Wednesday, March 12, 2008

DEVIATED INSTINCT-rock n roll conformity LP (1988)

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1.Pearls before swine
2.Laugh in your face
3.Conquest for Eternity
4.House of cards
5.Putrid scum
6.Through the looking glass
7.Time and tide
8.When the chapter closes
9.Return of frost
10.Mechanical extinction
11.Rock`n`roll conformity
12.Doomsday (Discharge)

Deviated Instinct were from England and part of the early crust/punk scene, forming in 1984. The band later went for a more metal sound, although they had some metal vibes even on this release. But during this time period they could be compared to the likes of Amebix,Electro Hippies, Axegrinder, etc. Burley sounding, and bass heavy music is what one can expect on this release. A friend of mine who was from England, and involved in the crust scene back then told me that you couldn't get within 10 feet of these guys, because they stunk from filth so badly. They took their punk politics, and drunkenness beyond normal means.
Dave and Jack at Erl Records in Albany NY turned me onto these guys. I think I bought the guttural breath LP from them before getting this one. Crazy to look back and think that I could walk into a store and buy this used for $5.99 in 1990. These two clowns turned me on to so much heavy music in the early 90s. I bought all my Carcass, Crossed Out, and Man Is The Bastard releases here under their guidance.


  1. Haven't checked this out. Thanks for the great tunes, man! Cheers!

  2. Thanx for this one sir. I'm really digging how you mix things up here and what you have to say. Btw, when I was up in the bay area visiting I used to go that record store on Polk (Record Vault?). I wish I still had the Megadeath demo I got there. Thanx again.

  3. Fucking great lp man thanx. I needed it.

  4. thanks for the good blog..i'm really enjoying it...just some thoughts though:
    I'm English and 45 years young..every time i saw D.I they were embarassingly shit & this was confirmed when I got Welcome to the Orgy 7"(87) and heard subsequent Lp's.
    Live they were an under-rehearsed limp mess devoid of any power or impact .
    I understand that its easy to become enchanted by a foreign band youv'e never seen, or experienced the scene that they are a part of to accurately assess their correct standing within that scene..but the blind devotion to this band(and others similarly undeserving such as the ultra-bland Axegrinder) from outside the UK is a gross distortion of their historical worth within the UK, and belies the fact that the majority of punks here did and still do view them as unmerited poseurs.
    I knew them from "Tip of the Iceberg"...demo days, suffered them on shared bills maybe 20 times,so witnessed them perfect their pose from day one 'til the thankful end.
    Ripped dirty black clothing,
    dread hairstyles,tattoes,using crows & axes for graphics and fake pose/attitude will NEVER equal killer riffs.
    They may have looked and talked the part - but when it came to proving it live or on vinyl it was very very sad and the pose became a laughing stock.
    They were strictly 10th division.
    With the clumsy failure rate of the dull amateur, they tried to imitate in every way possible the true masters of dark,doom-laden,unequalled ferociousness - the truly original
    AntiSect looked that way in 81', and with their original inspiration, Discharge - should be remembered as the two true masters of English hardcore...(for want of a better term as Antisect defy genre specific description)
    Please let D.I and their drab also rans(axegrinder/death warmed up/depth charge..etc) slip into deserved oblivion...and anyone who was there and honest will also add Amebix to that list..= crash the pose.
    Get an AntiSect live tape from 82 or 83 and you'll hear an English band without equal for ferox incendiary snarling power.

  5. I remember being treated to Deviated Instinct once or twice years ago and the previous post isn't far off at some shows, others were great though - hit & miss I guess.

    I saw a reunion show they did at the 1in12 (in Bradford UK) last year, not long after the Feeding the 5000 gig in London, and it was immense, packed to the rafters, young punks, old punks, mainly from the UK, but people had flown in from the USA and Japan to see em, and just a realy good atmosphere. They were heavier (physically too haha) and a lot more together, well, the fact they could stand up at all, meant they were more together than some times I saw em haha.

  6. Wow, those comments above are really bringing the love, ha ha.
    That just made my evening.
    I'm not going to argue with much of that though. YES Antisect were a massive influence and YES they were in an entirely different league (universe) to our somewhat shambolic offerings. Still, we tried and had fun in the meantime and it's nice to know we kept others entertained by being a 'laughing stock' as well. just gotta love em' ;)
    We were never under any illusion that anyone in the UK gave much of a flying fuck about us, a few folk liked us, a lot more thought we were shit and most couldn't really give a toss either way.
    As to being an 'unrehearsed limp mess' actually I seem to recall we did rehearse (of sorts) fairly regularly but none of that made much difference when 1 - We were never great (ahem) musicians in the first place and 2 - It doesn't matter if you rehearse 7 days a week if you then get blind drunk before you play. Oops.
    As for the person who saw us in 2007 at the 1in12, cheers for that. Yeah that was a lot of fun as have been the few odd gigs we've done since and we do sound a LOT better in our old age. We're just enjoying ouselves.

    For anyone who might happen upon this page please check out BAIT the band that me and Snapa have mostly been busying ourselves with these past bunch of years -
    Oh and still on the subject of Antisect check out our cover of 'In Darkness' that we recorded back in 2006 for shits n' giggles.

  7. er.....guilty as charged....I am still, and always was an unrehearsed limp mess AND an unmerited's a fair cop.

  8. Wheter you like it or not D.I were a pioneering crust band. Maby they sounded shitty live, but their recorded material is right up there with the greatest like Amebix, Antisect.