Friday, July 24, 2009

PSYCHO zany adventures demo(1986)

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02.military mind way one rules
05.meat market

I saw Psycho in Albany in 1989 with Sheer Terror and Stigmata. Pretty sure that when I saw Psycho these guys they had lost the singer, and were a three piece perhaps? I recall the drummer by this time was wearing a head phone set with a microphone that allowed him to sing and play drums at the same time. It was a weird thing to see a hardcore band do. I was sorta turned off at first when I saw them setting up, but once they started playing their wacky brand of fierce thrashcore I knew they were awesome. I bought their record at the show due to their speed and tightness. I recall the Troy kids who came to the show sorta standing there and not knowing how to react to Psycho.
After the show my friends who put on the show went to pay the bands, and were short the guarantee that Sheer Terror were promised. S.T. got pissed and started saying stuff like "Why don't we ask your mommy for the money". They got pretty demanding, and if I recall correctly drove my buddies to an ATM so that they could be payed what they were promised. The entire episode was pretty hilarious.
The second song on this tape sounds like a different band(different vox, and poppy sorta). The other songs are killer thrash songs that sorta remind me of Poison Idea vocally.
I left off the live side of this tape.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DRAGON fallen angel LP(1990)

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01.fallen angel
02.i spit in your face
03.tears of satan
05.simon peter
06.destructor/sewer of graves
07.into the dark

This is some top notch,tech savvy and intricate thrash metal that some what borders on death metal. The band were from Poland and should make my friends, "the Krak brothers"(Jason and Jared Krak) quite proud of their Polish heritage. This is the bands second release, and you can tell the music is a bit different from the first record as the band had a line up change, loosing both the singer and bass player. I actually prefer this record to the first, and absolutely love the song "i spit in your face", its seriously so brutal, and makes me want to spit in peoples faces.
I originally got my copy of this record from a friend I grew up with and played music with in Latham NY. Mark S. played bass in Horrid Blessing, and was someone whom I'd discovered, and enjoyed lots of underground metal with in the early to mid 1980's. Mark went on to join the marines, and before he was deployed to the first Gulf war he gave me some of his metal records.
A fond memory I have of Mark is him asking me to go to his recruiters with him before being deployed because he was "nervous". Of course it was sort of a ploy to try an get me to join up with him. I went with my buddy not having any idea he was trying to get me involved. When we got there The recruiter asked me what I did for a living.... I told him I was a plumber. His response was "Nathan, we have plumbing in the marines, I can make you a journeymen in 3 years". My response was simple, "what, digging shit holes to use for toilets in the sand?" The conversation was over.
There is also a Polish version of this record.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

STOSSTRUPP Kein schöner Land 7"(1983)

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01.neue welt
03.kein schoner namen des volkes

What's pretty incredible to me, and many a hardcore punk record collectors is what had happened to, and why the Rock O Rama Record label went from releasing amazing punk records in the early 1980's, to then releasing white power stuff such as Skrewdriver, Brutal Attack, etc? Its mind boggling really. The early stuff on the label was this sorta obscure scandi-German noisy punk rock that even to this day is influencing newer and younger punk bands from around the globe. Stosstrup were one of those raw noisy punk bands. Other early releases include Skeptix, Ohl, Bastards, Razors, Appendix, Tarveet Kadet, Riistetyt, etc.
When I moved to the city, and gas prices started going through the roof, I made the decision to trade an old classic muscle car for some old and classic punk records. I made a weird record trade with My friend Dan, who back in the late 80's-90s was known in Albany as "Gerber Skin"(because of his baby like appearance). As a collector I'd traded records many a times, but Dan was interested in something else. Yup, a 1967 dodge dart GT that I had owned, and was just letting it sit to collect dust and mold. We made the trade, I ended up with this tasty slab of wax that came out out on the Rock O Rama Label. I ended up with a bunch of skinhead rock n roll records. Dan ended up with my car and a Slayer tape in the tape deck. He later painted the car and made a brother proud. It was a good trade for the both of us.
The cover art on this record always looked so brutal to me. I was so happy to finally have it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

WARFARE pure filth LP(1984)

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01.warning armageddon
03.noise, filth and fury
04.let the show go on
05.break out
06.collance/rabid metal of the dead
08.limit crescendo
09.rose pedals fall from her face

This post is inspired by my excitement of seeing Motorhead again in Sept. at Roseland in NYC.
Warfare are a crossover fans wet dream for sure. They were able to take the best parts of bands such as Tank, Motorhead, and Venom, throw them in a blender and out came a raw, catchy metal infused Discharged style punk band. It's seriously beautiful man. The song "total Armageddon" is a classic rager for sure, and always has me playing air drums for the entire 6 minutes of the song. I guess the band suffered from non popularity, or rather, obscurity due to the Drummer doing the lead vox. This really was a no no back then, and Seemed to really kill it for any metal band in the 80's who tried this task. The drummer/vocalist's name was Evo, and he was also in such punk bands as the Blood, Major Accident, and the Angelic Upstarts.
This is the bands first full length, and it was produced by Tank's Algy Ward. Most metal heads I knew growing up had a certain disdain for Warfare. I'm not really sure why, perhaps the rawness, and the Discharge styled drumming wasn't always metal enough for certain purists. What ever the case this shit is noisy, loud and raw. Turn It Up, and please Comment!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

STALAG 13 in control 12"(1984)

