Saturday, October 27, 2007


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1. no home town skank
2. absent/retort
3. Stupid cops
4. why/because/why
5. twitch/fasterspaz
6. self destruct
7. limited mind
8. malicious grind
9. squino

The band is NOT grind.... this is crossover hardcore from the suburbs of sunny Southern California. I traded a romper room rejects demo through the mail back in 1988 with a band member of M.G. for this tape. Years later I got another copy from a friend in a collection I bought...sorta weird.
Rumor has it that Eric Wood (Man Is The Bastard)was the singer of this band. The band featured the girl who went on to be in Pussy Galore on bass or guitar. I really used to love collecting demos after reading a good review in MRR.
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Friday, October 26, 2007

the 4 SKINS-the good, the bad LP (1982)

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1. plastic gangsters
2. jealousy
3. yesterdays heroes
4. justice
5. jack the lad
6. rememberance day
7. manifesto
8. wonderful world
9. sorry
10. evil
11. I don't wanna be
12. A.C.H.B
13. chaos
14. one law for them

This was the first skinhead/Oi band I'd prolly ever heard. I discovered these guys when I lived in S.F. in around 1985. I met a dude at a hc show named Troy, he was from Oregon, but living in a room with Bones, and some other skinheads, who were high ranking SF skinheads. I hung out there for a few weeks with Troy(as I didn't really know anyone in the Bay area), watching the skins drink, beat one another up, while listening to AC/DC and the 4 Skins. They loved the idea of turning on an impressionable young metalhead to skinhead music. A few weeks later these guys moved out of the room on 603 fell street, and I moved in. Listening back to this album makes me think of those times.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

UFO(2) flying dbl LP (1973)

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1. Silver bird
2. Star storm
3. prince Kajuku
4. the comming of prince Kajuku
5. Flying

One of my favorite heavy 70's records for sure. This is the bands second LP, and features their first guitarist Mick Bolton. They called this "space rock", some called it prog rock. To me it was just great hardrock that was a perfect mixture of Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin, and Pink Floyd. Stuff is so heavy for the time period. After seeing some of the bands early videos on youtube its easy to see just how influential these guys first two records were. Totally addicting, early metal. The rhythm section is amazing, and so tight.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


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1. Crazy Cat
2. Headbangers
3. Gunman
4. The Beast On The Run
5. Power
6. Happy To Live
7. Danger
8. Heavy Fire
9. Money Taker

This LP is simply amazing! NWOBHM from Ghent Belgium. The music is hardrockin metal in an early Riot sort of way (well Riot meets sabbath at times). The vocals on the other hand are totally Motorhead influenced(with some Udo Dirksnyder as well). I love the way this record looks and sounds. I'm sure this is pretty tough to find these days, seems rare, and I feel lucky to have it.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

SATAN-court in the act LP (1983)

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1. Into The Fire
2. Trial By Fire
3. Blades Of Steel
4. No Turning Back
5. Broken Treaties
6. Break Free
7. Hunt You Down
8. The Ritual
9. Dark Side Of Innocence
10. Alone In The Dark

I bought this record simply due to the band name of course, and maybe the amazing cover art. I mean come on, Satan? Thats amazing. Unfortunately the name didn't really match up to the band for me in 1984. I guess I was expecting something harsher. It took me a good 10 years to appreciate this metal for what it was. These guys did the traditional NWOBHM thing totally top notch, influencing power metal and speed metal bands for decades to come. Think a rawer, faster Iron Maiden. The vox are high pitched, but not over the top, the guitar playing is amazing with dual stuff going on. The vocalist Brian Ross went on to be in Blitzkrieg. The band changed their name like 3 times to try an make record labels happy. It killed the band.

KREATOR-Terrible certainty(1987)

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1. Blind faith
2. Storming with menace
3. Terrible certainty
4. As the world burns
5. Toxic trace
6. No escape
7. One of us
8. Behind the mirror

Along with Destruction, Kreator were a very important part the German thrash metal scene and helped to create it. A three piece band that just never slowed down.
I was listening to Destruction first (in high school), but soon after that discovered these dudes... Lots of listening to this album while drinking and smoking up a storm with buddies like Zoran, and Kenny D. This stuff would pump me up before bombing hills with my skateboard in SF.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Intrinsic s/t LP (1987)

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1. Ahead of the Game
2. Hit the Streets
3. Compo
4. RIP!
5. Possessor
6. No Return
7. Leaving Insane
8. Wasted Life

So cool that this originally came out on No Wimp records! I love this shit, its so fucking metal, and yes, generic. The music could fall in the Speed metal metal category, but the vox are what make this record for me. Total Iron Maiden type howls from this non wimp.
I was lucky enough to see these guys in northern California when this LP came out in around 1988. I was floored, the album didn't hold up for me after seeing them live back then. It wasn't until I unearthed it 10 years later that I could fully appreciate the generic type of metal these guys were doing. A killer cross of speed metal and NWOBHM.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Skeptix- so the youth LP (1982)

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1. Violent Street
2. Death & Destruction
3. For Your Country
4. Got No Choice
5. Traitor
6. Born To Lose
7. Legion Of The Damned
8. ...So The Youth
9. Such Is War
10. Fist Of Fury
11. Stop It While You Can
12. Routine Machine (2)
13. Next Victim
14. The Cause

This Band was on the same label that Skrewdriver started off on.. Rock o Rama Records out of W. Germany. This is Early though, ROR #17. Its pretty much a perfect punk record, with a heavy USA hc sound. Not a hint of metal here. I had no idea that music this good existed over seas in 1982. Some Obscure shit! My favorite song would be "born to lose", catchy and raw punk as fuck hc.