Monday, October 4, 2010

OUT COLD-permanent twilight world LP(1995)

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1. Useless
2. Shot Dead
3. Long In The Tooth
4. Another Empty Nothing
5. What You Deserve
6. Pull The Trigger
7. No Point
8. Watch You Die A Sick Death
9. Hacked To Pieces
10.Falling Apart
11.Faster To Nowhere
12.Last Breath
13.Days Are Numbered
14.Beginning Of The End

This post is Dedicated to Mark Sheehan Who sang for Out Cold. RIP.
Mark passed away this weekend at the young age of 41. He left behind a immense & great history of music. Out Cold played brutally fast thrash/hardcore that through the years never really changed nor "progressed" in the shitty way that a lot of our favorite bands do. Think AC/DC, Slayer and Motorhead to get my point. They pretty much always stayed true to the path, and kept putting out great records that didn't leave their fans going huh??? Out Cold were the same way in that regard. Always thrashing on at one speed ahead.
Out Cold Formed in 1989 out of a Suburban MA. town that was about 30 miles from Boston. I hadn't heard them until maybe around 1994? Once I did, I wrote to them(sending a DOF tape)asking to do a split 7" with my band Devoid Of Faith. I got letter back from them saying that they couldn't because they had so many other things going on.
There really weren't to many bands doing what they were doing then. That time period was pretty stale for fast music. I never got to see Out Cold. Every time I did try or travel, they would cancel. After a while I sorta gave up. My thoughts go out to the people who knew him and were close to him. RIP buddy.


  1. Oh, no... I am so sorry to hear about Mark. I didn't know him, but Out Cold was a great band.

  2. sad post. i missed them back in 2003 when they played in czech republic.
    great band, great records. RIP Mark.

  3. this is terrible News. I've always loved this record and band. very sad. RIP Mark.

    Dave in Texas

  4. RIP! His music will AWAYS be remembered and listened to.

  5. I just heard about Mark today and didn't want to believe it. I've got his Roland V1680 here with two new songs he was supposed track the vocals on but never got around to. Mark and me were working on a CD of collected 7" and lots of early unreleased tracks, with an OUT COLD DVD to boot. I was so looking forward to Mark getting back to composing the grandiose thrash
    he'd been developing. I'll miss the bastard awfully. I've known Mark since he was in Jr. High, even before he became a protoge of GG. His work lives on.
    David Vaillancourt - Lowell, MA

  6. RIP Mark, one of the greats...OUT COLD gave wmass a kick in the ass in the 90's and were an influence on all who witnessed them live ( kicking ass when most hardcore/punk bands were wimping out or playing mosh metal). Pure no frills hardcore!

  7. What happened? I am truly sad; Mark was a very good friend of mine, though i hadn't seen him in a couple of years. Is there anywhere to send flowers,or a memorial?

  8. here is Memorial Info.

  9. My condolences go out to his family and friends. Excellent LP

  10. The passing of Mark is a punch in the face to hardcore. I first met Mark around 89/90 through mutual friends, and witnessed Out Cold destroy it from the early years of Kevin Mertens on vocals to Mark taking over and finishing it off nearly 15 years later. The crazy 3 hour conversations that revolved around GG, the Damned, the Dolls and whatever else stick in my mind the most. Goofing and laughing till tears ran down my face. Now its just tears. RIP Mark.


  11. ... I'm still trying to process things and it hasn't been easy. Great band and I always found Mark friendly and he had a good sense of humor. 41 is way too young. I'm sorry you never got to see them...

