Wednesday, April 30, 2008

BENT SIRKIS- kill your immediate family demo (1986)

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1.Fire up the furnace
2.shut up
3.wake the dead
4.serious as death
5.dead don't die

Hilarious speed metal from Middletown New York(I think). There is no address on the demo anywhere, but it is from 1986. My friend Jim DOF turned me onto these belligerent metalheads, as I think I recall him telling me he grew up seeing these guys live, then later sharing bills with them in his band Affirmative Action. Most the songs are straight up speed/thrash metal recorded totally raw, making it sound cool. The songs are Slayer and early Exodus influenced for sure. The song Shut up is hilarious...and is the only song that isn't really fast.
These dudes are so obscure you won't find any info for them anywhere. I love uncovering these obscure metal gems. Enjoy, and comment. I would love to hear more info about these sick fuckers.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The COMES no side 12" (1985)

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3.public circle

I first heard this classic Japanese band through my friend Louis Whom I've written a lot about on some of my past posts in this blog. Luke played me this shit on a cassette in his little red truck, on our way out to see Citizens Arrest & Born Against at Abc No Rio in around 1989-1990. I recall that weekend we also recorded a demo with my other Friend Mike entitled Extreme Satanic Rage. Wish I had a copy of that demo...
I think I later got a cassette of the comes stuff from my old friend Simon Harvey on one of his many trips to Albany when we were both obsessing over anything fast.
What makes this band so great are the frantic Female vocals, and the quirky not overly distorted guitar tones(barely any distortion at all). Its so fucking punk rock and fast, with NO metal influence what so ever. The Comes quickly became one of my two favorite Japanese bands of all time right behind the mighty Bastard. Up until very recently I was so obsessed with them that I owned three copies of this rarity. I now own just two of the amazing 12", but still crush hard on the singer. Enjoy, and please comment, I dig reading others views, and memories.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

AT WAR-retaliatory strike LP (1988)

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2.conscientious objector
3.creed of the sniper
4.covert sins
5.crush your life
6.gutless sympathizer & state
8.felon's guilt
10.the example

These dudes were from Virginia, and formed in the early 80's as a three piece. They are considered by many to be the first "war metal" band. The bands records were always themed around war, and it quickly became the bands shtick. I loved the cover of their first LP, Ordered to kill, so hilarious with them on the cover with guns. This the bands second full length came out a few years after the debut, and musically was a step up in production. The songs are good thrash metal songs, that listening back, you can almost see how an entire "hardcore" metal scene stole the bands sound. They really influenced the metallic hc scene incredibly. From the opening of this with them messing around in the control room chattering on walkie talkies like they are about to invade Iran or something, to the end with the fierce guitar riffs the record pounds.
I originally bought this At Music Shack in Albany Ny in around 1990. The logo of the band, and the fact that it was recorded in my old home turf of Ihtaca NY made me buy this thing.
Recently my buddy/neighbor Artie found some records for sale on line, and invited me along to buy with him as well. The Russian dude selling the shit out of his basement had everything from punk, metal, polka.. whatever you wanted he had. I found about three test pressings in his collection, a Bad Brains I against I, a Fall test, and this At War test pressing. Out of the three, he would only sell me this one. I was/am in heaven. Also got the Spasstic Blur LP off him, I'll post that at some point as well. Enjoy, and comment.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

WITCHFYNDE I'd rather go wild 7" (1983)

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1.I'd rather go wild
2.cry wolf

I originally bought this when it came out in 1983. I was taking guitar lessons from Henry of China White, and he played me the bands first LP from 1980, and I immediately found this single at Records And Such in the Albany area. Henry had an extensive metal collection, and would turn me onto new shit every week. I would be in awe just checking out all his zines, and records, barely even touched my guitar at the lessons. This was around the time I was discovering punk.
I eventually tossed or lost this record, as I was sort of rebelling against metal during my formative punk years. I recently was lucky enough to find another copy, and was so stoked to hold it in my hands again.
The band had a very Judas Priest kinda sound, but with bluesy catchier riffs. The singer couldn't scream like Halford, but seemed to sing in the same key. The guitar riffs were super melodic, and kept me humming the bands tunes after listening to their records. A great nwobhm band for sure.
The cover for this record is amazing. So classic.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

MESSED UP go whole hogs demo tape (1992)

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1.move by oneself
2.desire our peace
3.unreasonable war
4.go whole hogs
5.white pig
6.big shit symbol limit
8.rusty mind

