Thursday, September 17, 2009

DEVOID OF FAITH purpose lost 10" (1997)

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3.dumbed down
4.shut up and disappear
5.tear it up
7.mourn maturity
9.little hands

Devoid Of Faith started out of the ashes of Affirmative Action, and Intent in 1992 in Albany NY. Jim MacNaughton, Kevin O'Sullivan and myself had known each other for some years from playing hardcore shows together. Jim moved to Albany from New Paltz NY(A.A. were from there), and one day at a comic book shop I worked at he asked me what I was planning on doing musically(because Intent had just broken up). We decided to Jam with Kevin because he was the best drummer in the area, and also a dear friend. We recorded a demo as a three piece on a 4 track, and later added Mark Telfian who lasted a few shows and a 7"(that he was out of tune on). We then added Jason D who was a band mate of mine in Monster X. We recorded a slew of records and played a bunch of shows to virtually no one.
One day Jim came to practice all giddy with a letter from Pushead, who gushed over DOF, and expressed interest in doing a record with us on his label. We were all fans of his old label, his old band, and the mans art. We were beyond stoked, so we of course said yes. The record took years to get out. He sent us some money, we recorded and mixed it, and he later released it to his fanclub with a very limited amount being pressed. The record caused much tension, and strained our relationship with him. It Sucks that that happened.
This was the last record Kevin played on with us, before he moved to California. Listening back to it, I sort of get bummed on the low mix we gave the vox. The guitars are perfect, I just wish the vocals were louder, Jim and his vocals made the band.
This mix/mastered version was done by Steve Heritage at morris sound.
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Jim Macdaddy


  1. i saw dof in NJ many times during the early 90's. A great band for sure! thanks for this.

  2. Did you guys ever make it to Europe? I never saw you over here. I'd loved to though.

  3. thank you. rockin'

  4. This period of the 90's wasn't a stable time for me and I did get to hold on to much of my stuff. I'm sure this record will bring back some crazy memories.

  5. Thanks for posting this. Great record, this spent a lot of time on my turntable.

  6. I took that DOF photo! Seen you guys many times! Best, J

  7. More stories about Devoid Of Faith please!
    The other day I was reading a review of some new band and the reviewer called them "Devoid Of Faith style hardcore". I guess you guys are a new genre now.

  8. I saw the reunion at Gloomfest a few years ago, but sadly I never got to see you in the1990's. a huge regret for sure. thanks for putting up this music.


  9. Crypto Comics I used to go there alot to get records.

  10. great one! never heard this.

  11. i saw you dudes play in a small living room(in a house in nj) I think it was with his hero is gone, and dropdead.
    i can not wait to listen to this record. i lost all my records in a flood in 2000