Sunday, December 20, 2015

BRUTAL OBSCENITY ‎– Dream Out Loud LP (1991)

I'd posted this Dutch bands first LP a few months back.  I was turned onto them by a long time follower of this blog JBM (Julian).  Again.. I discovered these guys way late in the game.  I avoided them for some dumb reason.  I guess because their records were always available at Worlds records in Albany.  I think took them for granted and thought Worlds and those LPs would always be there.  Also the cartoonish artwork always struck me as to silly to buy.  Stoked to have recently gotten this one.  Cool obscure European crossover. Enjoy!

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Just Another Show... comic that I did in 1995

Thursday, December 3, 2015

THE DEAD ONES-s/t LP (2003)

I met these guys when the Oath toured Europe once, and we ended up playing a gig in Umea Sweden with these youngins.  I loved their old school hardcore/punk sound, and did a few records with them  (a 7" and then this LP).  Robert the guitarist went on to play in the Regulations and Vicious.  These dudes were all really nice folks.  I've tried to track them all down on different social media sites with zero luck over the years.  Would love to know what these talented dudes ended up doing post Dead Ones.  Enjoy these 16 smoking songs…

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

JUDGE- Live in Cleveland (August 17-1989)

1.Intro/Take me away
2.In my way
3.Hear me
4.Hold me back
5.I've lost
6.Just like you
7.NY crew
8.The storm
9.Fed up
10.Where it went

Got this one via tape trading back in the day.  Pretty great set by these NYC HC Straight edge legends.  These were the days… I don't recall reunions, or other crap happening back then.  It seemed like it was all about the now.  I lived in Albany at the end of the 80's, and we saw all the Rev NYHC bands almost every weekend.  It was hard to avoid Sick Of It All, Youth Of Today, Warzone, or Token Entry, they really did make Albany a home away from home.  Its impossible to explain to people who weren't arount back then just how much energy some of these bands had, and how it gripped the audience and had them exploding as well.  Seeing these bands was a blast, but it was happening so often that it had some of us seeking out other genres of hardcore/punk.  I had a love hate thing with NYHC… today its about the love.  I will post the Underdog set from Albany in 1986 soon.  Enjoy!