Saturday, October 13, 2007

KREATOR-Terrible certainty(1987)

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1. Blind faith
2. Storming with menace
3. Terrible certainty
4. As the world burns
5. Toxic trace
6. No escape
7. One of us
8. Behind the mirror

Along with Destruction, Kreator were a very important part the German thrash metal scene and helped to create it. A three piece band that just never slowed down.
I was listening to Destruction first (in high school), but soon after that discovered these dudes... Lots of listening to this album while drinking and smoking up a storm with buddies like Zoran, and Kenny D. This stuff would pump me up before bombing hills with my skateboard in SF.


  1. thanks man for putting all these great records!!!

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  3. Nord the BarbarianJanuary 2, 2008 at 1:43 PM

    thank you, a great record and a real classic one. :)

  4. Terrible Certainty has 13 tracks.Tracks 9-13 are from EP Out Of The Dark...Into the Light 1988

  5. HELLZ YEA!!! We used to skate and BMX to this shit back in the day! T.C. and Pleasure To Kill were almost always on someone when we were out! CLASSIC!!!!

  6. Bummer... the link isnt working?

  7. Somebody please fix the link i need this album !!!!

  8. This bands is my best friend's all time favorite, am not that much into the whole Thrash/Black scene, al though I do like some bands but not for a day long listen, but at least I know that this will make my friend really happy

  9. Great post. I always enjoy seeing another artists process. I learn so much. Really makes me want to pull out my own blog.

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