Monday, March 10, 2008

ACROPHET-corrupt minds LP (1988)

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1.intro to corruption
2.corrupt minds
3.slaves of sin
4.from the depths
5.lifeless image
6.crowd distress
7.crime for living
8.holy spirit in today
10.ceremonial slaughter
11.warped illusions
12.forgotten faith
13.victims of the holocaust

These speedcore ragers were from mid Western Wisconsin, and formed in around 1984, with Members on this album being no more than 17 years old. Young ins Making great underground music.
This album is almost perfect in my opinion. The production is totally metal, while the songs and vox have a great crossover feel to them. The vocals are shouted or hollered in a hardcore sort of way, but they don't loose the metal vibe. I can't gush over this record enough, its just great. It has elements of the 1st Megadeth LP meets Cryptic Slaughter or something. How can you go wrong with members sporting t shirts from both Minor Threat, and the Grateful Dead on the back cover photo? Ridiculous, right? This is fast, tight, and very memorable.
The artwork to this record is horrifically bad, making it totally great if you get my drift.
Another Erl records score, from when I moved back to Albany in the late 80's. Enjoy, and comment if you download.


  1. hey, I desperately looking for sins of the flesh lp, maybe you can help??? youre master for really obscure stuff so all my hopes are given to you.;)
    thanx for nice blog anyway.

  2. I really liked this lp. I especially loved Gninraw.. great post. Thanks!

  3. thanks for this!
    i use to own this album - i lost everything i owned in a house fire in '94 - yep, including all my music!! i actually forgot about this one until i saw it on here. will be nice to take a trip with this album again! :o)

  4. sorry to hear about the fire dude.,.. sux.

    Peter, I don't have the other LP. Nate

  5. Whoops! I meant to write that last comment for Heibel.. Acrophet's insane. Holy spirit blew my fucking mind. Excellent post man hope you have more music like them.

  6. I just snagged this from No Fucker's distro here in Boston, for 5 bucks. Good score, this record is great.

  7. $5!!!!!! I' would kill to own this vinyl.
    Thank you for the post and cool music

  8. I found this record soon after reading about it here for $10. Awesome!


  9. Yes!! Fuckin classic record. Kinda reminds me of Metal Onslaught "Cease To Exist" or the 1st Indestroy. Great guitar work too. Word.

  10. .. and the one wearin the Minor threat shirt looks like he could be Steven Tyler's son..

  11. I own the cassette version of this. I was majorly dissapointed with it at the time, I think I was hoping for something more "extreme", haha.

  12. My friend has been telling me to track down some Acrophet for months now. Thanks for the up! This is probably one of the best blogs I've come across on the internet.

  13. I love this album. I found it used with there other one Faded Glory at the same time. From the Depths, is my jam!

  14. Gracias compadre y aguante al thrash metal!!!!

  15. doesnt seem that long ago does it