I can't even recall where or how I adopted this tape(rusty mind). If I had to guess I'd figure I ended up with it when my buddy Louis departed from his long love affair with Japanese Hardcore (in'92-93). I actually used to think the dude had a problem, and was possibly sick in the head due to this obsession with the genre. Japanese hardcore later became my obsession (to the point where I had three of the same Comes 12", two bastard LPs, and so on and so forth).
Messed Up made me so happy when I first heard them. I loved the fact the levels of the recordings always seemed to be pushed into the red, right up to the limit. The brutal music with the distorted recordings just really did it for me.
I'm not really sure about these songs, or if they've been released on other stuff or what. The first song is sort of a different recording compared to the others (kind of non distorted). "Desire our peace" is my favorite song, the guitar playing has for sure influenced me, and had an impact on my sloppiness.
I remember having this tape in my car blasting it as loud as it would go when I went to pick up an ex girlfriend years ago... a few hours later we went to leave her parents house, we were talking to her parents right there next to us. I started up the car with the door open, and out of the stereo, blasting at ten was Messed Up. Totally embarrassing.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

SLIPKNOT s/t 7" (1989)

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1.let it show you think
3.condemned leader
5.hate in blue

Not that Slipknot dummy! These guys were the real deal, playing punishing aggressive hardcore with a VERY early C.O.C. influence. I mean STRONG! Even to the point where they are a three piece, and the bassist sings. Elitist hc types might chuckle about this band, but thats because they probably discounted listening to them due to the band putting out their only release on Rev. The label was known, and famous in the late 80's for putting out straightedge hardcore that didn't waver in attitude or sound all that much. They were pretty much responsible for being behind a really bad East coast hc/punk scene in 1988-90. This record was an early rev release, but has a completely different sound mixing C.O.C. with West coast bands like Infest. When this came out many people were disappointed, and probably didn't give this wax a spin. Shit rages hard.
I was Straight edge at this time, but not really very typical in what I listened to, or how I reacted to other peoples choices. My friends weren't straight. I recall seeing this ep at Erl records in Albany NY with my buddy Louis. We scoffing at the cover, looking at the back cover, then reading the insert. I eventually bought this only because the band thanked bong hits & brew hahs, I was baffled that this came out on the label that it did, not typical at all. Listening to this totally brings back those memories Of Luke picking me up Friday after work, and us hitting all four record stores in Albany. I typically might have spent about $80 a week on records back then. Enjoy, and comment please. I think you'll be stoked on how well this record has aged.

Monday, April 14, 2008

VENDETTA go and live..stay and die LP (1987)

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1.suicidal lunacy
2.go and live...stay and die
3.traitors fate
4.system of death
5.drugs and corruption
6.revolution command
7.on the road

More under the radar German thrash metal from the late 80's here. These guys did not stick solely to the German thrash sound of their kraut brothers, Kreator, or Destruction. These dudes added lots of that famous bay area thrash style on this their 1st LP. Unfortunately the band only released one more record after this one. Think early Metallica meets Destruction, thats how I've always described these gents. The lyrics were always good, and based on punk hardcore type issues of the time... corruption, greed, war, drugs, corporations, etc.
I was turned on to these guys by this crazy junkie dude named Vince in SF, who ended up stealing a 1969 Gibson SG from me. I'm sure he is long dead by now, he looked like walking death in 1988. I felt sorry for him, as he'd sell his ass on Polk street to old men, so that he could get his next fix. I was naive and young, and had no idea this dude had such a serious problem until it was to late. I'd say eventually I was better off having him take the guitar, because in the end it was the last time I ever saw him, and I guess In a weird way I sorta had to pay to get him outta my life, right? At any rate I ended up with a small handful of his records that he would leave in a corner of my house in San Fransisco. Dude would come over like once a week, all tweaked out, get me stoned, then play my guitar for hours on end to his small pile of metal records. Looking back at it, the entire situation was amazing.

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION live demo tape 1989

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2.Generic Dilemma
4.destined for obscurity
5.don't believe

Affirmative Action were a late 80's hardcore punk band who were from the college town of New Paltz New York. Great guys that I quickly became friends with soon after seeing them for my first time in around 1989-1990 in Albany. The bass player/vocalist Jim MacNaughton is still to this day one of my best friends. Jim and I later went on to start Devoid Of Faith together after AA, and my band Intent broke up in around 1992. Affirmative Action were one of those bands that were on the out skirts of what was happening in the NYHC scene in the 80's. They were one of the black sheep to the NY scene, due to the fact that they didn't want/need to fit in with the jockcore youth crew mentallity that was happening on the East coast at that time. If you weren't down with these scene types, you'd land shit shows, and play to know one. AA didn't care. These guys stuck out like a sore thumb on some of the bills they played, and found they fit in better playing with metal bands, or hardcore bands from the left coast.
This is a live demo from 1989, that has a really great sound(almost studio sounding), and prolly is why they released it as a tape. the song "Apart " sounds very much like some early Breakdown tune. While the song "brother" is about the stupidity of the sXe scene during this time period. Jim and Dan(the guitarist)split the vocal duties. Comment if you download.

