Monday, September 22, 2008

ANIHILATED created in hate LP (1988)

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3.power is the path/anihilated part 2 dawn
7.seventh vial

One can't help but to compare these dudes to early Slayer. The vox are almost completely dead on most the time, and would even spook Tom Arya. England has never really been known or famous for thrash metal. There really are very few good UK thrash bands from the 80's. Grind, death, crust, stenchcore, now that's another story, the UK was crawling with that shit. This really is Slayer worship, done without the hooks that Slayer is famous for. This stuff is much more straightforward then say Slayer. The production is very raw, andsort of lacks that real metal feel that many metalheads need. Has a crossover sort of feel in the production(not the writing or the music)
I bought this record due to the artwork. Its done by comic book artist Simon Bisley. Primitive compared to his later works, but still cool as hell. Wish I still had the bands releases on vinyl format. This is ripped off of my tape copy. The band released a slew of stuff, and formed in 1983, releasing the 1984 demo a year later. The stuff was godly for the time, and always kept my neck snapping. Unfortunately I purged the vinyl in the early 90's.. I was a dumb ass. Enjoy and comment.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

CAPITLE demo tape (1983)

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3.lean on a wall

Man so much I can say about Albany New York's first hardcore band. The first I knew of these guys was the graffiti I saw on the corner of Lark Street and Central ave. This was around 1983..Right there in huge letters on the wall was written Capitle. It was scrawled all over Albany in the early 80's right up til around 1990. I had no idea what it meant, or who the band was in 1983. I thought it was a political statement in regards to Albany (misspelled). I think the next year it was when these guys played Lark fest. Some friends from work and myself went to see the "live music". We saw a few other really crummy bands play outside on Lark street. I had no idea what I was seeing, and don't think I fully grasped what they were doing. I to this day still can't recall much, as we were drunk. It was outside, and the sound sucked. Larkfest was an annual community festival that I think was actually started by the band? I could be wrong, but that is what I recall hearing back in the day. Years later I got the actual demo from the bass player. He played in a band after Capitle called Vertebrae, and "the surge" as we called him would hang out at Erl records, tell us stories, and drink beers with the younger punks. Phil(surge) later moved to California to cook as a chef in prison. The vocalist Jim is still an Albany ficture.
These songs have an odd mixture of early Suicidal Tendencies (the song "error")mixed with some early Agnostic Front or NYCHC mosh arts. I love this stuff, and over the years have accumulated at least 3 copies of the bands demos. Someone really should put this stuff out on vinyl someday... lord knows I'd love to. I only put five of the songs up on here. Hope you dig em.

I'm a human
how about you?
I make errors
how about you
I'm not perfect
how about you
I admit when I'm fucked up
I'm a human, humans fuck up
to go through life
and mask your errors
I can't agree with that
don't throw the guilt trip at me
I can't agree with that
I suppose you never made a mistake
Its only human nature
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PERSIAN RISK ridin high 7" (1983)

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1.ridin high
2.hurt you

OK, I'm going to see Motorhead on Saturday night, so I figure I'd up something on the blog that was related.
Persian Risk formed in 1979 in England by Phil Campbell who has played in Motorhead and Lemmy now for over two decades. Dudes a total hero. I love both of the P.R. singles that I own.
When I bought this at Strawberry's records and tapes on Wolf Road in Colonie NY twenty some years ago I had no idea what I was in for. I was taking a chance and just loved the back cover photo, and the way the band looked. Dudes were wearing spikes and leather, and looked cool in a 1983 sorta way. I was a die hard Maiden fan, so this wasn't all that far off. It made this pimple faced metal kid happy. The guitar playing is great. Campbell plays and chugs away exactly the way one would want one to in the early metal days with his killer hook riffs, and a solo on "hurt you" that reminds me of some fast Eddie Clark noodles. No wonder Lemmy chose Phil for the Motorhead sound! The main riff in "hurt you" also has a Riot Influence. Cool nwobhm stuff that most metal heads rifle right past when taking the headbanging journey into heaviness.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

TOXIC SHOCK s/t 7" (1989)

