Sunday, May 23, 2010

STALIN stop jap + 1 mushi go go CD(1982-84)

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2.Stop Jap
10.Stop Girl
16.肉 (Stop Jap Bonus Flexi)
Mushi Picture Disc/Blank Album
21.Fifteen (15才)
22a.Ing! O
22b.Die In
24.Go Go
28.カタログZ (Go Go 12")
29.Chicken Farm (MRR's 'Welcome To 1984')

The Stalin were a Japanese punk band that first appeared on the scene in 1980. I'd say they were heavily influenced by the likes of the Ramones early on. As they grew and aged they started to play faster and a more frenzied hardcore punk type style. I actually never gave these guys much of a chance until perhaps 1989. My friend Louis would tape me everything He ended up trading with Japanese and Swedish traders. He literally had every Japanese release before Japanese punk exploded in the 90's(to U.S. listeners anyway). I had heard them earlier on a MR&R compilation, but I wasn't so much into the Japanese bands on the international comp. I was digging The Italians and Krauts.
This fanclub edition came out in the 90's and features two of the bands legendary LPs, plus some comp tracks. Stop Jap is definitely my favorite works by these dudes. The singer, although now in his 60's is still performing and writing music.

Monday, May 17, 2010

RIP Ronnie James Dio

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Rest in Piece Ronnie James Dio. The man was one of the best in metal of all time. I loved him with Sabbath, Rainbow, and as "Dio". I feel so lucky that I Caught him so many times live in the 1980's, and again a few years ago on the Heaven and Hell Tour. He was a true heavy metal hero for sure. Like many teen aged wankers, I had posters and pics of Ronnie plastered on my walls.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

SHELL SHOCK-more gore LP(1988)

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2.lost in reality
3.circus of fear
4.spank your monkey
5.rock n roll all night
6.more gore
7.crank it
8.look before you leap
9.get with it brain is jelly

Its amazing that these dudes started out in 1980, and released a slew of eps, tapes and even another LP. I'd love to get my hands on that first ep. The band was from Louisiana New Orleans and on this tasty slab of wax, they play some cool crossover that keeps my head bobbing, and my legs twitching. I love these 80's records where the production has so much re verb on the drums and vox that it sounds like the band was playing in a cavern. Engineers were seriously clueless when recording bands like this, because it was sorta new, and they just didn't have much to reference it to.
This record was released on the Toxic Shock label(Raw Power, Inbred, and Zero Boys). The band broke up in 1988, and supposedly had a LP recorded for Metal Blade. If this is true, it remains unreleased.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

HELSTAR-burning star LP(1984)

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1.burning star
2.towards the unknown
3.witches eye with the pack
5.leather lust
7.the shadows of iga
8.Dracula's castle

When I re listened to Helstar I heard lots of Omen, a touch of Maiden, and even a c hair of Riot. This Texas metal band has forever been overlooked within the metal scene. I think they were another band that was sorta stuck between the power metal and speed metal scene of the mid eighties. We, the kids were sorta looking for stuff that was faster, heavier and sicker in every way shape and form. Things were becoming extreme in the metal scene, and I think bands like Helstar were sorta lost in that. Its funny because I think as a metalhead I appreciated this one so much more 5-10 years after it came out. The record is a true metal album with NO hints of anything else...just pure 1980's heavy metal.
This is high school shit for me. It reminds me Pounding beers in the bushes someplace in Latham NY on a friday night with friends like Dave Stevenson, and Pat J. Not a care in the world... metal and partying. One of my favorite record covers of the time period. Enjoy this one.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

DIATRIBE-aftermath demo tape(1985)

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2.glorious war
5.I'm your leader
6.hellish inferno
7.the slaughter struggle, one fight

This came out the year I graduated high school. A crushing hardcore classic for sure that had the musical influence of Discharge, and took the political views of Crass, Chumbawamba, etc. I wasn't aware of two many animal rights bands back then, it was sort of a radical idea for sure. The tape made the rounds in the tape trading community for over 20 years. It was an obscure beaut that prolly had more influence on bands over seas then it did over here in the U.S.(until more recently I guess). I had a tape copy dubbed from my buddy Louis, who mainly loved anything from outside the states. He loved these guys even though they were from California. The tape disappeared years ago when in a move, I probably gave it away to a friend. Thanks to Charles for this one. The o.g. tape came from him along with a letter from the band, and lyric sheets.