Tuesday, March 4, 2008

SATANIC MALFUNCTIONS I've Just Had About All I Can Take 7" (1987)

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1.Dealing Out Death
2.Movement For Change
3.Trying Ain't No Crime
5.More Money Than Sense
6.Cost Of Freedom
7.Where's Dinner
9.Appealing Carcasses
10.Family Man
11.Only Stupid People Glamourise America
12.The Take Away Of Life
13.What Happened

Man I love this record cover, it really just looks so cool. A great drawing indeed, that helped to suck me into these UK noisecore thrashers. I heard this around the same time that I discovered Fear Of God, L'arm, etc. Totally noisy "we don't give a shit" hardcore punk. I loved the bands mix of humor and politics in their music. I think the only downside to them was the lack of bottom end, keeping them from sounding as heavy as they probably actually were. The band was a three piece, that included no bass player, just a vocalist, guitarist, and a drummer. Another great record that came out on the Looney Tunes label, way ahead of its time.
My buddy Louis turned me on to this band as well as so much other great Euro/Japanese records from the 80's. Thanks buddy!
no songs are missing, although only 11 show up in the file, the other two go into other songs. enjoy, and comment.



  1. Fantastic post of a great band. I was pen pals with the drummer Ade in the mid 80's, trading tapes and 7"s. He turned me onto the almighty Active Minds. Thanx for this one man.

  2. I will surely enjoy this one. Thanks!!

  3. Great!!!, I already have the E.P., I used to write to Stu and he sent me their 2 albums and about 3 E.P.'s

    Satanic Malfunctions was a real honest band.

    I still listen to this guys today. You all should too.


  4. one of my favorite UK bands ever!!

    their 2 LPs kills everything

    This is my favorite site on the web. Thank you for your hard work

    Carl ss

  6. the LPs are a godly mess for sure... I like them.
    thanks for the comments guys. enjoy

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  8. Great stuff man. Thanks for putting this one up. Btw do you have anything by N.O.T.A. or Seizure?

  9. yeah! Seizure please!
    I live for this blog my friend

  10. good addition. one of the noize/thrash records that still holds up!!

  11. I found a copy of the "I've Got An Attitude Problem" compilation around 15 years ago. I had no idea what is was but bought it because I loved the name Satanic Malfunctions. I can't remember what they sound like, but I still like the name....

  12. The cover is just terrific! pretty awesome and that is a very cool name for a band, just that name draws your attention, and if you add that cover you have a really good way to have people look at you.

  13. when I saw the title of the disc the first time, I almost spit up, but some time later I listen "Cost Of Freedom" and two days ago, I back to the store, of course I bought the disc.