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2.100 mph the chair

Alrighty then. This one is an obscure metal gem that came out on the punk rock record label Mystic Records. The label put out a lot of crap, but also some pure classics such as RKL, Aggression, Ill Repute, White Pigs, Dr. Know, etc. The label was owned by this old dude named Doug Moody who would record bands in his studio, then put their music out on vinyl. He had a pretty bad rep with some of these bands due to him not paying royalties, and over pressing records. He really had nothing to do with punk other than actually recording this stuff, and paying to put it out and distribute it. He is still alive and in his late 70's.
At any rate towards the end of the labels "career" Mystic decided to try an put out some metal. This band was supposedly from West Mystic CT. though no one I know has ever heard of them playing shows, or anything else for that matter. The 3 song ep is pretty raw sounding, yet standard for the time underground metal, with growling type vocals. I thought of the ep after seeing Villains last night, as the vox were sorta similar. The second song is an instrumental that isn't even close to 100 mph, but is kick ass anyway. This is the type of record that you can prolly find for cheap if you keep your eyes peeled. The production is super low endy and raw with lots of bass.
Bought mine on yellow vinyl at Worlds records in Albany 1990.

CROM & VILLIANS in Brooklyn NY

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By cryptocomx, shot with DSC-S700 at 2008-09-14

Villains played first. Dudes are a perfect mix of a few styles of aggressive underground metal from Brooklyn NY. I could hear everything from Destructor, Pagan Altars, Poison, and even some Venom at parts. One of my favorite bands I've seen in years. The drummer was a fucking left handed mad man. Total True metal in 2008 without it being cheesy, and with members knowing exactly what what they are doing, and what they want to sound like. I Picked up the "Drenched in the poisons" LP on Nuclear war now last night, shit is amazing. This is the kind of stuff I'd put out in a heart beat if given the chance.

Crom are sick, drunk and sloppy(and from California). Perfectly blending metal and powerviolence antics That kept me bobbing my head throughout the entire set. Lots of beer being spilled, , lots of Slayer riffs, lots of silliness indeed. Both the bands LPs are filled with tons of samples, loops, and metal fun that of course didn't happen live. If they could figure out how to do this, or I'd seen it, I'd be 100% stoked on them live. Glad I saw them, the new LP rules..

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Monday, September 8, 2008

R.I.P. Witchunter

According to Sodom's web site the bands original drummer, Chris Dudek (a.k.a. Witchhunter), passed away yesterday (Sunday, September 7). No further details are currently available. He was still pretty young.
My friend Ron played me some of the bands newest LP, that Witchunter appeared on... total bummer. I grew up listening to Sodom, and being shocked at the extreme sound of "sign of evil" when it came out. Witchunter was part of the rawness that helped to fuse the bands early sound.

W.D.M. freedom of music 7" (1988)

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1.freedom of music
2.different battlefields
4.communist disease

One of the early Finnish bands i can recall hearing early on in my youth. My buddy Louis made me a Finnish tape with their 1984 ep "democracy?" on it. That record is a total punk rager for sure. They didn't do much more than two or three 7"s that I know of. Kind of an obscure band.
When I later saw this ep I grabbed it up. Actually I've grabbed it up twice. Totally dismissed by most elitist punks due to its metal influences, I love this record, and find it to be a refreshing crossover record from the time period. To hell with the haters, this brings me back. Lots of cool soloing mixed with political lyrics and mostly fast drumming. The record almost reminds me of later Suicidal in some strange ways... can't put my finger on it exactly. My favorite sing is diff battlefields, great guitar riffage.
This is the kind of record you can find in used bins for really cheap. I prolly over paid for this my second copy at WFMU record convention for a mere $3 a few years ago. There are prolly three of us out there who care about this one... fuck it. Great lyrics!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

DOM DÄR stench of decay 7" (1991)

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2.stench of decay

Dom Där were from Sweden, and put out some great records(the first one in around 1983 I think). This is the bands 3rd release. On this ep The band plays a sludgy doomy crust style of hardcore/metal. Its really fucking heavy and depressing sounding. I'd imagine anyone who loves the likes of Amebix, or Hellbastard will go bonkers for this shit. Only two songs on this ep, but they are each almost 6 mins long. The packaging is really cool as the Sleeve folds out into 6-panel poster.
Got this one under the recomendation of a buddy/friend Brian who plays in Dropdead. I recall playing a show with his band, and was going through records at Neil Robinson's record table at abc no rio, and Brian commented on me needing to buy this record, so I did. Thanks Bri.

