Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Intrinsic s/t LP (1987)

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1. Ahead of the Game
2. Hit the Streets
3. Compo
4. RIP!
5. Possessor
6. No Return
7. Leaving Insane
8. Wasted Life

So cool that this originally came out on No Wimp records! I love this shit, its so fucking metal, and yes, generic. The music could fall in the Speed metal metal category, but the vox are what make this record for me. Total Iron Maiden type howls from this non wimp.
I was lucky enough to see these guys in northern California when this LP came out in around 1988. I was floored, the album didn't hold up for me after seeing them live back then. It wasn't until I unearthed it 10 years later that I could fully appreciate the generic type of metal these guys were doing. A killer cross of speed metal and NWOBHM.


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  2. Thnx man!!! It's KILLER!!! Real TRUE!!!

  3. Hey bro,live and grew up on the Central Coast,Cali,where these guys are from(San Luis Obispo-Pismo Beach,California),and started seeing their shows in like 84 or so,I think I was 13 years old!They were pretty good,I have that LP also,and actually used to practice at the same place in SLO,Ca-Sandor Studios. It's cool to see your views,I am a metalhead for life,and the music documents my life,and keeps me young.

  4. Got the LP on No Wimp Records in 1987 with original artwork. Heard about this one in a review in Kerrang, who gave it 5K (a full house) liking it to Iron Maiden and claiming that this band could be the next big thing. Well, they obviously weren't but an ok album

  5. These guys opened a cpl of shows we did at the Grange in SLO. The music not good the vocals bad.We had them play as kinda of a favor,because there was no were else they could play.

  6. The last comment is about a different Intrinsic, not the one that released this album