Thursday, December 31, 2009

KUBLAI KHAN-Annihilation LP (1987)

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1.Death breath
2.Mongrel horde
3.Down to the inferno
4.Liars dice
5.Passing away-Kublai Khan
6.Clash of the swords
7.Battle hymn (the centurian)

This is a dirty, hard and rugged under the radar thrash album, that if it had come out three years earlier, would have put these guys on the metal map. The guitarist-vocalist, Greg Handevidt was a one time early 1st tier member of Megadeth. It shows a lot on this recording. You can hear it in the vox and the riffage. This record reminds me of "killing is my business" in so many ways. The drums, the bass, the production, everything... The guitar riffing is fast, and chock full of cool 'lil licks that keep the neck bobbing through out. In my opinion This is the album that Megadeth should have made after peace sells.
Greg moved to California from Minnesota with David Ellefson to play music. The two lived next door to Dave Mustain, and they started Megadeth in the garage just after Dave was kicked out of Metallica. Greg quit the band before they even recorded, and moved back to Minnesota. That is where he started Kublai Khan. The band only released this one LP.
I'm definitely one of those dudes that bought this record back then due to the early Megadeth connection. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

DAMIEN THORNE-the sign of the Jackal LP)1986)

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1.the sign of the jackal
2.fear of the dark
3.the ritual
4.grim reaper
5.hells reign
6.escape of die
7.sirens call
8.Damien's procession

These dirtheads were from Chicago, and played metal that was sort of in between that old traditional heavy metal sound(power metal, or nwobhm), and speed metal. I think there were a fair amount of these bands from the mid 1980's, that found in order for them to survive in what was happening in the metal scene(speed metal/thrash), that they needed to push the envelope a bit more. They needed to play faster, and heavier, changing their sound a little to fit in, or appeal to the youth. In my opinion Damien Thorne were one of those bands. Its awesome because it works well. I think Exciter, and Manowar were guilty of this as well.
I picked this up because of the band name, and the very cool cover art. The name Damien Thorne was that of the son of Satan in the infamous Omen books.
I read these before seeing the movies in around 8th grade. I recall being pretty disappointed by this record because it was to traditional sounding, and didn't have the punk/HC influence that I was now searching for when it came to metal/crossover. Years later I rediscovered it, and realized how much I loved traditional HM.
The Vocals are the stand out for me. They almost have a Rhett Forester sound to them(yup, Riot motherfuckers). The difference would be the high pitched screams that these guys pull off. Enjoy and comment.

DEADLESS MUSS-i will...7" (1985)

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1.Never Say Die
2.Peace Go Away
3.Freedom & Rights
4.God Willing
5.To Do Nothing
6.Future Memory

Deadless Muss are another of my favorite Japanese hardcore bands. A buddy of mine(Louis J)is responsible for turning me onto most all the early Japanese hardcore I've ever heard. I recall him playing this one for me via cassette on our way to see Poison Idea at the Anthrax. It was a two and a half hour drive there, and it turned out that Poison Idea had either canceled or the show was the week before or something. We sat through some other shit bands instead, and went to Trash American Style Record Shop. Remember, this was way before cell phones and the internet. If a band canceled or something happened, it was a bit harder to get the word out. Any way, Louis had like 3 tapes full of Japanese hardcore from all the 7"s and flexi's that he'd been collecting. It kept the 5 hour drive entertaining and educational. His words about these guys was something about them being a bunch of 16 year old kids who could play better then D.R.I.
This all happened in around 1989 or 1990. Much love and Respect to Louis! Thanks.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


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4.astral vortex
5.entombed in space
7.satan's curse
8.robotic surgery malfunction

This demo is pretty fucking brilliant. It was recorded on a 4 track recorder by Jason Martin.
ECA played grind/death stuff that was influenced by the likes of Carcass, and Fear Of God. They used sci fi themes, and came up with cool fictional names for the band members. In reality The band consisted of one of my best friends, Devon Cahill whom played in Monster X with me, then he want on to replace Lee as the bass player in Dropdead. Also in the band, writing some pretty brutal guitar hooks was Jim Kopta, who is no longer with us. The dude passed away at a way to young age. Jim was a very talented musician and artist who was also in Hail Mary, and the Browncuts Neighbors. Albany has always been a pretty incestuous scene for band people.
At any rate ECA did a split 7" with another local band called Dead Baby. From What I recall the Corpse had a full length LP that was supposed to be released on the Armageddon Label. for some reason this never happened, and there is a full LPs worth of unreleased stuff that has never seen the light of day. The production to that stuff is superior to this. Enjoy.

Monday, November 30, 2009

ZOUO the final agony 7" (1984)

1.No Power
2.Bloody Master
3.Sons of Satan
4.Making Love with Devil

I wish I had the original of this one, but nope... I'm stuck with this 1990's bootleg instead. The original cover art is completely different from this generic looking ep. The original has the look of pure evil. I'm sure this has been posted on other Japanese worship blogs before, but this one needs the attention of my metal friends who read, and download songs from this blog.
My friend Simon Dysgusher/Ugly Pop Records was the dude to really bring this band to my attention.
As I recall, Simon would make these awesome compilation cassettes for his friends, that were just chock filled with great hard to find Japanese hardcore classics. When He first made me a tape that compiled the bands only record, I was sorta in aw because the band had such a evil,grubby, noisy metal sound to them, and Simon was known for hating most things metal('cept Slayer).
My buddy Jim MacNaughton and I must have blasted these recordings a billion times while driving around the north east to random punk gigs.
This is an essential recording, and just goes on to prove how fucked up the Japanese really are.
The ep is the bands only release, besides a compilation that also came out of Japan.
I'm pretty sure metal heads who have never heard these short lived heroes, will absolutely go bonkers for this one.


