Saturday, January 30, 2010

FAFF BEY- back from the grave LP(1988)

1.I'm dead isn't that enough?
2.when death comes
3.S&m party
4.disgustingly depraved
5.the laugh
6.the plague you need a smash?
8.i'm the tormentor
9.holy bible
11.take your head off
12.chung kuo
13.back from the grave

These Finnish metalheads formed in around 1985, and have put out a slew of great eps and LPs. I bought this one when it came out mainly due to the Terveet Kadet connection. Two members of that legendary hardcore punk band have at times been in this band, and it shows in the riffing. The guitar solo in the Motohead inspired "the plague" is straight up cool.
This is the bands second release(after the s&m ep 7"). This record is pure no holds barred thrash metal, with just enough hardcore influence to make it the perfect record for me. You can hear everything from Destruction and Sodom to Discharge and Motorhead in this early stuff. It isn't ecspecially catchy, but that is what I sort of love about the record...Its evil and fast, with mainly short songs. Mediafire wouldn't allow me to up this in one file, so I've broken it up into two. Oh well. Enjoy.
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Monday, January 25, 2010

SUBVERSE-give jesus back to the martians 7"(1989)

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2.armchair hero
3.light breaks through
4.never quit
5.poison mind
6.silver lining

I pulled this one out of my record collection to listen to over the weekend, because I thought of them after listening to the Nazi Dust 7" ep(a new release). After listening to the ND ep I was like.. this reminds me of Void and maybe some Subverse. So I dug out the Subverse ep to see if my memory was correct. It wasn't really. The vox are sorta similiar, and some of the riffing, but Subverse have a sound that goes from thrashing hectic hardcore, to some slower Amebix type parts. At any rate think RKL meets Amebix.
The band was from Vancouver Canada. I was first introduced to them by the split LP that they did with Desecration. I bought the record for the Desecration side, thinking it was the California metal band who later morffed into Corrupted Morals.
These songs are fucking awesome...everything about this stuff rules. The vox, and the drums especially. Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

KROMOZOM 4/ HEIMAT-LOS split 7"(1986)

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1. Kromozom 4
2. La tuture
3. Tout faux!
4. Ich bin
1. La seconde nécessaire de Léon Zyklon
2. Assisté
3. De vlag
4. Fascios fora!

I've done a lot of French music bashing on the site in the past, so I figured I'd make up for it by adding this killer thrash split ep. Both of these bands played blistering fast punk that we called thrash back in the day(before the word became over used and corny as hell). I really don't know jack about the bands, other than they started in the early 80's, and both put out a slew of records, and tapes.
What I can tell you is that I was turned onto this one by an old friend/band mate from the Romper Room Rejects. Michael R. was a French immigrant who was living in S.F. illegally in the mid 80's. /he was a house painter, and a punk rock bassist who turned me onto some cool European punk music in 1987-88. I've been wondering what happened to my friend for well over 20 years now.

Kromozom 4


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

CYANIDE-world peace six feet under LP(1989)

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1.World Peace Six Feet Under
2.Country Mosh/Cyanide
4.I'm Me , So Fuck You
5.Unstoppable Madness
7.Veto The Guido
8.Guilty Of Innocence

Yeah I know... there must have been a band called Cyanide in every town.
I really Don't know much about these guys other then that they were from NJ, and recorded this LP and a demo tape. I was pretty stoked to recently get this LP at a NJ record store for $4.99...
Cyanide played some pretty generic(in a good way)thrash metal. Sometimes the record reminds me of the Crumbsuckers... with less frills, and not as good production. The production is pretty raw and very harsh sounding. The guitar solo's are fucking awesome, and might be the one thing that keeps this LP from turning into a total crossover record. I love my metal dive bombs, whammy bar action, and hammer ons.
This one came out on the Mutha Records label. The label started in the early 1980's primarily putting out punk hardcore bands from New Jersey. Near the end of the labels existence they put out a few metal records. Thrash fiends will dig this gem.
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

CENTAURUS s/t LP (1978)

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1.In the Mood
2.The Lych Way
3.The Rocker
4.On the Sands
5.If I Build My World for You
6.You Shake Me
7.To the Wireless
8.The Maiden Song
9.Cold Emotion

Okay, this post is a bit off the regular beat and path of my blog...
Years before Doug Moody started dipping his dick in early American hardcore/punk with his Mystic Records label, he was putting out records by metal, and hardrock bands. He used his Azra Record Label to put this stuff out. Centaurus were from Sunny California and played hardrock that was definetly influenced by the likes of early Van Halen, B.O.C., Deep Purple, etc. I think the fact the one of the band members on the back cover was wearing a Jaguar shirt got me to buy this LP. I was disappointed for sure back then, because they sounded nothing like the nwobhm sound that I was digging on. It took me some time to warm up to this one for sure. I'm sorta doubting that to many punks, and very few metal heads will dig this one, as its a obscure hardrock record much in the vein of say early Riot that just plain rocks.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

BRAIN IMPLOSION-sandgrains 7"(1989)


Here is some more killer, under the radar thrash metal. This three piece band was formed by two brothers, in the Netherlands in 1987. Unfortunately They never recorded a LP or anything after this 7".
I found my copy in a used bin at some flea market on my first trip over to Europe, when the band I was in at the time(the Oath)toured over there. I think I paid a Guilder for it(before the Euro, so it was about .50 cents). I recall being pretty excited to get the record home(back to the U.S.)to listen to it.
I love the guitar sound, and the vocals on this one. It really is just straight up, no nonsense, no thrills thrash metal. If anyone has other info, or a demo by these guys I'd love to hear more about it. Enjoy!