Sunday, March 23, 2008

PHC-vigilante 7" (1989)

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2.gravel truck
3.dead pig tell no tale

The Pissed Happy Children were from Southern California, and were born from another hardcore band called Pillsbury Hardcore. Members from PHC later went on to form the Powerviolence legends, Man Is The Bastard. All these bands shared Eric Wood, and Joel Connell as common members. This ep features a very burley sound, that is most def the beginning of that bass heavy beef that later brought so much attention to MITB. This stuff wasn't really fast, It was just heavy with a jazz like drum technique that kept you in a beautiful trance. I think Metal heads could find some pleasure in the sounds of PHC too.
I recall hearing these guys through my friend Kurt Dittmer, who was a buddy who lived in the suburbs of San Ramon California. My friend was tight with the Unit Pride, Rabid Lassie kids, and would bring new shit home to listen to from his interactions with these posi youth dudes all the time. We'd get lit, then listen to stuff like Infest, and PHC, etc. This stuff brings back those thoughts, and my friendship with Kurt. It was a great time to be involved in the California hc scene.
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CORONER-r.i.p. LP (1987)

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2.Reborn Through Hate
3.When Angels Die
4.Intro (Nosferatu)
6.Suicide Command
7.Spiral Dream
10.Fried Alive
11.Intro (Totentanz)

This album is a fierce, under appreciated monster Jem for sure. Coroner hailed From Z├╝rich Switzerland, and played speed thrash metal that has a huge Celtic Frost and Kreator influence. The band put out two vicious demos before releasing this, their debut album. I think anyone listening to this, with any understanding of music history could tell you that the writing, and guitar playing is VERY classical influenced as well. Tons of fast paced galloping mixed with the bands tech style makes this one of my favorite thrash metal records of the late 80's. A true metal masterpiece.
I bumped into this record by mistake at a record store on Haight street (Reckless, or Restless,I forget), and bought it because it was used, and very cheap($3.99). I was way into my German stuff at this time, and mistook the band from being German. Another record I'm glad I ran into. I miss those days of record shopping with Zoran, in San Fransisco.
leave a comment & enjoy.

USELESS PIECES OF SHIT-fuck shit up 7"(1987)

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1.stupid punk medley
2.fuck shit up
3.junkie punks
4.too much caffeine
5.peace thru uselessness
6.everyones's friend

U.P.S. were from Tucson Arizona....I met/discovered the music of these guys when I was living on Fell Street in S.F. My buddy/band mate Zoran was always meeting people in weird places, he was a total social butterfly. At any rate Zoran met these guys at a show, or on Haight street, I forget exactly, but he ended up bringing them by to my pad. A few of the people traveling in this two band tour stayed with me for a few nights, the rest stayed I think with Zoran in his slum pit. I forget who the other Arizona band was that was on tour with UPS(Last Option maybe?). The Band ended up staying in S.F. for a few days, or maybe a week. They were totally great hippy type punks who played a twisted, circus like sounding psychedelic thrashcore. It doesn't really sound like anything else out there, its fast as hell, but also weird as a mofo, and snotty as hell.
This is for sure an obscure punk 7" ep, that might not mean much to many punks, but it congers up great memories for me. Enjoy, and comment.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

ZOETROPE- a life of crime LP (1987)

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2.Seeking asylum
5.Unbridled energy
7.Company man
9.Hard to survive

Zoetrope were from Chicago IL, and formed in the late 1970's as a punk rock act('78 I think). They self released a 7"ep in 1980 called "the right way", and went on to play with tons of hardcore bands through the early 80's. By the time this LP came out in the later part of the decade, the band was playing straight up speed metal, with catchyness and tightness. This is my favorite of the two decent LPs the band released. The production is perfect.
It was rare in the 1980s for metal bands to have black members (its still pretty fucking rare), and Zoetrope were one of about 4 bands that I can think of that had a black member.
My buddy Zoran loved this album, and would always be blasting it on his stereo before we'd hit the streets of S.F. on our skateboards. We'd get blasted, then bomb some hills.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

BLOODCUM death by a clothes hanger LP (1988)