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Sunday, November 29, 2009

TYS0ND0G- beware of the dog LP(1984)

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1.hammerhead soldiers
4.the inquistior
5.dead meat
6.painted horses
7.voice from the grave of the butcher the end

Man what a cool looking album cover this is, and I'm sure its partially the reason I initially bought the LP. If you've never heard Tysondog, well then your in for a real treat here. This is a seriously awesome, obscure metal LP that is melodic, yet really heavy and has some fast rippers on it. Its almost a speed metal record, but falls more into the new wave of british heavy metal sound. If you dig Manowar, the first Anthrax, or the likes of Armored Saint, etc. you'll love this one.
I recall buying this when it came out(or soon after), but also being sorta disappointed as there was so much new & different that was starting to happen at the time. Remember, The speed/thrash thing was just starting to take off, so this one was sorta wimpy for me at the time. It took me a few years before I rediscovered it and realized how awesome this New Castle nwobhm band was. The singer really could sing, and the songs were written with real hooks that keep me humming to the tunes, and looking forward to the next song. The band supposedly named themselves after one of the band members pet dogs. One of the songs on this appeared on the bands first ep... "dead meat" is such an awesome metal song.... its a real classic. I love the version on both records. Enjoy...
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

DISCLAIM-fuck money 7" (1989)

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2.dirty army
3.fighting man
4.dear my women
5.fuck money
6.tom and jerry a game
8.combat spirits

I'm pretty sure I got my copy of this Japanese hardcore slab from Pushead. This was back When he was actively doing his label, and had contacted Devoid Of Faith to do a record. We'd spend time on the phone talking about records and hardcore. He was surprised that I didn't have this one, and said he had numerous copies.
I'd randomly get packages from the dude with cool records, posters, stickers, etc. It was always a great surprise. My buddy Jim who was the singer bassist of DOF, got a DOF/pushead sweater with the DOF pushead art from the guy. This thing was Limited to only 4 made. So amazing...
This is a solid release that came out on Temple Of Love(Fear Of God, Hellbastard, etc). The label was an innovator, and for me right up there with the likes of Slap A Ham, and Off The Disk for putting out extreme, underground hardcore. Enjoy.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The BANG GANG-she ran...but we ran faster 7" (1983)

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2.stupid people
3.4x the fun
4.Charlie lives in our hearts

These guys were a obscure hardcore punk band from San Antonio Texas. I first heard them in the late 80's on the compilation LP "cottage cheese from the lips of death". From what I know they only appeared on that comp, and this 7" ep. I think people from outside the area were pretty offended by the bands record cover, record title, and song titles/lyrics. From what I've heard people from the area, and people that knew them knew that this record was a total joke, and they were just trying to have fun(yeah I know, at womens expense), and trying to offend people. It's no wonder people could give two shits about this record... their loss, because this record is a heafty punk rock ripper.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

V/A HEAVY METAL HEROES compilation LP (1980)

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1.TWISTED ACE-I won't surrender
2.GRIM REAPER-the reaper
4.SOLDIER-storm of steel
5.BITCHES SIN-strangers on the shore
6.METAL MIRROR-hardlife
7.the HANDSOME BEASTS-local heroes
8.BUFFALO-cold as night
9.EXPOZER-rock Japan
10.SPLIT BEAVER-runnin' wild
11.DRAGSTER-do it

I haven't updated the site in a while, because I've had some family shit that recently turned out tragically, and has just sort of made everything in my life that much harder to deal with.
This compilation LP is a very hard to find classic for sure. It was released on Heavy Metal Records(the Handsome Beasts, Witchfinder General, etc). Some of the bands went on to release ep's, LPs and so on... others just disappeared off into obscurity. This is a serious New Wave Of British Heavy Metal necessity, that has had me playing air guitar, and drums to it for years now. I've been blasting it in my man cave a lot recently. Great shit! The cover art is ridiculously amazing, and makes the record even that much better. My favorite tunes are by Metal Mirror, and Buffalo. The Metal Mirror song sounds so much like Motorhead, while the Split Beaver tune sounds a lot like a old AC/DC song. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.
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Monday, October 19, 2009

TOXIC HOLOCAUST-reaper's grave 5"

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1.reaper's grave
2.death brings death

I met Joel grind, the man behind Toxic Holocaust through Yosuke of Nuclear War Now Records. Yosuke had released the "evil never dies" LP, and knew that I'd be interested in releasing a 7" from the one man band. I was totally into the idea and started talking to Joel about releasing the death master 7" on my label Gloom. I can recall talking to him, and being pretty shocked that he was only 21, as he'd pretty much been able to nail the metal sound of the 80's better than some oldies had been trying to do again. The stuff seriously sounded genuine and real.
I think Joel was really happy with how the death master 7" turned out, and the fact that my distribution was able to have it reach people he'd never reached before(mainly hardcore/punk kids)made him happy.
We later decided to release a 5" ep... A strange format that we were both super excited in putting out. Joel wrote the songs specifically for this ep, as they couldn't be over 2 minutes a side. Both songs he wrote were short, but you'd never really know it.
My favorite story from him was the night he'd gotten home from recording the vocals for the ep. He told me he was staying with his folks, and didn't wanna freak them out to much by recording them in their condo or whatever, so he drove out to an Applebees parking lot, and recorded the vocals there, in his car. The recording, and songs sorta are a throwback to the T.H. demo roots... raw and primitive. The 5" sold out immediately, as there were only 500 copies pressed.
I really loved working with Joel Grind... a great dude indeed. I was sorta bummed to get a cease and desist order from the people over at Relapse after he signed to the label. I'm happy that he's doing well, and getting to do what he loves to do in a larger scale.
I saw him twice last year, once opening for Gwar, the other time opening for Napalm Death

Thursday, October 15, 2009

IMPULSE MANSLAUGHTER burn one naked, and nuke it 7"(1986)

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1.sack o shit

I was turned on to this band by my neighbor/friend Eric Meade when I lived in San Francisco, back in the mid 1980's. Eric turned me on to so much in the way of obscure music back then. He was one of the most open minded people I'd ever met.
I think I heard the LP first, and then later mail ordered this ep from the band directly(thanks MRR). These guys played some Some pretty Brutal crossover, that I could relate to in every way. It was a great merging of metal and punk. Listening back its so ahead of its time. This records been with me a long time now. The band was always pretty obscure, and really under-rated hailing from Chicago. The vocals are pretty harsh sounding considering the time period. Back in the 80's it was sort of a no brainer that a 7" was worth picking up if it had 8 or more songs on it. Still hard to believe that I used to order 7"s for $2.50ppd. Where have all the good times gone?