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1. Conditioned
2. No Excuse
3. Black Stix/Silver Badge
4. Sometime
5. Clean Up Your Act
6. Black and Grey
7. What Are You Looking For
8. The Choice is Yours
9. In Control

This post is inspired by a comment(and e mail conversations)I had with scab R.K.L. bassist "Ricky", who played with the band after Vince and before Joe. Ricky informed me that he also helped form and played with Stalag 13, but left right before they recorded the 12".
This got me thinking about the record, and pursued me to listen to it again after more then a decade.
I think Its easy to tell they were influenced by 7 Seconds, and Minor Threat. Its also easy to tell that Uniform Choice must have been pretty influenced by Stalag 13. You know, The vocals being sung in that high pitched screaming manner, with the catchy, melodic, fast music just brings it all together.
I own two copies of this nowadays, but I bought my original copy at the Record Vault on Polk street in S.F. This was a record that Andy from Attitude Adjustment pushed on me. It didn't take much to push, I was already into the cover art work. I had no idea who the Hernandez Bros. were back then, so this was my introduction to their cartoony comic book style of art. I went on to follow their careers in the comic book industry, and their book "Love and Rockets" pretty much turned me on to other underground, or more Adult themed comics.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

BASTARD no hope in here (199?)

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02.flash out
03.never change
04.wind of pain the stumped underdogs
06.dear cops
07.the way to survive
09.tragic insane
10.spend your life
11.defective chain
12.moment of death
13.cause of civilization
14.slick plot
15.lasting power

I have rarely posted CD's, but this is a beaut that I think everyone who likes extreme music should hear. It contains everything by bastard, and was self released by the band.
People that read this blog or know me personally can attest to my love for the band Bastard. They are my all time favorite Japanese hardcore band. When Jim and I started Devoid Of Faith, Bastard were a primary influence on Jims Vox. Later we decided to cover a bastard song to pay homage to the gods("Defective Chain").
The 90's were not the best time for brutal balls out hardcore, but there were some stand outs for sure... Bastard were it for me. When I listen to this discography, and drive the streets of NYC, it makes me want to drive assholes off the road. It makes my aggressive personality even that much more aggro.
Whats not to love about this band? They play with a speedful, tight fury, that at times as is hard as the Cro-mags. The vox are a gruff barking snarl that scares most norms away in seconds. Through all this, the band still has melody and catchiness. This is a band I wish I had been able to see live.

Share bastard - no hope in here.rar - 47 MB

Saturday, July 4, 2009

BEDLAM-lost in space 12"(1986)

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01.lost in space
03.burn one
04.knife in my back
05.rotting from the inside out
07.generation landslide

My wife and I have recently been looking at perhaps moving from Brooklyn NY to the wonderful state of NJ. I figured I'd pay some respect to the godawful state of NJ on this wonderful 4th of July by posting some bad, yet obscure NJ hardcore.
Seriously though... I now know where West Orange is because we looked at houses there, and the address where this 12" was recorded was in an area I'd recently been while driving around.
I just got a copy of this record after selling all my Bedlam stuff in the early 1990's, due to some song they had about A.i.d.s. Yup, I was sort of a pc dickhead for sure. The song was stupid, and isn't on this record, so I have no idea what I was thinking. I guess I took my hardcore pretty seriously back then.
I first heard these guys in maybe 1986, when a neighbor/friend in San Fran named Eric Meade made me the best mix tape I think I've ever heard. The tape featured at least 4 songs each by the likes of Jerrys Kids, CIA, Reagan Youth, the Bad Brains, FU's, Sacred Denial(the good LP songs), 76% Uncertain, Void, Beastie Boys, SSD, and yup... Bedlam. I liked the band for their dirgy style, and the harsh production that you could tell was recorded and mixed by someone that had no idea what to do with the bands sound, so hey, lets add some reverb!
This record has everything you need, fast parts, slow mosh parts, and some weird psych stuff mixed in as well.
I hadn't seen this Friend Eric in almost 20 years, and was wondering about what ever happened to him. I went to Amoeba Records with my pal Matt Average, and Average starts asking me, "hey man, wasn't that guy in C2D"? I looked and was like...holy shit!!! I walked up and asked him if he used to live off of Fell street in S.F, and told him who I was. It was so weird, and very cool. Eric had really made a huge impact on me 20 years earlier, and I'd been wanting to tell him that.

Friday, July 3, 2009

V/A METAL CLOGS compilation LP (1982)

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02.Impact-looking for trouble
03.Frankenstein-I sold my soul
04.Gilgamesj-heavy duty
05.Crossfire-real steel
06.Impact-drop dead
08.Gilgamesj-ticket to heaven
09.Frankenstein-lady luck
10.Crossfire-be crazy

Sticking with the spirit of Mixes, and compilations...this compilation was one of my first experiences with Dutch Heavy Metal. Three of the Four bands on this LP are from the Netherlands, the other(Crossfire)were from Belgium. The only band I went on to collect other records by were Crossfire. But thats only because I couldn't find stuff by the other bands. Crossfire records were easily found, I even have one uploaded some place here on this site(use the search function). This record has a very do it yourself look and feel, and had me falling in love with Gilgamesj as they sounded sort of like Dio era Rainbow. My favorite tracks on this comp are the Crossfire songs(especially "Motorcycles"), and Impact's "drop dead".
When a hardcore/punk band I was playing in toured, and recorded in Holland, I spent some time trying to track down the 7"s by Frankenstein, and Gilgamesj. I had no luck. Dutchies help a brother out with those. Please comment if you download.