Thursday, March 20, 2008

ZOETROPE- a life of crime LP (1987)

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2.Seeking asylum
5.Unbridled energy
7.Company man
9.Hard to survive

Zoetrope were from Chicago IL, and formed in the late 1970's as a punk rock act('78 I think). They self released a 7"ep in 1980 called "the right way", and went on to play with tons of hardcore bands through the early 80's. By the time this LP came out in the later part of the decade, the band was playing straight up speed metal, with catchyness and tightness. This is my favorite of the two decent LPs the band released. The production is perfect.
It was rare in the 1980s for metal bands to have black members (its still pretty fucking rare), and Zoetrope were one of about 4 bands that I can think of that had a black member.
My buddy Zoran loved this album, and would always be blasting it on his stereo before we'd hit the streets of S.F. on our skateboards. We'd get blasted, then bomb some hills.


  1. awesome man,

    R. I. P. Barry

  2. hey Nate,
    these files aren't unzipping??
    my winrar works fine
    i'll dick with it some more

  3. Any chance of seeing/hearing that EP and the "Amnesty" LP!?
    Thank you!

  4. Nothing wrong with the file......
    yeah more ZOETROPE.

  5. I've probably seen this band more times than any other and they've always been a blast. Barry Stern was a god and no other band with a drummer that sang could have this much energy.

    I have a clean ripped version of the Amnesty LP if you want it Nate. I can forward it to ya. I actually prefer that 1st one to this one only because I prefer Ken Black's guitar sound and the production in general.

    I also have the 1st 7" if you want a rip of that. pretty weird though.

  6. This album is great, but I agree that Amnesty is better - it's less polished. I met Barry when he was touring with TROUBLE, he approached me and my friend cuz we were the only people wearing TROUBLE shirts in the whole place (they were touring with DANZIG). Super nice guy. I'd love to hear that 7"!!!!!

  7. i had two friends growing up, they were brothers who had moved to tennessee from chicago, and they fuckin loved zoetrope and i heard amnesty and life of crime a lot when i hung out with those guys. great blog you got here.

    anywho.. i'm having trouble with this one too. i can unzip the file but then it says target can't handle that kind of document or some shit??

  8. what's the password to unzip? Many thanx man!!!!

  9. Great, underrated band. I usedta be penpals w/Barry Stern (RIP) when they just had a 4-song demo out. These guys should have been a lot bigger, but having a singing drummer prolly didn't help. Thanks for posting this!

  10. it says i need a password..any idea what thats about? thanks

  11. Rad! I live in Chicago & I love to find kick ass bands that tore it back then, all people talk about are The Effigies & Naked Raygun. need more gems like this.

  12. I was in a record store on Sunday and if it were not for your blog I would have passed by these Zoetrope’s LP’s so thanks man! I now have 2 awesome raging Mid-west LP’s I would have missed! On a side note, I realized I don’t have your phone # and this store I checked out had a lot of Metal ($6-10 bux) but I had no idea what is good. Send your digits to my email and whenever I am @ a place that looks like it would have stuff that you might want I’ll call you. Oh, and I picked up that other White Ash 7in. xoxo tp

  13. Zoetrope rules! Thanks for this.

  14. hey if anyone is having trouble unzipping try doing it track by track instead of all at once. Worked for me.

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