MORTAL SIN voyage of the disturbed 12" ep(1989)

Image Hosted by of the disturbed of the disturbed(live)
3.for richer for poorer(live)
4.terminal reward(live)

This is not as awesome as the debut from these Australian thrashers. This stuff is highly influenced by "master of puppets" and the fame and attention that Metallica was receiving at the time. Sort of disappointing back then... but I can really appreciate it more today. The riffing is really catchy and killer.
There are only 4 songs on this 12", and "voyage" is the only studio song, while the other 3 songs are supposedly live. All the songs later appeared on the "face of despair" LP. Any thrasher should definitely listen to "mayhemic destruction" first. You can find it in the archives of this blog.
I grabbed this one at Music Shack in Albany. It was somehow filed in the Rap/singles section. Yeah I know.. what was I doing in that section? Back then I was getting into P.E., NWA, Too Short,, the Ghetto Boys, etc. Finding this one probably snapped some sense into me that day, and got me out of the rap section.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

HELLBASTARD-they brought death 7"(1988)

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3.they brought death

This post is inspired by me NOT being able to catch Hellbastard on tour a few weeks ago. I instead happily opted to check out the Rorschach reunion show the very same night. Both bands later played together in a tiny little space in Brooklyn, but it was so crowded almost no one I know was able to get in. Fuck it.. I'll wait another 20 years.
At any rate Hellbastard were an English crust core band who sounded like the Amebix, and Venom. The perfect blend of metal and crust punk...Great stuff that in 1989 had me enlightened and exciting to hear. I think I first heard this ep at my friend Damon Douglass's house. Damon put on shows in Schenectady NY, and was part of a small clique of political punks I used to chill with at shows. Dude moved out to the punk rock mecca in 1991 and now lives in Oregon now. Cheers my friend!
The record was hard to find the minute it came out. It took me 15 years to actually own my own copy.
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Friday, October 9, 2009

SEPSISM severe carnal butchery demo(1994)

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1.Sadistically Mangled And Devoured
2.Sodomizing The Exhumed
3.Vulgar Strangulation
4.Removal Of Putrid Entrails
5.Blistering Burnt Mutilage

Sorry to the die hard punks that follow this blog... But I'm on a heavy death, grind kick lately. I'll post some hardcore punk soon.
In the early 1990's I did a 'zine called "Gloom". It later spawned my record label, Gloom Records.. My buddy/band mate Jim MacNaughton and I would at times do split zines... he did Dressed To Oppress, which was a really good read, and always got chuckles out of me. It was more a punk/hardcore zine, while Gloom was more a metal zine. At any rate doing the zine some how got me on a list where I was getting regular stuff for reviews from Metal bands/labels. It was actually over whelming, and had me receiving far to much crap. The zine had gotten good reviews in metal maniacs, and I became flooded with mail, and had to print up hundreds of copies of the crap 'zine. At any rate Sepsism were one of the bands that regularly sent me their tapes. I think this is the second one I got from them. They did a total of three demos before releasing a "legit" release. I loved the band straight away because of their gruff low vocals that made you just want to mimic what the dude was howling. This stuff is very tight, and low end sounding. Jim would make fun of this style calling it "cookie monster vox". This one is for fans of early 90's death metal. Enjoy..

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PARADISE LOST lost paradise LP (1989)

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2.deadly inner sense
3.paradise lost
4.our savior
5.rotting misery
6.frozen illusion
7.breeding fear
8.lost paradise

I bought this gem at the Music Shack in Albany in 1990. My friend Roger Van Dusen who was a die hard, elitist type political punk guy who pretty much hated metal was eying this one because of the cool looking sci fi cover art work... and because the LP was on Peaceville(which started off as a crust punk label). Somehow Roger convinced me to buy it. Dude lived next store to me on State street so he came over and listened to to the slab. I think it was the first metal album he'd ever heard that he actually could admit to liking. The next time I saw Rog he had laid out the cash for this "import", and was admitting to becoming fond of certain types of metal.
This was another record/band that was highly influential to me and the music I was playing in the early days of Mx, and even DOF to an extent.
Paradise Lost put out a few records after this one that I dug, but after a while they sort of went the Metallica route of sucking ass. What was great about these guys was that they never really blasted, or played brutally fast... they just chugged along nice and slow in a doomy sorta way, that made it easy to nod your head to.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

NAPALM DEATH the peel sessions (1989)

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1.the kill
2.prison without walls
3.dead part 1
5.lucid fairytale extremis
7.blind to the truth
8.negative approach
9.common enemy
10.obstinate direction suffer pt 2
13.multi-national corporations
14.instinct of survival
17.moral crusade
18.worlds apart
20.divine death
23.walls/raging in hell
24.conform or die/sob

Okay, I'm finally getting settled in my new castle, and have started to unpack stuff... this one popped up in a box, and got me thinking.
These were originally recorded in two different sessions in 1987 and 1988 with the almighty Lee Dorrian on vox. Everyone knows he was part of ND's best line up. I don't think I had heard these sessions until maybe 1990. My friend Devon Cahill who later went on to form Monster X with me, and then later played in Dropdead used to work at the Ben and Jerry's on Lark Street in Albany NY. You could be hanging out around Albany back then, walk into Ben and Jerrys and hear this master piece blasting loud over the stereo system. It was hilarious to see Dev behind the counter with a tie dye shirt on blasting this shit, smiling, and scooping ice cream. I can remember this one, and Some Bolt Thrower as well. Not sure how the regular customers stomached the tunes, but it was on heavy rotation for sure.
At any rate I've had this tape for almost 2 decades, it sounds great blasting loudly! This band def influenced stuff that Monster X did.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

M.C.T. s/t 7" (1987)

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1.Like Me
2.But They Did
3.Free To Kill
4.Save The Whales
5.Drugs and Pornography
6.Birds of Prey
7.Parallel 45
8.Out of Touch
9.Some People
10.Sho bud
11.Brians Got The Stomach Flu

Just finished up with a move and getting into a new house, so I've been busy with that, and haven't posted much here these days. Pulled this one out of my move in box, and decided to post it. MCT were a Wisconsin hardcore punk band from the 1980's. I'd read a review for this 7" in MR&R in 1988 and wrote to the band to pick it up. I'd ended up getting a letter back from two brothers in the band, thanking me for ordering it, and telling me of plans to record a second ep. Another year or two later I received the second ep in the mail without even purchasing it.
These guys are pretty obscure, and quirky. In my opinion You can't really go wrong with any 1980's Eleven song ep. The best songs are "parallel 45", "birds of prey" and "drugs and Pornography"... killer guitar riff in the chorus.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

DEVOID OF FAITH purpose lost 10" (1997)

Image Hosted by gene away
3.dumbed down
4.shut up and disappear
5.tear it up
7.mourn maturity
9.little hands

