 1984 (putting out three demos before this the bands first release). These guys have always been labeled a speed metal or thrash metal band, though they really only ever break mid paced speed a few times on this LP. That doesn't stop this stuff from punishing. Totally catchy Metal with ridiculous lyrics.
I was turned onto this record by my high school friend Dave Stevenson. I had played in a band with him, and ended up buying some of his record collection. This LP was among a bunch of punk and hardcore records.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Metal Mania zines 1982-83

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Sorry, No music to upload for you today, as I'm rtraveling and on the road. I did recently recover these Old copies of Metal Mania though, so I thought I'd share them with people.
These were put out by Ron Quintana, and were my bible alongside Maximum Rock n roll, and Suburban Voice in the early 80's. I bought all of these at the Record Vault in S.F. during the hey day of the thrash metal shit that was happening there. The zine was seriously great because it was so rawly put together (copy paste style). Thanks to my buddy Devon for returning this safely to me some 15 years later.

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