  12. Today I watched a hardcore legend be laid to rest...

    But more importantly someone I was proud to have called my friend. I had first learned of Out Cold when I saw a flyer in the Command D comic shop touting the re-release of a local hardcore bands debut album featuring ex members of GG Allin's band. As somneone who was just starting to explore the vast world of punk rock I thought "Holy Shit! A hardcore band from my small suburban Massachusetts home town of Dracut. AND it features ex GG Allin members?" I was sold. Out Cold's self titled debut was the most violent, ferocious, visceral and honest music I had ever heard. From there I was hooked and began tracking down all of their releases. Fast forward a few years and I have now joined a band with my brothers and a couple of close friends and we are looking to record our first 7". My friend Erik who was going to help release the record recommended that we contact Mark Sheehan from Out Cold as he had a small portable studio. So I got in contact with him and we set up a time to record. Turns out this man with some of the most vicious vocals ever laid down was one of the nicest most down to earth people you could ever imagine. He and my band instantly became fast friends. He was so personable it was like we had known him forever. After recording we tried to keep in touch as best we could. Eventually it came time to record our second record and their was no one else we would rather have done it than Mark. This time instead of recording in his living room in front of a giant fireplace with a huge carved wooden eagle above the mantle. We recorded out in his shed also know as "the padded cell" many of the Out Cold releases were recorded in there so for us being a young band it made us a little excited. Once again after the recording was done we would hang out and Mark would regale us with stories of his travels around the world with the band. And all the crazy and varied people he had met along the way and were proud to call his friends. The Ramones, Jello Biafra, The Misfits, Gunnar Hansen...The list could go on forever. However most fascinating of all were his stories of the late GG Allin. If you know of GG I'm sure all sorts of things are popping into your head right now but Mark's stories made me see the man in an entirely different light. There is so much one could get into on that subject but let's just leave it by saying my favorite Mark/GG story was how both Mark's parents and grandmother simply adored GG. Hard to believe right? Anyway, unfortunately like all to many of these types of stories I eventually lost touch with Mark. My brother LB did his best to keep in touch with him but sometimes Mark could be a tough one to track down. I would occasionally run into him at the record store or supermarket where we would exchange a quick "hello" but that was it. Last Saturday I learned of his passing. However it really didn't hit me until I saw the funeral arrangements online. 41 is just to young to go. They say only the good die young. Well Mark was definitely one of the good ones. He was one of the nicest, most caring, out going, genuine people I have ever met. Not to mention he was the driving force behind one of the most important bands in my musical education. I'll miss you man and it's one of my biggest regrets that I didn't make more of an effort to keep in touch...

    Rest In Peace...

    Mark Sheehan
    June 15, 1969 - October 1, 2010

  13. Sorry to hear about the guy. I'm completely new to this band. Thanks for sharing in any case, really enjoying this!

  14. RIP Mark, I would have hoped to see Out Cold coming over to Europe once more. But unfortunatly Mark died before they could make it over. I didnt know him really well, but got to know him a little better when they were touring with my pells from MilkMan. He was one of the nicest guys I know. He will be missed!

  15. Holy shit, I had no idea Mark died, terrible news. Out Cold. have been one of my favorite punk/hardcore bands for years and I've emailed Mark a bunch of times trying to find out if they would ever tour out on the west coast (USA) so I could see them live. I'm really bummed out I will never get the chance now, but at least they have so many great tunes to help Mark live on.

  16. I was at home watching the Out Cold 'Through Communist Eyes' dvd a week or so back and here it is 3 months later and I'm still having trouble dealing with Mark's death. It just simply doesn't feel real that he is gone.

    I generally try to avoid eulogizing my friends because it always seems that the dead somehow achieve sainthood when they pass and speaking of them as the "nicest person" seems slightly disingenuous or at the very least, exaggerated. With Mark, the scene's perception of who he was is in pretty stark contrast to who he was because Out Cold's lyrics always had a somewhat of an anti-social sentiment. Mark was a truly genuine and sweet person and to his friends, thinking of Mark as anti-social is laughable. I'm smiling right now thinking about his voice and the way he spoke. I used to say that Mark almost sounded like a 50 yr old woman from the north shore. When Out Cold stayed at my house in VT, my ex wife asked what the guys wanted for lunch to which everyone said "hamburger/cheeseburger". She asked Mark and he said "I like to eat fat free". I'm laughing now just thinking about it.

    He felt as comfortable talking about Ramones records as he did ABBA. It was this sort of candor and lack of pretentiousness about music that made him so unique and was one of the many reasons why people were drawn to him. Johnny Ramone sold him his #2 Mosrite guitar because he liked Mark so much. In fact, he flew Mark out to LA to see him before he died.

    A quick story about Mark: One of the last shows Out Cold played was at the Elks Lodge in Cambridge. I was walking through Central Sq and walked past, who I was 90% sure, was Dez Cadena. I got to the Elks and saw Mark inside. I said "I'm not sure, but I think I just saw Dez over by the Middle East." Mark matter of factly said, "Yeah, he's staying over." To Mark, it wasn't one of the vocalists for Black Flag, it was just his buddy Dez.

    The last conversation I had with Mark, we talked about how great Joe Jackson's 'I'm the Man' was. I wish I had known it would have been the last time we would talk, I probably would have said something more but knowing Mark, he probably would have just assumed talk about Joe Jackson.

    I miss him a lot. RIP Mark. You are missed.

  17. What a great band..I wish the singer was still with us ..I cannot believe he passed so soon ( I am the same age)..makes you really want to live life with the same vigour!!

  18. Yess we miss him a lot !!! He was so cool. Always talking about music Glad i have some shirts and sweaters left.Thanks for the great time.

  19. I just found a out cold 8 track ???????