Devoid Of Faith started out of the ashes of Affirmative Action, and Intent in 1992 in Albany NY. Jim MacNaughton, Kevin O'Sullivan and myself had known each other for some years from playing hardcore shows together. Jim moved to Albany from New Paltz NY(A.A. were from there), and one day at a comic book shop I worked at he asked me what I was planning on doing musically(because Intent had just broken up). We decided to Jam with Kevin because he was the best drummer in the area, and also a dear friend. We recorded a demo as a three piece on a 4 track, and later added Mark Telfian who lasted a few shows and a 7"(that he was out of tune on). We then added Jason D who was a band mate of mine in Monster X. We recorded a slew of records and played a bunch of shows to virtually no one.
One day Jim came to practice all giddy with a letter from Pushead, who gushed over DOF, and expressed interest in doing a record with us on his label. We were all fans of his old label, his old band, and the mans art. We were beyond stoked, so we of course said yes. The record took years to get out. He sent us some money, we recorded and mixed it, and he later released it to his fanclub with a very limited amount being pressed. The record caused much tension, and strained our relationship with him. It Sucks that that happened.
This was the last record Kevin played on with us, before he moved to California. Listening back to it, I sort of get bummed on the low mix we gave the vox. The guitars are perfect, I just wish the vocals were louder, Jim and his vocals made the band.
This mix/mastered version was done by Steve Heritage at morris sound.
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Jim Macdaddy

Saturday, September 12, 2009

INTRUDER a higher form of killing LP(1989)

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1.time of trouble
2.the martyr
3.genetic genocide
4.second chance
5.stepping stone
6.killing winds
7.the sentence is death
8.agents of the dark
10.Mr. death

Intruder were from the Southern United States(Nashville Tenn), and put out a few good records(and some clunkers as well). This is their second one, and by far my favorite. Although its not the most original thrash/speed metal record in the world, it sure is tight and easy to listen to because its just fucking awesome. The production is awesome, the lyrics are awesome, the guitars are awesome. You can hear the likes of Violence, Testament, Legacy, Exodus, Death Angel, even some Slayer riffs. I think the guitar solo's are what captured my attention with this Record. I wish I'd gotten to see this bros back in the day. They really did have the Bay Area vibe going for them in their sound.
My friends and I used to giggle and joke about how we'd imagine them talking to the crowd with a southern "twang" in between songs. Yeah, we were dumb, stoned and bored. I do think the version of "Stepping stone" that they do on here is ridiculously hilarious.
The record is a concept album based on the concept of Professor Fritz Huber's statement that "In no future war will the military be able to ignore the use of poisonous gas, It is A higher form of killing". This statement was made upon him receiving the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1919. Dude was a Pioneer in Gas warfare. Anyway, Listening to this record,and the song Martyr got me thinking of 911 tonight. It was pretty hard to avoid with all that hoopla in the city today. The Albums concept has much to do with terrorism.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

MOTORHEAD last night...NYC

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They were as Fucking awesome as always! There really is no crowd like a Motorhead crowd... the scum of the scum for sure. The only crowd that comes close is Slayer maybe. Good to see some friends that I don't see enough as well.
Lemmy is god!

Image Hosted by
Lemmy & Motorhead 9/9/9 Roseland

Monday, September 7, 2009

V/A- LETHAL NOISE #2 Tape compilation(1987)

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side A
1.FORETHOUGHT-going on out there
2.RABID LASSIE-contragate
3.RABID LASSIE-rabid lassie
4.STIKKY-republican children
5.STIKKY-on top of the world
6.BASIC RADIO-there is a place
7.BASIC RADIO-lone helmet
8.SKIN YARD-single file
9.SKIN YARD-out of the attic
10.TOUCH ME HOOKER-it's so easy
12.NEW VULGARIANS-rock and ice
side B
13.SEWER TROUT-sewer trout for president
16.SWEET BABY JESUS-baby baby baby baby I love you
17.SWEET BABY JESUS-at the movies
18.LOOKOUTS-recycled love
19.KOEL FAMILY-florence
20.KOEL FAMILY-stab stab stab
21.SHORT DOGS GROW-whirlwind
23.CORRUPTED MORALS-quality control
24.NOFX-bob turkey
25.MOTO STILL BIRTH- moto still birth
26.MOTO STILL BIRTH-video babies
27.FAKE STONE AGE-big fat space fever
28.ISOCRACY-fuck this

This was compiled and put together mostly by David Hayes of Very Small Records at the MR&R house back in 1987, prior to when he started releasing records. Most of the stuff is taken from the bands demo's, live sets, etc. My Friends/neighbors Eric and Janis asked me if my band the Romper Room Rejects wanted to appear on a compilation tape. I of course said yes... the band recorded one track that I wrote called "challenger". I was stoked to later on get a copy of the hand made tape, and see that my favs Corrupted Morals and Rabid Lassie were also on the tape. I couldn't have asked for much else back then. The tape comp was enough to kick us in the ass enough to motivate us to record a demo at Gilman street later that year. Not much became of that, we just gave it to some friends, and sold a few copies through the mail and at shows. I upped that demo a few years ago... for some reson it doesn't come up in the search function. Here is the url. (
All the bands on this tape were bands that you would see around town playing in either S.F. or Berkley during 1986-1988. The stand outs for me on here are Rabid Lassie, Corrupted Morals, Basic Radio(who were pre Operation Ivy), Touch Me Hooker, NoFX, Soup, and Stikky.
Skin Yard sound like David Lee Roth era V.H. I hated it then, but sorta dig it now.
This tape is 22 years old now, and sounds pretty great. There is a dropout in the first song by Forethought, but otherwise the tape is pretty right on. Listening back to this makes me realize once again how lucky I was to be in the Bay Area, and involved in the "scene" during this time period.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

ABC DIABOLO s/t 7"(1992)

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2.superlative people
3.their choice for you

Still packing up for a move, and going through records, CD's, tapes, flyers and photo's.
I first heard Abc Diabolo on a road trip with my buddy Mark Telfian. All Mark talked about 24-7 back then was hardcore. Mark was so into hardcore punk for decades.. It really consumed him. He had an old shitty white astro van that he would drive Devoid Of Faith around to our shows in the early 90's(before we had our own vehicle). He also drove us to our first ever recording studio(Bill T miller in Boston). Because his van was so shitty, and didn't have a stereo, Mark had a boom box in between the driver and passenger seats. The only things he would play on this cassette player were Infest, Dropdead, Fear Of God, Scapegrace, Man Is The Bastard, Abc Diabolo, and Life's Blood. Everything on this boom box sounded like crap, Mark seemed to like it that way. It was annoying because he wouldn't let anyone else touch his "sound system". It got really bad when the batteries started dying, and he would continue to listen like nothing was wrong. "What are you talking about buddy, it sounds sooooo brutal". This shit got so bad that I think I tossed a tape out the window while we were driving once. Mark went on to own at least 3-4 more shit vans and would drive friends like Devon and myself to gigs, seemed like every van had the same story.
A decade later Mark myself a friend Eric and Dan Barker went on to start a band called Death Squad. Little did Barker and Eric know but Mark and I were simply ripping riffs off from Abc Diabolo, recycling them and trying hard to sound like Abc(mixed with some Megadeath of course).
Abc Diabolo were from Germany and put out this 7" on the legendary Off The Disk Record Label. They later went on to record a brutal and classic LP that I still listen to regularly to today. Metal heads and punks alike should dig this shit. The vocals are so over the top, you can tell they were recorded, and pushed into the red. The guitar riffs are classic and just really catchy. This is another record that I own more than one copy of.
If you don't like these guys, you suck at listening to hardcore.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