COCKSPARRER shock troops LP (1983)

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1.where are they now?
2.riot squad
4.take 'em all
5.we're coming back your back
7.I got your number
8.secret army
9.droogs don't run
10.out on an island

C.S. were a British punk/oi band that put out this amazing 12" in around 1983. The music is super melodic, and rockin, while the vox are snotty as hell in that England punk sort of way. A true street punk masterpiece that has become an thematic for both punks and skins alike. These punks helped to define Oi by using working class pride in many of their songs and lyrics. Metalheads will hate this one.
I was Turned onto C.S. in around 1985 by members of the S.F. Skinheads when moving into their crib (while they were moving out). My friend Troy from Oregon was somehow living in this room with a few of the head skins of the time(Bones was one of em). When my lease was up from where I was living, Troy moved me into this place cos Bones was movin' in with his skin bird or some shit.. It was crazy... This was an entire house on 603 Fell street, the skinheads had one room on the first floor. The room was pretty much a huge living room, but these guys had converted it into a bunker building with 4 home made bunks, plus couches, etc. These dudes would pretty much drink beer, listen to AC/DC, and various Oi anthems while making comments to the land lord who lived in the room next door about him being gay. Dudes were brutal, but kind of funny. The upstairs of the house was occupied by this 60 year old transsexual(Val), who used to be lovers with the landlord(Jerry). The two no longer spoke to one another, but we all had to share the Kitchen. Upstairs Val had this younger macho dude with a mullet & mustache with whom the skins liked to party with. Down stairs Jerry had a little dog with fleas named wee wee. What a weird time...When I listen to this album or AC/DC's dirty Deeds, I automatically start thinking of this shit.
Enjoy, and comment please.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

AXE WITCH visions of the past LP (1984)

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1.visions of the past
2.give them hell
3.tonight lady
5.stand up
6.heading for the storm
7.born in hell
8.time to live

These dudes formed in Sweden in around 1980. The band put out a full length before this one, and the Pray for Metal ep as well. Both are just great, and ground breaking metal records in many circles. Visions Is by no means up to par with either of those records, BUT is still great if you dig the NWOBHM sound. I think that Axe Witch early on were influential to bands everywhere, then with this record they sort of became influenced or went along with the flow of what was going on by those they had influenced... weird, right? Still a great record, and worthy of posting, and listening to. I've been listening to it for two weeks straight now, and decided to post it, because I think its been ignored, and pretty obscure compared to the early works of these Swedes. Great High pitched vox, the way metal was meant to be sung!
I bought these guys early records based on my love for Maiden, and of course the very metallic band name of Axe Witch. Can't argue with the fantasy art work either, it just screams metal. This is the last record I sought out by these dudes, as I was pretty much getting into the hardcore, and thrash metal stuff at this point.
Comment if you download this bad boy, as It keeps me motivated, and eagerly posting my music collection.

Friday, April 11, 2008

HARDSTUFF bulletproof LP (1972)

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1. Jay Time
2. Sinister Minister
3. No Witch at All
4. Taken Alive
5. Time Gambler
6. Millionaire
7. Monster in Paradise
8. Hobo
9. Mr. Longevity
10. Provider, Pt. one

Not the typical type of stuff that I usually post on my blog, but this is seriously a great underground, obscure & heavy gem. Heavy psych people go nuts for this stuff. Its the type of stuff I've been collecting lately...1972 is the magic year.
This LP came out in around 1972, and featured two members of AtomicRooster, and has a rumored Capt Beyond connection as well. This stuff is all over the board musically, but typically is pretty proto metal. This is heavy, gritty and dirty. Its very ahead of its time. You can hear influences from everything from Black Sabbath, to Bowie, to Skynyrd. Don't let those influences scare you off to this one, this is heavy. My favorite song on here is "Time Gambler".
Unfortunately I didn't grow up listening to these guys, or even knowing how classic they were until my friend Jamie Double Decker turned me on to them. I ended up paying good money for the vinyl. The band released a second LP that wasn't half as good as this debut.