Saturday, September 15, 2007

Toranaga- gods gift LP (1989)

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1. The Shrine
2. Psychotic
3. Sword of Damocles
4. Hammer to the Skull
5. Food of the Gods
6. Disciples
7. Last Breath of Life
8. Black is the Mask
9. Execution

Speed Metal from the UK? Well it Didn't happen all that much, as by this time grind, death metal and crust by the likes of Carcass, etc were dominating the UK metal scene. This stuff is awesome in a Bay Area kind of way though. I'd compare these guys to Testament, Overkill, and Vio-lence. I ran into this LP by accident at a garage sale. One of my early discoveries of garage sales being a great place to buy cheap vinyl.

Sacrifice- forward to termination LP (1987)

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1. Forward To Termination / Terror Strikes
2. Re-Animator
3. Afterlife
4. Flames Of Armageddon
5. The Entity
6. Forever Enslaved
7. Cyanide
8. Light Of The End
9. Pyrokinesis

I initially bought the Sacrifice record due to one of the dudes on the back cover wearing an Agnostic Front t shirt (cheesy I know), and another dude wearing a Death shirt. I was sort of distancing myself from most metal at this time in my life, and embracing hardcore punk full on. So for me to buy metal at this time, was rare and sort of a "hidden" type of treasure that I still secretly was enjoying.
Sacrifice were from Canada, and played a ripping style of my favorite type of metal ever.... German styled Thrash in the vein of Destruction, Kreator, Sodom. Brilliant stuff that still gets me everytime (20 years later). I love the vox, and the horse trots.

Saint Vitus hollows victim LP (1985)

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1.War Is Our Destiny
2.White Stallions
3.Mystic Lady
4.Hallow's Victim
5.The Sadist
6.Just Friends (Empty Love)
7.Prayer for the (M)Asses

The Fact that Saint Vitus were on Black Flag Guitarist Greg Ginns label, SST always puzzled me as a youth. Of course years later, I get it. By the mid 80's those SST guys pretty much were over punk/hc and were much more into experimental hippie stuff(as it wasn't as restrictive). Saint Vitus sure looked like hippies, but they played a bad ass brand of Doomy, stoner rock thats gone on to influence so many bands and genres even still today.
My fondest memories of listening to and discovering these guys go back about 17 years ago, sitting in my friend Kevin's bedroom (at his parents house of course), smoking bongs, and listening to Saint Vitus over, and over, and over. Get into it man... feel the power.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Code Of Honor- beware the savage jaw LP (1984)

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1.beware the savage jaw
2.I killed the dove
5.the ballad of one-eyed jack and the backhand man
6.too much for one man
7.not if I can help it of the others
9.don't tell me
10.waiting always room to cry
12.this day

Okay, Its been a while since I did any blogging, and I'm sorry for neglecting you freaks...Been busy with planning a wedding, and selling shit on ebay. At any rate, when punks think of Code Of Honor they usually think of the early stuff. I do as well, I am sorta a punk, duh. I love this Album though, I guess it took me over twenty years to finally really appreciate it. I remember when I first bought it I thought they turned to poserdom and wimped out like most bands finally do. Whatever the case this is a rockin album, and has some very memorable tracks that have a sorta Killed by Death meets some Goth production. This is the third time I've owned the LP, as I've purged it from collection twice in the past. Never again.., I find myself spinning this more than the Sick Pleasure split LP.