PORN ORCHARD keep that pretty smile demo tape(1987)

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01.sunday sounds good
02.devil door
03.don't change the sheets
04.desperate formula

Yup, Porn Orchard started off as a punk band that recorded a shit load of demo tapes and toured the states pretty much non stop in the 1980's. These guys were from Athens Georgia, and it seemed you could come across their demo reviews, and ads in all the punk zines of the time. I think I first recall reading about them in Suburban Voice.
I got this demo from friend/and band mate Jim Mac from Devoid Of Faith. Jim was the bassist/vocalist of DOF. He was also the driver/owner of the van that DOF toured around in, so Jim also controlled the music. He would force us to listen to way to much Mojo Nixon, Poison Idea, Johnny Cash, GG Allin, Discharge, and yup I can recall this Porn Orchard tape being on endless rotation as well.
The demo is the 3rd from the band who started in around 1985. It was recorded on a 4 track in the bands house. Enjoy!

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RAT PACK s/t 7"(1985)

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01.fooled again
02.lost in death
03.after midnight
04.hometown hero
06.protect the rich

Good Morning friends! I'm still packing up for a move to the burbs, and have been pulling out and listening to old records and CDs as they also need to be packed away.
At any rate this is a killer six song ep that came out on Mystic Records. Most people think of garbage when they think of Mystic...not this one!
Rat Pack was graffiti I had first noticed in around 1985. It was scrawled on the steps behind the Stone & Broadway in San Francisco. We would go back there to drink and get loaded before every show. Metalheads and punks alike would hang back there. Many good memories of getting chased outta that area by the fascist S.F. cops.
I Finally heard Rat Pack in around 1987 over at Barry from RKL's place. My buddy Zoran and I would hang over there smoking hash & listening to Zappa. After leaving Barry's house I immediately tracked down the 7" ep at one of the zillions of record stores in the bay area.
My favorite tune on here is the instrumental, metal tinged "After midnight"(sounds like a Anvil out take)... followed then by the very RKLish sounding "hometown hero". Enjoy.
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

MASTER -unreleased 1985 album

1. Master
2. Unknown Soldier (Second Take)
3. Mangled Dehumanization
4. Funeral Bitch
5. Terrorizer
6. Pledge of Allegiance
7. Re-Entry and Destruction
8. Constant Quarrel
9. Judgment of Will
10. Submerged in Sin
11. Cut Through the Filth

I'm sure Metal fans everywhere can recall trading tapes that had at least one song by these dudes on it. If you were lucky you somehow got the entire session. The rumors were flying back then about Master having recorded a full length LP for Combat Records, and ripping up the contract due to some fucked up issues both band and label had with one another. The recordings never came out legitimately, but ultimately were leaked and traded by metal heads around the globe. The recordings went on to influence the likes of Napalm Death, S.O.B., Terrorizer, etc. There really wasn't much else out that sounded this real back then. These recordings put Venom to shame. Master were Another band who were part of the 1st wave of original death metal. Dudes were from Chicago, but leader, vocalist, bassist Paul Speckmann moved over sea's enlisting dudes to help carry on the Master name. A high school buddy of mine, Mark Szwarcberg sent me a tape with some master songs on it after he'd gone down to florida in around 1986-'87. He had zero info on them and thought they were from England. The 5th generation tape didn't even have any song titles, it was just labeled MASTER. My favorite tune on here is "funeral bitch", followed by maybe "pledge of allegiance". These are the original recordings, cleaned up with no hiss or noise.

Image Hosted by
Speckmann now!

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Friday, August 28, 2009

V/A DEADLY SINS Compilation(1993)

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01.TERROR FACTOR-mortal agony
02.MAGGOTY CORPSE-holy inquisition
03.ERODED-sick yearning
06.VOIDD-the day after

Don't let the florescent colored Gaither art freak you out. Despite how ridiculous this compilation looks, its pretty crushing.
This was another gift from my Canadian buddy Simon Harvey, who back in the early 1990's was into turning his friends on to new and obscure music(I'm sure this is still the case with the dude, though I sorta lost touch through the years). He was a Japanese hardcore fiend, before many other trend jumpers of later. Simon ran a label called Dysgusher Records with this girl named Naomi(whom I also lost track of over the years). They both rapidly became pals of the Albany Hardcore scene, and would make frequent visits to our town from Toronto, supporting Albany bands, and checking out shows we put on(Dropdead, Disrupt, Hail Of Rage, Deformed Conscience, etc). Both bands I was playing in back then(Monster X and Devoid Of Faith)put early records out with Dysgusher, and we sorta owe them for taking interest in us when no one else really cared.
At any rate, I've been packing up my shit, getting ready to move again, and came across this one, and realized it was a perfect comp to put on the blog. It is an all Japanese death metal/grind compilation. Some obscure and sick shit for sure. Listening to it made me recall the friendship Albany had with Canada. My favs on here are Eroded, and Voidd.
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

SARACEN no more lonely nights(1981)

Image Hosted by more lonely nights
02.rock of ages

Saracen were a Nwobhm band that I first heard in around 1982. I bought the single at a strawberry's Records and Tapes, and for the life of me can't fathom how I was so into this back then, especially after listening back to the A side song "no more lonely nights" recently. Seriously cheesy shit. The band formed in the mid-late 70's and you can tell when listening to this tune, It's like a heavier Foreigner. The B side song "rock Of Ages" is a total catchy rager though that has me some what understanding how I was able to buy these dudes records back then. Reminds me of typical Neat records stuff, with a riff so good Maiden should have ripped it. Do yourself a favor and listen to "rock of ages" before the other download. The main riff is awesome. I liked the bands LP that came out after this(their debut record), but After that the band totally shit the bed. Beware, if you hate keyboards, and don't dig corniness, you shouldn't even bother with this. Not so metal, def not punk.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

NAUSEA psychological conflict 7" (1991)

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01.cold system

This Nausea is not to be confused with the NYC political punk band(although I was introduced to the punk one first). This Nausea will most definitely be loved by fans of Terrorizer, because the bands shared members, and had the same brutal crusty-grind sound that went on to influence others world wide. Oscar Garcia played guitar and sang for both Terrorizer and Nausea, It is a factor in the shared sound for sure. Supposedly Terrorizer used some songs by Nausea for the "world downfall" LP, as both bands were around during the same time period and shared members. Both Bands formed in around 1987. Terrorizer broke up in 1988, while Nausea plugged along for a few more years.
The first I'd heard of them was in around 1989 or so, and it was only because of their hard to find split LP with Terrorizer that I discovered these gods. This rarity came out on Baphomet Records in 1991.