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1.Happily Married
2.Son Of Sam
3.Live To Kill
4.Good Hearted Man
5.Treatment Of Death
6.Death By A Clothes Hanger
7.Belligerent Youth
8.Harassment By Farm Animals
9.First To Die
11.Testing My Doorknob

I admit that I originally bought both Bloodcum records due to them supposedly being the little brothers of Slayer's Jeff Hanneman and Tom Araya. This in fact turned out to be half true, as Tom's Brother John played in Bloodcum. The dude who shared Jeff's last name was just a weird coincidence with no relation. I guess back in the 80's I was also attracted to offensive band names. People are always comparing these guys to the likes of DRI, Cryptic Slaughter, and other crossover bands. I've never gotten that one, the band is pretty much straight up thrash/speed metal. The songs have more of a fast Slayer vibe over anything else (solo's and all). The lyrics are pretty stupid thats for sure, bordering on childish. Who cares though, right? I gave up on lyrics well over a decade ago.
The only bummer about this record is the mastering/mix job, the rest is righteous. Comment if you download please, metalheads are slackers I know.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

TYSONDOG-eat the rich 7" (1983)

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2.dead meat

Tysondog were from the UK, and on this, the bands first release, play some great NWOBHM metal that has proved that they had indeed influenced the likes of Manowar, and Anthrax's fistful of metal. Epic, and melodic is how I would describe this bands true metal sound. The band supposedly named the band after one of the members dogs, Tyson.
Another Neat rec ep that I came to collect when I was young, and when metal was still young. This ep makes me remember when metal was refreshing.

dead meat
Iron maiden calls your bluff, stands in line
To do her stuff, fools believe the lies she
Spun, fly the flags for she’s the one, a
Lying deceiver, but fools believe her, she
Can’t revive dead meat.

Promised favours broke in two, looks your
Way but sees right through, thought her
Different you knew best, shuttered eyes
Just like the rest, there all same, they
Share the blame, they still can’t revive dead

Wont be broken stands her ground, wont
Give up the power she’s found, drags a
Nation to its knees, only she knows what
She sees, there all the same, they share
The blame, she still can’t dead meat.

DEVIATED INSTINCT-rock n roll conformity LP (1988)

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1.Pearls before swine
2.Laugh in your face
3.Conquest for Eternity
4.House of cards
5.Putrid scum
6.Through the looking glass
7.Time and tide
8.When the chapter closes
9.Return of frost
10.Mechanical extinction
11.Rock`n`roll conformity
12.Doomsday (Discharge)

Deviated Instinct were from England and part of the early crust/punk scene, forming in 1984. The band later went for a more metal sound, although they had some metal vibes even on this release. But during this time period they could be compared to the likes of Amebix,Electro Hippies, Axegrinder, etc. Burley sounding, and bass heavy music is what one can expect on this release. A friend of mine who was from England, and involved in the crust scene back then told me that you couldn't get within 10 feet of these guys, because they stunk from filth so badly. They took their punk politics, and drunkenness beyond normal means.
Dave and Jack at Erl Records in Albany NY turned me onto these guys. I think I bought the guttural breath LP from them before getting this one. Crazy to look back and think that I could walk into a store and buy this used for $5.99 in 1990. These two clowns turned me on to so much heavy music in the early 90s. I bought all my Carcass, Crossed Out, and Man Is The Bastard releases here under their guidance.

Monday, March 10, 2008

ACROPHET-corrupt minds LP (1988)

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1.intro to corruption
2.corrupt minds
3.slaves of sin
4.from the depths
5.lifeless image
6.crowd distress
7.crime for living
8.holy spirit in today
10.ceremonial slaughter
11.warped illusions
12.forgotten faith
13.victims of the holocaust

These speedcore ragers were from mid Western Wisconsin, and formed in around 1984, with Members on this album being no more than 17 years old. Young ins Making great underground music.
This album is almost perfect in my opinion. The production is totally metal, while the songs and vox have a great crossover feel to them. The vocals are shouted or hollered in a hardcore sort of way, but they don't loose the metal vibe. I can't gush over this record enough, its just great. It has elements of the 1st Megadeth LP meets Cryptic Slaughter or something. How can you go wrong with members sporting t shirts from both Minor Threat, and the Grateful Dead on the back cover photo? Ridiculous, right? This is fast, tight, and very memorable.
The artwork to this record is horrifically bad, making it totally great if you get my drift.
Another Erl records score, from when I moved back to Albany in the late 80's. Enjoy, and comment if you download.

