Sunday, April 1, 2012

TERROR-Evil Of Terror 7"(1989)

1.dictator ship
3.breaker see mine

Years before any one else was calling themselves Terror, these guys were playing as Terror.  I know very little about these Japanese thrashers.  My old Albany friend Louis J gave me this one back in the early 1990's.  All he said was "enjoy this Japanese rarity".   He was the first guy I'd ever met who went balls out collecting Japanese punk hardcore records.  It was like an addiction for the guy.  Even back in 1989 he was sometimes paying $75 for records that I thought he was insane for buying.  Turned out he was way ahead of his time.
The record is chock full of speed and blur.  I'd say they were influenced by the likes of SOB, Outo, Gauze, etc.  The vocals are what make this for me.  I love the Totally raw recording on this ep.  The songs are all like 3-4 mins long, but the only one with any metal influence that I'm here is "no see mine".  The others are all raging hardcore tunes with some cool breakdowns to boot.  Enjoy.