Thursday, September 27, 2012


1.Attack Retreat
2.Walking on Rusty Nails
3.Double or Nothing

This was a really fun band to play in.   It was really relaxing to do.  I worked with My buddy Mark Telfian painting houses all day, then we'd go write songs or practice them after work.  It was a great stress release.  This was recorded in 2003, and released on youth Attack Records while we were all living in Albany NY.  McCoy did the entire layout, and made it look as questionable as Telfians politics.  I  love it.  We wrote these songs in Altamont NY at Dan Barkers parents house.  He played drums.  My 'ol buddy/roomate Eric Schou played bass, Mark Telfian played guitar, and did the main vox.  I played lead guitars, acoustic guitars, and back up vox.
We recorded the ep at Will Dandy's Dead Air Studio in Western Mass.  At the time that Mark and I were writing these songs, we were heavily influenced by three bands.  Megadeth, Abc Diablo, and Citizens Arrest. Thats all I recall listening to during that time period. I don't think you can hear the influences so much, but that is what we were going for musically.  I wish we'd been able to do more together.  We recorded a demo tape, that later got pressed to vinyl, but thats really it... enjoy.

Sample of a tune