Saturday, October 27, 2007


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1. no home town skank
2. absent/retort
3. Stupid cops
4. why/because/why
5. twitch/fasterspaz
6. self destruct
7. limited mind
8. malicious grind
9. squino

The band is NOT grind.... this is crossover hardcore from the suburbs of sunny Southern California. I traded a romper room rejects demo through the mail back in 1988 with a band member of M.G. for this tape. Years later I got another copy from a friend in a collection I bought...sorta weird.
Rumor has it that Eric Wood (Man Is The Bastard)was the singer of this band. The band featured the girl who went on to be in Pussy Galore on bass or guitar. I really used to love collecting demos after reading a good review in MRR.
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  1. HEY, This is great shi* Thanks. By teh way I couldn't help but noyice you keep mentioning Romper Room Rejects...I used to be involved with Last Round UP out of Whittier CA (Towards the end). Anyways, would you by any chance have any CHOLOS ON LSD???

  2. Do you have the LP?

  3. never heard of Last Round Up. do you know Kenny Donovan?

    Sorry I don't have the M.G. LP

  4. Cool. Thx for the demo tape. I´m going to upload the 12" (it ain´t an lp) on my blog soon.
    Visit me @

  5. The only girl in Pussy galore was Julie Caftritz and she was there since day one in '85. And, heh heh, Pussy Galore had no bass player - four guitars at one point, but never a bass.

  6. Malicious Grind was also on a comp called "Always Catching Snot In The Wind" featuring local LA bands from around '88. One of those bands was Douche Lords featuring Dino Cazares now in Fear Factory. It was released by Half Ass Records which was owned by Robert a romm mate of Dinos.

  7. I am the Drummer/Original founding member on this and all of the other MG recordings. Cool to see people still dig it

  8. Mark~

    did you play in any other bands?


  9. Yes, ShockLore and another band called Flappy Curtain. Shocklore was more Speed Metal and Flappy... very, very, American Punk Rock.


    I've got the whole LP if you're interested

    Flappy Curtain

    The guy who was selling the CD's stopped a while ago, but I also have that CD as well if you are interested in hearing some.


  10. Hallo Mark

    Hey was and still a great fan of Malicious Grind, just found the LP a few days ago.

    Can you share the lyrics to the demo?


  11. Hallo, could someone share the lyrics to this demo, please

  12. who has theh ShockLore 7'' to dl??

  13. Im gonna try to rip
    I have vol 1 7"