Friday, August 21, 2009

V/A THRASHING Mixed Metal CD Compilation

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1.Wilezy Pajak-thrashers(Poland 1987)
2.Mondocane-violence abuse(Italy 1990)
3.Alazit-fuckups(Canada 1987)
4.Devastation-queen of death(Bosnia 1989)
5.Necromancy-submit to torture(USA, 1986)
6.Battalion-poisoned blood(Denmark, 1986)
7.Skyturk-the blank(Turkey 1998)
8.Aggression A.D.-green goblin(Canada, 1986)
9.Thrasher Death-koiety umieraja(Poland, 1988)
10.Nuctemeron-silent sorrow(Singapore, 1988)
11.Legion Of Death-terminal paranoia(USA 1986)
12.Chakal-children sacrifice(Brazil, 1987)
13.Torr-armageddon(Czech, 1993)
14.Flames-the hut(Greece, 1985)
15.Sindrome-cathedral of ice(USA 1987)
16.Outrage-horror night(Canada, 1986)
17.Second Hell-prophets of hell(Holland 1986)
18.Black Task-sex and destruction(USA, 1984)
19.Lethal Presence-find the witch(Canada, 1987)
20.Necromancer-rapid fire(Finland, 1988)
21.Gehennah-decibel rebel(Sweden, 1997)
22.Morbid Scream-morbid scream(USA, 1989)
23.Num Skull-dead(USA, 1988)
24.Bulldozer-fallen angel(Italy, 1985)
25.Infernal Majesty-anthology of death(1987)

More Again from a "tape trade"
I've been a member of a elitist type messageboard. It's been a great way for me to stay in touch with current music, and has even helped me discover some music from the past. At any rate the board is almost impossible to get an invite to, as the administrator/monitor dude sorta has been impossible to get in touch with for a while now. It is a funny place to read cynical assholes opinions about everything from music to porn.
Every once in a while someone on the board will announce a "mixed tape trade". People who want to be involved will let the person setting this up know that they are interested, and then the person setting this up will choose who everyone sends their trade to. The guy who sent me my mixed CD's name was also Nate. Nate took good fucking care of me sending me a home made boxset of sorts, featuring Three metal CD's, "Power", "death", and "thrashing". The Cds are mostly filled with really obscure bands from ALL over the globe, some of which I'm familiar with, and others that I've never heard. Most the stuff is from the 1980's. This is the ultimate mix, and I've been driving around listening to it at work for a weeks straight now. Seriously some great Thrash metal. Many Thanks to the other Nate, I owe you. Please Comment if you download.
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

CUT THE SHIT harmed and dangerous LP (2002)

1. You're the Problem
2. I Went Away to Art College, and All I Got Was This Fucking Complex
3. Cut the Bullshit
4. Take Away My Pain
5. From Bad To Worse
6. Pushed Too Far
7. Harmed and Dangerous
8. No Control
9. Boston Cops
10. No Way Out
11. Scumlord
12. No Integrity
13. Love is a Lie
14. Apart
15. Your Night to an End
16. Dead World
17. Wwiii
18. I Can't Cope

This is another record that I put out on Gloom that came out not all to long ago. Cut The Shit were from Boston, and featured Paul from Tear It Up on guitar. Dude was genius when it came to writing catchy fast hc tunes. He was also the guy behind the bands artwork(yup, artfag). I guess Paul had met the other members of CTS when he'd moved from NJ to attend college in Boston. Andrew, the vocalist was in a band called Bones Brigade as well. Once CTS started doing more, Andrew had decided to leave Bones Brigade.
I'd known Paul from shows, and sharing past bills with Tear It Up(and Das Oath). I was in aw when Paul sent me the bands short demo tape. I contacted them and asked them to do a 7". After that the "bored to death" ep came out, and sold out all 1,500 copies almost immediately. Paul asked if I'd be into doing the bands full length. I was into it, and of course said yes. That is how the "harmed and dangerous" LP was born.
I think the first time I saw these guys might have been in Scott J's basement on Dana or Mrytle in Albany? I recall showing up with my roomate and pal Mark McCoy, and there being almost no one there. When we walked into the low ceiling basement There were maybe 12 kids there tops. The floor was an all dirt floor, not concrete, but dirt. When the band started playing dust was buzzing around our heads from the dust bowl these guys created. I recall that by the end of the set Andrew was rolling around in this filth, then picked up a handful of the dirt, and stuck it all in his mouth. That ended the set. Enjoy.
Image Hosted by
CTS Live in Latham NY

Cut The Bullshit...
Exchange a smile,
but that's where it ends.
you judge a character by how they choose their friends.
so i say fuck you to you and your crew!
i'm glad i've got nothing to do with you.
try to play it cool, but we don't give a fuck.
it's all a fucking facade, and we've had enough!
divided we fall over the clothes i wear.
go fuck yourselves, cause i don't care!
it's all who you know, it's all politics.
i'm through with your games, i'm through with your shit!
try to play it cool, but we don't give a fuck.
it's all a fucking facade, and we've had enough!

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Friday, August 7, 2009

B.P. draft beer...not me LP (1986)

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01.theres gonna be a war
02.better off dead
03.dead people can't drive well spent
05.shit faced lunch friends
08.forget the world suck/brain damage
10.Governmental screw over
12.suburban life
13.we're the cops girlfriend is in a porno
15.theres no food
16.theme of the belching penguin
17.our children are missing
18.hang over

BP stood for Belching Penguins. Not the best name in the world, but worth a scoff and chuckle when you'd heard it slide off the tongue. Ridiculous and silly names were sorta the thing back then. These dudes were from Florida, and were as equally involved in building the scene there as their buddies No Fraud, and Pagan Faith. No fraud were prolly bigger, and definitely a bit more popular outside of Florida, but BP had a huge following as well locally. Both bands put their records out on No Clubs! Records.
This is one of those records that when it came out, and you were in the record shop looking at the cover(one of the coolest punk covers ever)... You flipped it over and saw that there were 18 songs, and you knew right then that you needed to buy this thrasher. The songs were fast and sloppy with yup silly and ridiculous song titles and lyrics.
I remember hearing the first song, with the drums, and the ride cymbal it just made me want to smash shit up. I wish I'd gotten to see these bros, it must have been a trip.

