Sunday, November 28, 2010

MEDIEVAL STEEL- Medieval Steel 12"(1984)

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1.Medieval Steel
3.Battle Beyond The Stars

So I went to see the Rods at a record store last week in NJ. Before they played I started going through the stores used vinyl bins, and within 5 mins I came across this classic. I was stunned when I saw it...Its a 12" that I'd actually been looking for for a really long time. This has everything 80's written all over it. The sound, the production, the riffs, and the Vocals. I'd first heard these guys in the mid 1980's, as they'd been compared to a local metal band called Stonehenge from the area I was living in at the time. I was a huge Stonehenge fan as I'd seen them win a battle of the bands in Colonie NY in maybe 1983. I'd never been able to track this 12" down due to its limited pressing(something like 500 made). Back then we did a lot of tape trading, so thats how I managed to finally hear these Memphis TN metal heads. This isn't for everyone(its pretty traditional heavy metal). This stuff just really takes me back to high school. If you dig the likes of early Queensryche, Fates Warning, and Omen you might get a hard on for this stuff. Enjoy.


  1. HOLY CRAP!!! Serious Memphis time warp! Thanks for posting this as it's almost impossible to find anything they did

  2. although i don't see the link for DL purposes.....

  3. ooops. fixed. Sorry about that. I was drinking bourbon last night while working on the blog.

  4. thanks, really brings back memories

  5. in the used bins!! you lucky guy!

  6. Intense! thanks for the upload as always!

  7. cool, I think I have this downloaded from a few years ago, but a fresh rip is always nice


  9. Saw them many times in the early 80's. Places like Solomon Alfred's, Madison House, Summer Twin, etc.

  10. Hah, you won't believe it but over here in Greece, Medieval Steel (the title track) is still a major hit at metal bars and everyone knows the song...

  11. Medieval Steel's latest release "The Anthology of Steel" is uploaded, so Cd's are available at No Remorse records website.
    Steel is currently in the studio finishing up the new album "Dark Castle" with projected late summer release.
    We feel it's our strongest album yet. So be prepared for songs like "American War Machine",
    "Tyrant Overlord", "Man who saw Tomorrow" and many more. Medieval Steel is excited about getting this album
    to our fans and the tours in support. Watch for us coming in 2013 to Europe, Japan and possibly South America.
    They are all in the works and we will keep you posted. So rock on metal fans, we are headed your way

    Medieval Steel

    Bobby Franklin Lead Vocals
    Chuck Jones Bass Guitar
    Jack Hardin Guitar
    Cary Scarbrough Guitar
    Jr. Grant Percussion

    Contact Medieval Steel

  12. medieval steel has a new album called dark castle we feel its our best work yet thanks to all steel fans around the world