Saturday, September 12, 2009

INTRUDER a higher form of killing LP(1989)

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1.time of trouble
2.the martyr
3.genetic genocide
4.second chance
5.stepping stone
6.killing winds
7.the sentence is death
8.agents of the dark
10.Mr. death

Intruder were from the Southern United States(Nashville Tenn), and put out a few good records(and some clunkers as well). This is their second one, and by far my favorite. Although its not the most original thrash/speed metal record in the world, it sure is tight and easy to listen to because its just fucking awesome. The production is awesome, the lyrics are awesome, the guitars are awesome. You can hear the likes of Violence, Testament, Legacy, Exodus, Death Angel, even some Slayer riffs. I think the guitar solo's are what captured my attention with this Record. I wish I'd gotten to see this bros back in the day. They really did have the Bay Area vibe going for them in their sound.
My friends and I used to giggle and joke about how we'd imagine them talking to the crowd with a southern "twang" in between songs. Yeah, we were dumb, stoned and bored. I do think the version of "Stepping stone" that they do on here is ridiculously hilarious.
The record is a concept album based on the concept of Professor Fritz Huber's statement that "In no future war will the military be able to ignore the use of poisonous gas, It is A higher form of killing". This statement was made upon him receiving the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1919. Dude was a Pioneer in Gas warfare. Anyway, Listening to this record,and the song Martyr got me thinking of 911 tonight. It was pretty hard to avoid with all that hoopla in the city today. The Albums concept has much to do with terrorism.


  1. This is seriously the best thrash album I've never heard. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Great story haha. Southerner's are the greatest. For some reason I was expecting Intruder to sound like Gammacide... dead wrong. These guys are fucking fantastic. Great post, thanks!

  3. FUCT YEAH!! Your on the money with this one Nate. Intruder are heroes to me for sure, having grown up here in Tennessee, and now actually living in Nashville. Arthur's guitar playing - I mean, words just can't do this guy justice - he's a bad ass to say the least. and Jimmy is one of the best SINGERS I've ever heard in a metal band.

    i'm interested to know which records you consider clunkers? I think everything they did is pretty amazing myself. but maybe i'm a little biased. i would think you'd dig their first record "Live to die", at that point they were more along the line of some German speed stuff (i.e. Angel Dust, Warrant, Rage, Paradox, etc.)

    wow, just great to see Intruder gettin some props. big up Nate!!

  4. I'm with you Nate! this stuff is seriously really bay area sounding. I can hear the Vio-lence in them for sure.
    Thanks for the post!

    Do you do requests ever?
    I'd love to hear more Witchfinder General, and a thrash/death band called Dragon.


  5. FYI, they are giving away their album "Psycho Savant" for free download on their website.

    Haven't listened yet.

  6. Picked this up used 10+ years ago on a whim (based on the cover). No regrets. Great record. Great art work. Awesome stuff. Glad I have it in digital form now. Thanks Nate.

  7. One of the best concept albums I've heard. I've always thought that concept record was code for SUCKY. Great thrash group too, the soloing on the one really stole the show! thanks.

  8. Nate! This record is amazing. Thanks for the upload. I am going to be listening to this on repeat for a while.

    P.S. I love this site, and I really dig all of the little stories you throw in. Good stuff, and you've turned me on to some really great stuff. Thanks!

  9. great lp.
    to me it sounds as Heathen thrash school??
    axegrinder cheers you Nate:).

  10. Hey when I tried to down load it did not work. Can you fix it or do you think the problem is with me? Love this page, I've gotten tons of great stuff, keep it up thanks.

  11. awesome cover artwork...i want a tshirt of that. and the album totally rocked. theres some dialogue that is pretty terrible, like a radio cut up imitation, but yeah good band, thanks

  12. One of the most underrated thrash bands ever. Everything Intruder released was perfect.

  13. I agree with BenB this band deserved a lot more than what it received, I am not so sure to say it was all perfect, but from a very straight point of view they did outstanding stuff.