RATOS DE PARAO cada dia mais sujo w agressivo LP(1987)

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1.Tatoo Maniac
2.Plano Furado
4.Crise Geral
5.Morte e Desespero
6.Pensamento de Trincheira
7.Peste Sexual
8.Sentir Ódio e Nada Mais
9.Assalto na Esquina
10.Não Há Outras Vidas

Its been a while, my apologies to those who check the site regularly. This Is one of the earliest bands from Brazil that I remember hearing. For me this predates Sepultura by years. This album is a perfect crossover record.
The first thing I remember hearing by these guys was the split with Sub, shit was so punk...
Back in the day I would scour 'zines like Maximum Rock n Roll, Suburban Voice, Flipside, etc for any new bands that I'd never heard of before. The more underground, the better. I would read, and then write to the international punks in the classified sections hoping to tape trade, and hear something new from a country I knew very little about. It was exciting, and the process took time. Remember this was all snail mail, there was no internet.
Roberto was a Brazilian punk metal crossover freak whom I'd written to, and became pen pals/tape trading buddies with in around 1987. Dude would send me everything Brazilian. In return I'd tape him American stuff that I thought he would have a hard time finding. We did this for about 2 years. At any rate I'd sent Roberto a pretty big and expensive package. After months of not hearing anything from my friend,I wrote him asking if he'd gotten my stuff. Still no reply. Months had turned into almost a year. I kept writing, hoping I'd not been screwed like so many times before, and I was desperately in need of a new dose of foreign hardcore.
Months later I received a package. It was bigger then normal, it was LP sized, not like our regular tape sized packages. I eagerly opened the package to find this Ratos LP. There was a note in the package, so I of course proceeded to read it. It wasn't from Roberto, but instead his brother was writing me to tell me that Roberto had been killed on the streets of Sau Palo for "being different". This was shocking as hell to me. All I could do was write his brother back, give him my condolences, and thank him for thinking of me. As I listen to this I'm drinking Vodka and thinking of those times, and that friendship.

Friday, July 24, 2009

PSYCHO zany adventures demo(1986)

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02.military mind way one rules
05.meat market

I saw Psycho in Albany in 1989 with Sheer Terror and Stigmata. Pretty sure that when I saw Psycho these guys they had lost the singer, and were a three piece perhaps? I recall the drummer by this time was wearing a head phone set with a microphone that allowed him to sing and play drums at the same time. It was a weird thing to see a hardcore band do. I was sorta turned off at first when I saw them setting up, but once they started playing their wacky brand of fierce thrashcore I knew they were awesome. I bought their record at the show due to their speed and tightness. I recall the Troy kids who came to the show sorta standing there and not knowing how to react to Psycho.
After the show my friends who put on the show went to pay the bands, and were short the guarantee that Sheer Terror were promised. S.T. got pissed and started saying stuff like "Why don't we ask your mommy for the money". They got pretty demanding, and if I recall correctly drove my buddies to an ATM so that they could be payed what they were promised. The entire episode was pretty hilarious.
The second song on this tape sounds like a different band(different vox, and poppy sorta). The other songs are killer thrash songs that sorta remind me of Poison Idea vocally.
I left off the live side of this tape.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DRAGON fallen angel LP(1990)

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01.fallen angel
02.i spit in your face
03.tears of satan
05.simon peter
06.destructor/sewer of graves
07.into the dark

This is some top notch,tech savvy and intricate thrash metal that some what borders on death metal. The band were from Poland and should make my friends, "the Krak brothers"(Jason and Jared Krak) quite proud of their Polish heritage. This is the bands second release, and you can tell the music is a bit different from the first record as the band had a line up change, loosing both the singer and bass player. I actually prefer this record to the first, and absolutely love the song "i spit in your face", its seriously so brutal, and makes me want to spit in peoples faces.
I originally got my copy of this record from a friend I grew up with and played music with in Latham NY. Mark S. played bass in Horrid Blessing, and was someone whom I'd discovered, and enjoyed lots of underground metal with in the early to mid 1980's. Mark went on to join the marines, and before he was deployed to the first Gulf war he gave me some of his metal records.
A fond memory I have of Mark is him asking me to go to his recruiters with him before being deployed because he was "nervous". Of course it was sort of a ploy to try an get me to join up with him. I went with my buddy not having any idea he was trying to get me involved. When we got there The recruiter asked me what I did for a living.... I told him I was a plumber. His response was "Nathan, we have plumbing in the marines, I can make you a journeymen in 3 years". My response was simple, "what, digging shit holes to use for toilets in the sand?" The conversation was over.
There is also a Polish version of this record.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

STOSSTRUPP Kein schöner Land 7"(1983)

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01.neue welt
03.kein schoner namen des volkes

What's pretty incredible to me, and many a hardcore punk record collectors is what had happened to, and why the Rock O Rama Record label went from releasing amazing punk records in the early 1980's, to then releasing white power stuff such as Skrewdriver, Brutal Attack, etc? Its mind boggling really. The early stuff on the label was this sorta obscure scandi-German noisy punk rock that even to this day is influencing newer and younger punk bands from around the globe. Stosstrup were one of those raw noisy punk bands. Other early releases include Skeptix, Ohl, Bastards, Razors, Appendix, Tarveet Kadet, Riistetyt, etc.
When I moved to the city, and gas prices started going through the roof, I made the decision to trade an old classic muscle car for some old and classic punk records. I made a weird record trade with My friend Dan, who back in the late 80's-90s was known in Albany as "Gerber Skin"(because of his baby like appearance). As a collector I'd traded records many a times, but Dan was interested in something else. Yup, a 1967 dodge dart GT that I had owned, and was just letting it sit to collect dust and mold. We made the trade, I ended up with this tasty slab of wax that came out out on the Rock O Rama Label. I ended up with a bunch of skinhead rock n roll records. Dan ended up with my car and a Slayer tape in the tape deck. He later painted the car and made a brother proud. It was a good trade for the both of us.
The cover art on this record always looked so brutal to me. I was so happy to finally have it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

WARFARE pure filth LP(1984)

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01.warning armageddon
03.noise, filth and fury
04.let the show go on
05.break out
06.collance/rabid metal of the dead
08.limit crescendo
09.rose pedals fall from her face

