Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Skeptix- so the youth LP (1982)

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1. Violent Street
2. Death & Destruction
3. For Your Country
4. Got No Choice
5. Traitor
6. Born To Lose
7. Legion Of The Damned
8. ...So The Youth
9. Such Is War
10. Fist Of Fury
11. Stop It While You Can
12. Routine Machine (2)
13. Next Victim
14. The Cause

This Band was on the same label that Skrewdriver started off on.. Rock o Rama Records out of W. Germany. This is Early though, ROR #17. Its pretty much a perfect punk record, with a heavy USA hc sound. Not a hint of metal here. I had no idea that music this good existed over seas in 1982. Some Obscure shit! My favorite song would be "born to lose", catchy and raw punk as fuck hc.



  1. this is one of the best uk punk records from its time

  2. Funny...I hvae this LP, never played it, got it cheap for trading years ago......punk was getting funny here then, UK band,but LP is german only release. They are from Stoke On Trent, same place as Discharge...

    Oh, Skrewdriver started off on Chiswick records back in 77, when they were a skinhead punk band, or "proto Oi" , I have music magzize clippings of them...only in the 80's did they go White Power.