Monday, March 28, 2011


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Nine Shocks side:
1.strike transmission design
3.control is lost
Killers side:
4.blind eyed least we die
6.product this...

I had a long relationship with the dudes from 9 Shocks Terror. I first saw them at a radio show that my buddy Jim MacNaughton did at WRPI in Troy NY. The band didn't have any records out yet, but were traveling with an all female Japanese hc band called the Gaia. I was completely blown away by the ferocity that 9 Shocks provided at the show played to maybe 8 of us. The dudes were as old as I was, and still beat on their equipment like they hated everything and everyone. They gave me hope. I asked them to do a split with my band Devoid Of Faith... and they were into it. later on I'd asked them about this split as I'd become good friends with Mike from the Killers. Both bands were into the idea, and were really stoked at the idea I had to have Pushead do the cover art. I was talking a lot with him back then because he was doing DOF art, rex, etc. He was into the idea of doing the art, and I was shocked when he gave the okay for Mike(the killers)to do the back cover. Mike did a really good Pushead back then. After putting the two in touch with each other a relationship was born. This one didn't take as long to come out as most people would have expected. I did 3000, 1000 on blue, one thousand on green and 1000 on orange.

Friday, March 25, 2011

SAVAGE -loose 'n lethal LP(1983)

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1.Let it loose
2.cry wolf
4.dirty money
5.ain't no fit place
6.on the rocks
7.the China run
8.white hot

This is one of my favorite NWOBHM records ever. These guys were of course from England, and put out a demo and few other records before recording this classic for Ebony Records. The guitar tone on this record is awesomely blown out. The production reminds me of Merciful Fates Mellisa(although the music sounds NOTHING at all like it). This is just seriously perfect production for a metal record. The LP reminds me of the first two Def Leppard records or Dark Stars lady of mars. By side b I'm even hearing some Scorps & Riot. Another record I think that I probably bought solely based on the content of the record cover, and maybe the band name. I recall being stoked on the how catchy, yet still heavy and rockin'this sounded to me when I first heard "let it loose".

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It’s getting dark, too dark to see
The streets run cold with anarchy
Troopers came and all was lost
Mass slaughter, human holocaust

Fire over Berlin
Nobody’s safe
No escape when metal rain starts falling
Berlin, it’s all too late

Thirty nine, machines of war
Cross frontier lines the eagle roars
Allied forces and Berlin falls
Razed to the ground, now the spoils

Fire over Berlin
Nobody’s safe
No escape when metal rain starts falling
Berlin, it’s all too late

Too too much complacency
Too afraid to face reality
East to west the Berlin Wall
Thin red line from nuclear holocaust