This post is inspired by my excitement of seeing Motorhead again in Sept. at Roseland in NYC.
Warfare are a crossover fans wet dream for sure. They were able to take the best parts of bands such as Tank, Motorhead, and Venom, throw them in a blender and out came a raw, catchy metal infused Discharged style punk band. It's seriously beautiful man. The song "total Armageddon" is a classic rager for sure, and always has me playing air drums for the entire 6 minutes of the song. I guess the band suffered from non popularity, or rather, obscurity due to the Drummer doing the lead vox. This really was a no no back then, and Seemed to really kill it for any metal band in the 80's who tried this task. The drummer/vocalist's name was Evo, and he was also in such punk bands as the Blood, Major Accident, and the Angelic Upstarts.
This is the bands first full length, and it was produced by Tank's Algy Ward. Most metal heads I knew growing up had a certain disdain for Warfare. I'm not really sure why, perhaps the rawness, and the Discharge styled drumming wasn't always metal enough for certain purists. What ever the case this shit is noisy, loud and raw. Turn It Up, and please Comment!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

STALAG 13 in control 12"(1984)

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1. Conditioned
2. No Excuse
3. Black Stix/Silver Badge
4. Sometime
5. Clean Up Your Act
6. Black and Grey
7. What Are You Looking For
8. The Choice is Yours
9. In Control

This post is inspired by a comment(and e mail conversations)I had with scab R.K.L. bassist "Ricky", who played with the band after Vince and before Joe. Ricky informed me that he also helped form and played with Stalag 13, but left right before they recorded the 12".
This got me thinking about the record, and pursued me to listen to it again after more then a decade.
I think Its easy to tell they were influenced by 7 Seconds, and Minor Threat. Its also easy to tell that Uniform Choice must have been pretty influenced by Stalag 13. You know, The vocals being sung in that high pitched screaming manner, with the catchy, melodic, fast music just brings it all together.
I own two copies of this nowadays, but I bought my original copy at the Record Vault on Polk street in S.F. This was a record that Andy from Attitude Adjustment pushed on me. It didn't take much to push, I was already into the cover art work. I had no idea who the Hernandez Bros. were back then, so this was my introduction to their cartoony comic book style of art. I went on to follow their careers in the comic book industry, and their book "Love and Rockets" pretty much turned me on to other underground, or more Adult themed comics.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

BASTARD no hope in here (199?)

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02.flash out
03.never change
04.wind of pain the stumped underdogs
06.dear cops
07.the way to survive
09.tragic insane
10.spend your life
11.defective chain
12.moment of death
13.cause of civilization
14.slick plot
15.lasting power

I have rarely posted CD's, but this is a beaut that I think everyone who likes extreme music should hear. It contains everything by bastard, and was self released by the band.
People that read this blog or know me personally can attest to my love for the band Bastard. They are my all time favorite Japanese hardcore band. When Jim and I started Devoid Of Faith, Bastard were a primary influence on Jims Vox. Later we decided to cover a bastard song to pay homage to the gods("Defective Chain").
The 90's were not the best time for brutal balls out hardcore, but there were some stand outs for sure... Bastard were it for me. When I listen to this discography, and drive the streets of NYC, it makes me want to drive assholes off the road. It makes my aggressive personality even that much more aggro.
Whats not to love about this band? They play with a speedful, tight fury, that at times as is hard as the Cro-mags. The vox are a gruff barking snarl that scares most norms away in seconds. Through all this, the band still has melody and catchiness. This is a band I wish I had been able to see live.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

BEDLAM-lost in space 12"(1986)

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01.lost in space
03.burn one
04.knife in my back
05.rotting from the inside out
07.generation landslide

My wife and I have recently been looking at perhaps moving from Brooklyn NY to the wonderful state of NJ. I figured I'd pay some respect to the godawful state of NJ on this wonderful 4th of July by posting some bad, yet obscure NJ hardcore.
Seriously though... I now know where West Orange is because we looked at houses there, and the address where this 12" was recorded was in an area I'd recently been while driving around.
I just got a copy of this record after selling all my Bedlam stuff in the early 1990's, due to some song they had about A.i.d.s. Yup, I was sort of a pc dickhead for sure. The song was stupid, and isn't on this record, so I have no idea what I was thinking. I guess I took my hardcore pretty seriously back then.
I first heard these guys in maybe 1986, when a neighbor/friend in San Fran named Eric Meade made me the best mix tape I think I've ever heard. The tape featured at least 4 songs each by the likes of Jerrys Kids, CIA, Reagan Youth, the Bad Brains, FU's, Sacred Denial(the good LP songs), 76% Uncertain, Void, Beastie Boys, SSD, and yup... Bedlam. I liked the band for their dirgy style, and the harsh production that you could tell was recorded and mixed by someone that had no idea what to do with the bands sound, so hey, lets add some reverb!
This record has everything you need, fast parts, slow mosh parts, and some weird psych stuff mixed in as well.
I hadn't seen this Friend Eric in almost 20 years, and was wondering about what ever happened to him. I went to Amoeba Records with my pal Matt Average, and Average starts asking me, "hey man, wasn't that guy in C2D"? I looked and was like...holy shit!!! I walked up and asked him if he used to live off of Fell street in S.F, and told him who I was. It was so weird, and very cool. Eric had really made a huge impact on me 20 years earlier, and I'd been wanting to tell him that.

Friday, July 3, 2009

V/A METAL CLOGS compilation LP (1982)

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

02.Impact-looking for trouble
03.Frankenstein-I sold my soul
04.Gilgamesj-heavy duty
05.Crossfire-real steel
06.Impact-drop dead
08.Gilgamesj-ticket to heaven
09.Frankenstein-lady luck
10.Crossfire-be crazy

Sticking with the spirit of Mixes, and compilations...this compilation was one of my first experiences with Dutch Heavy Metal. Three of the Four bands on this LP are from the Netherlands, the other(Crossfire)were from Belgium. The only band I went on to collect other records by were Crossfire. But thats only because I couldn't find stuff by the other bands. Crossfire records were easily found, I even have one uploaded some place here on this site(use the search function). This record has a very do it yourself look and feel, and had me falling in love with Gilgamesj as they sounded sort of like Dio era Rainbow. My favorite tracks on this comp are the Crossfire songs(especially "Motorcycles"), and Impact's "drop dead".
When a hardcore/punk band I was playing in toured, and recorded in Holland, I spent some time trying to track down the 7"s by Frankenstein, and Gilgamesj. I had no luck. Dutchies help a brother out with those. Please comment if you download.