Sunday, March 2, 2008

EXTRA HOT SAUCE -taco of death LP (1988)

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1.taco of death
5.tony's dilemma
6.clueless fucks
7.i need a job
8.caucasian beat
9.extreme hatered
10.communication breakdown
11.hommina hommina hommina
12.lookout for the cheeba man
13.passive terrorism

Ok, all though this is not the greatest record in the world, its still sorta funny none the less. Featuring Danny Lilker from S.O.D., Anthrax, Brutal Truth, Hemlocke, etc. Dude plays drums on this, and I think the only other guy that can play anything is the guitarist. The bassist, and singer were just sorta friends of Danny's whom used to go to a certain taco joint in Queens after hardcore/metal shows in the 1980's. Dudes would get completely high, go eat tacos, and talk about this joke hardcore band they were going to start. Well they did it. End result, not so musically talented, but funny due to all the other crap that was coming out at the time. Lyrics were def written while these dudes were stoned.

for Timo(if the other link doesn't work)


  1. Awesome record and awesome blog
    check out my blog, I think you may like it.

  2. can´t be that many bands around , that danny didn´t play in, hu ? timo

  3. I thought this album was good. A little weird but i digged. I especially liked the cover they did of paranoid.

  4. does anyone else have problems unzipping the file ? or am i just being stupid(again) ?timo

  5. @timo: i have problems too. i think it's the format of the songtitles in the archive. seems that windows doesn't like the "." after the number of the song. don't know how to fix that, though :(

  6. great ! thanks for doing the extra work of putting up another link ! massive karma to you and hugest thanks from a fellow music nerd ,i´ll have a drink on you - timo

  7. This link works for me no problem. Perhaps its the operating system you use?
    Thanx for another killer slab of noise.


    ps-post more rare 7"s bro!

  8. Danny got married, and moved from the city to Rochester NY. he has a new metal band going. the dude is a true underground maniac. I used to talk to him at matinees in NYC at cbgbs in the mid/late 80's. A very real dude.
    Thanks again for another fantastic download
    carl ss

  9. Dude is a legend for sure. When brutal truth played Albany years ago, he got busted at the local price chopper trying to steal some breakfast sausages.



  11. Fucking funny ass band! None of them can play, yet together they rule! Kinda like Agnostic Front meets Napalm Death. Anyone else catch the Testament dis in "Clueless Fucks?'

  12. "Baby you were so good last night....I still got scabs on my knees."

  13. Big Fan. Wish I still had that record.

    "...under cover shit, where you blow crap up..."

    -paco (formerly of Riverside, Ca)

  14. dude... any chance you can put it back up? have the vinyl and need it for the road. cheers from cologne