Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Fourteen Or Fight Side:
1.Revenge of the latchkey kids
2.Agressive collector
3.combo amp a go go
4.godless America
The Repos Side: control last time
7.fugitive family 2
8.haha hardcore
9.alright!?! decline
11.hollow trees

I put this one out many years ago on my label.  Pretty sure it was both bands first vinyl appearance.  I remember hearing the Repos demo in my bedroom in Albany NY… I was floored.  Totally reminded me of Septic Death meets Infest in some really warped way. So When I talked to Aaron from the Repos and he told me they were supposed to do a split with Fourteen Or Fight and it couldn't happen for whatever reason I jumped at the chance to help them out by releasing it.  Fourteen Or Fight was my old room mate Jon Arends hc band after Charles Bronson.  The band also featured Frank on vox who years earlier fronted the legendary MK Ultra.  The copy I have up on here is the limited to 30 copies or something… how can you go wrong with an 11 song 7".  Enjoy and Share

Monday, September 21, 2015

KURO-15 Song Fanclub CD

I hung out with some Japanese hc friends this weekend, and that got me thinking about this band. For those who don't know...Kuro are one of the more legendary Japanese punk bands from the early wave of 80's punk/hardcore.  Members were rumored to be low level muscle for the Japanese mob (yakuza), so it even made the band more interesting and dangerous to lots of us listeners.  Vocalist Morikawa and guitarist Hide are supposedly dead according to other members of the band, so thankfully there will never be a crappy reunion.
 I was first introduced to the band in 1989 by my friend Louis who was at the forefront of international tape trading (mainly Japanese and Scandinavian bands). In those days I can count on one hand Americans that I knew that were into that stuff.   I must admit that when I first heard the Kuro and Gism I thought it was awful.  It wasn't until many rides to the Anthrax club with Louis in his red pick up truck that I finally got it.  Those long rides and endless rumored stories about the bands finally broke me down and I finally got it.  Even back in 1989 people were paying ridiculous prices for these collectable records.  Obviously a lot has changed.  Now Japanese hardcore isn't as obscure as it once was, its actually become super popular and sorta trendy worldwide.  This is a boot that compiles the bands hard to decipher discography.  Enjoy the Tunes, download and share with the world.

Share - 60 MB

Thursday, September 17, 2015


I remember being so stoked to have Ken from Sound Pollution records touch base with us (Monster X) in the early 90's to see if we could put a song on a compilation he was helping MCR records Japan put out.  We immediately had our friend Jason Martin record us on his four track.  Later when the comp came out I became fascinated with the band Quadiliacha from Atlanta.  I wrote them a letter telling them i loved their track on the comp.  We became immediate friends… they toured non stop, and spent much time with me and my friends in Albany NY.  The comp featured Japanese and American bands coming together.  Great stuff by the likes of Insane Youth, Disclose, Balzac, Spazz, CFDL, Masskontrol, and many others.  21 killer songs by 17 1990's hardcore bands…Enjoy!

1.INSANE YOUTH-the world has reached its worst
3.OTTAWA-a million reasons
5.ANTI AUTHORIZE-its time for change
6.FINAL WARNING-death sentence
9.SUPPRESSION-machines of war
10.DISCLOSE-burned alive
11.MANKIND-strategic deterence
12.BALZAC-day the earth caught fire
13.SPAZZ-DJ tinkle fingers
15.MONSTER X-battle fatigue
16.CFDL-let you know
17.CFDL-tofu song
18.QUADILIACHA-think about it
19.MASSKONTROLL-winds of genocide
20.VIOLENT PAIN-feel for a new age

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Friday, September 11, 2015

NEON BITCHES Unreleased final recordings

1.Human animal
2.Give us more
3.Righteous snakes
4.Nuclear dawn
5.The plague
6.The succubus
7.Possessive obsession

These dudes broke up this year (2007-2015) and had a final seven songs that they recorded before calling it a day.  After communicating with members I've decided to share the unreleased tracks with the world.  These guys were a wicked great Rhode Island hardcore thrash band featuring hero and my long time friend Brian from Dropdead on drums.  The other members were from Straight To Hell and Vincebus Eruptum. The band played mainly on the East Coast in NYC, Philly, MA. and of course Rhode Island.  Enjoy the tunes and feel free to share them on other blogs or with friends worldwide.

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