Monday, October 4, 2010

OUT COLD-permanent twilight world LP(1995)

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1. Useless
2. Shot Dead
3. Long In The Tooth
4. Another Empty Nothing
5. What You Deserve
6. Pull The Trigger
7. No Point
8. Watch You Die A Sick Death
9. Hacked To Pieces
10.Falling Apart
11.Faster To Nowhere
12.Last Breath
13.Days Are Numbered
14.Beginning Of The End

This post is Dedicated to Mark Sheehan Who sang for Out Cold. RIP.
Mark passed away this weekend at the young age of 41. He left behind a immense & great history of music. Out Cold played brutally fast thrash/hardcore that through the years never really changed nor "progressed" in the shitty way that a lot of our favorite bands do. Think AC/DC, Slayer and Motorhead to get my point. They pretty much always stayed true to the path, and kept putting out great records that didn't leave their fans going huh??? Out Cold were the same way in that regard. Always thrashing on at one speed ahead.
Out Cold Formed in 1989 out of a Suburban MA. town that was about 30 miles from Boston. I hadn't heard them until maybe around 1994? Once I did, I wrote to them(sending a DOF tape)asking to do a split 7" with my band Devoid Of Faith. I got letter back from them saying that they couldn't because they had so many other things going on.
There really weren't to many bands doing what they were doing then. That time period was pretty stale for fast music. I never got to see Out Cold. Every time I did try or travel, they would cancel. After a while I sorta gave up. My thoughts go out to the people who knew him and were close to him. RIP buddy.