ABRYCT Otvetniy Udar LP (1988)

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2.Otvetniy Udar
4.Tochka Otscheta (instrumental)
5.Doroga V Nikuda
7.Rock N Roll
8.Tsvetnoy Son (instrumental)

Again, this one is for the metallers that read this blog. If your a punk, I can almost guarantee this ones is not for you. Sorry.
The band was from Russia, and the name translates into "August". August formed in 1982, and were always dealing with problems with the USSR government. The Soviet government scrutinized and kept music within certain boundaries of content and artistic creativity.
The music on This LP is a killer attempt at early power metal, that has gone on to influence the likes of Rhapsody, Blind Guardian, Nitro, etc. This stuff is over the top with melodic, fast, operatic, classical influenced riffs. If you hate key boards, you'll hate this. Like I said this stuffs not for everyone, and has had people in the metal scene scoffing at them for years. I love it, its over the top and obscure as hell. If you see this bands stuff grab it up, its rare as hell, and barely made it into the States at all.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

SOLDIER 7" ep (1982)

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Soldier were another of the the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal bands that was plowing through Britain with little or no popularity in the early 1980s. I'd guess it was partially do to the drummer was the singer, that was sort of a no no for metal bands at least(unless you were Exciter). They were on Heavy Metal records with the likes of Holocaust, Witchfinder General, etc. When I think of Soldier I think of bands like Sabbath, Kiss, Holocaust, Crucifixtion, etc. The song "Sheralee" has that "paranoid" riff that just makes you think, fuck yeah, Sabbath. There are some awesome double leads going on here that remind me of "number of the beast" era Maiden mixed with the hard rocking sound of say Riot.
This stuff is pretty mellow for the most part, Not really one for the punks, though the cover looks kinda punk.
As a kid growing up in the metal scene, I didn't really savior these singles like I should have. I looked at them as pretty disposable ways of deciding if I should search out the bands full length. Many of these records ended up as frisbees, ash trays, and weapons to throw at family members. Luckily this one survives. Below is a postcard that came with the ep.
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INFERNO anti hagenbach demo tape (1983)

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1.loir sind schontot sind wir
3.perfecktor mensch
4.Ronald Reagan
5.ram it
7.eskape from society
8.linke jam
9. moore sol daten
10.lie bes lived
11.stein kopf
12.wassen mord
13.administration at war

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This is a great find from my tape trading days, with other like minded people from around the globe in the 1980's. It was seriously so cool to trade unknown underground punk and metal bands music with people from other places back then. It was a real connection, and took a serious amount of effort to find these people, and to get the trading to begin. It was cool to think about the fact that there was some German guy sitting in Berlin or some place, who was as obsessed with true underground music as you might be, and that he/she was taping you some band you'd never heard from their region of the world. Looking back, I'd never have guessed that we would be where we are now with technology, the internet, etc. It really has made things like tape trading virtually instinct.
Inferno were of course from West Germany... yup back then East Germany was part of Russia, and the two had not become unified again yet.
Inferno were one of the fastest, loudest, rawest bands from that part of Europe. Its easy to see that both Japanese and Swedes later stole parts of their noisy sound and made it part of their own. The band did a slew of great releases, one of the LPs can be found here in my blog, and the most famous release is the Execute split on Pusmort records. I can recall getting this tape, and just listening to it over and over, wishing that I could understand the lyrics, yet knowing the lyrics were about the same bullshit that I was feeling everyday back then.
I did not include all the songs from this tape, as there were countless jams, and 16 seemed to be enough to throw on here. The stuff sounds pretty awesome considering the tape is over 20 years old. Enjoy.

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