Friday, March 7, 2008

HEIBEL-yeah, everythings great LP (1986)

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1. It Has No Value For Me
2. Fuck Your Propaganda
3. Can't You See What's Happening
4. Zwembroeken Thrash
5. School
6. Puberstrijd
7. We Are Against You
8. Apartheid
9. Forget It
10. Gninraw
11. Time to Change
12. Who's the Terrorist
13. Now You're a Big Boy
14. Live Your Own Life
15. Slave

These punk thrashers were from Belgium,and I'm doubting to many people remember them. I originally bought this LP because I thought that that part of Europe was all pretty much the same. Sorry... Yup, thought they were kraut related, and anyone that reads this blog knows that I have a weakness in my heart for Germans, and thrash. The members of this band were between the ages of 16-19 when this LP was recorded, just pups. The band were a straightedge band, though musically or lyrically you couldn't tell. I used to trade letters and got this record from the singer, Bollie. The songs on this obscure and under rated LP are all pretty fast except for the opening first song. The others are all faster than the sound of light. The songs mostly all time in at around 2 mins or more, which is of course long for a hardcore punk band, but works well. The production is raw as hell, and works well with the solos and shit, keeping this from ever feeling metal. Enjoy and comment!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

SATANIC MALFUNCTIONS I've Just Had About All I Can Take 7" (1987)

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1.Dealing Out Death
2.Movement For Change
3.Trying Ain't No Crime
5.More Money Than Sense
6.Cost Of Freedom
7.Where's Dinner
9.Appealing Carcasses
10.Family Man
11.Only Stupid People Glamourise America
12.The Take Away Of Life
13.What Happened

Man I love this record cover, it really just looks so cool. A great drawing indeed, that helped to suck me into these UK noisecore thrashers. I heard this around the same time that I discovered Fear Of God, L'arm, etc. Totally noisy "we don't give a shit" hardcore punk. I loved the bands mix of humor and politics in their music. I think the only downside to them was the lack of bottom end, keeping them from sounding as heavy as they probably actually were. The band was a three piece, that included no bass player, just a vocalist, guitarist, and a drummer. Another great record that came out on the Looney Tunes label, way ahead of its time.
My buddy Louis turned me on to this band as well as so much other great Euro/Japanese records from the 80's. Thanks buddy!
no songs are missing, although only 11 show up in the file, the other two go into other songs. enjoy, and comment.

PRIME EVIL-the manifestation demo (1988)

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1.Venomous moleculi
2.the manifestation
3.realities complete
4.sin of innocence

More brutal awesomeness from these N.Y. State metal dudes. I posted the bands first demo a few months ago, Its a monster. This second demo still has a heavy Slayer reigning blood influence, with perhaps a hint of Whiplash? Fast metal with an incredible drum sound, and vox with minimal effects, etc. Its Insane to me that these guys never did a proper release. This is an A+, under the radar thrash metal demo for sure. The only bummer is that there are only four songs on it. This was a perfect tape for blasting out of the tape deck of my old 1967 dodge dart, the tape was made for a muscle car.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

EXTRA HOT SAUCE -taco of death LP (1988)

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1.taco of death
5.tony's dilemma
6.clueless fucks
7.i need a job
8.caucasian beat
9.extreme hatered
10.communication breakdown
11.hommina hommina hommina
12.lookout for the cheeba man
13.passive terrorism

Ok, all though this is not the greatest record in the world, its still sorta funny none the less. Featuring Danny Lilker from S.O.D., Anthrax, Brutal Truth, Hemlocke, etc. Dude plays drums on this, and I think the only other guy that can play anything is the guitarist. The bassist, and singer were just sorta friends of Danny's whom used to go to a certain taco joint in Queens after hardcore/metal shows in the 1980's. Dudes would get completely high, go eat tacos, and talk about this joke hardcore band they were going to start. Well they did it. End result, not so musically talented, but funny due to all the other crap that was coming out at the time. Lyrics were def written while these dudes were stoned.

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