Sunday, April 27, 2008

The COMES no side 12" (1985)

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I first heard this classic Japanese band through my friend Louis Whom I've written a lot about on some of my past posts in this blog. Luke played me this shit on a cassette in his little red truck, on our way out to see Citizens Arrest & Born Against at Abc No Rio in around 1989-1990. I recall that weekend we also recorded a demo with my other Friend Mike entitled Extreme Satanic Rage. Wish I had a copy of that demo...
I think I later got a cassette of the comes stuff from my old friend Simon Harvey on one of his many trips to Albany when we were both obsessing over anything fast.
What makes this band so great are the frantic Female vocals, and the quirky not overly distorted guitar tones(barely any distortion at all). Its so fucking punk rock and fast, with NO metal influence what so ever. The Comes quickly became one of my two favorite Japanese bands of all time right behind the mighty Bastard. Up until very recently I was so obsessed with them that I owned three copies of this rarity. I now own just two of the amazing 12", but still crush hard on the singer. Enjoy, and please comment, I dig reading others views, and memories.


  1. This totally made my day. Boner city.

  2. cool record some great vids on you tube too,
    got to hear the second 12in the other day not anywhere near as good as this puppy...
    you wouldnt happen to have any INSANITY would you


  3. I love this ep, but I actually love their "Power Never Die" record better, the metal influence crept in for that one.

  4. dude, put the crack pipe down!

  5. seriously...
    I love this album, the next one doesn't come close to comparison.
    This record could possibly be in my top 25 fav punk/hc releases ever.

    Gorman, glad I could help you through the day.

  6. tracklist
    reading / means
    05 Sarake-dase / Reveal
    06 kyu-kyoku / Ultimate
    o7 Baka-koke / Foolish thing to say
    08 Ningen-gari / Human hunting
    09 Panic
    10 Koujyou / Factory
    11 Medium

    1. you couldn't post any song lyrics could you? I really want my band to cover Sarake-Dase but any will do

  7. cool fool
    thanks for the translations.

  8. Definitely in my top 5 favorite Japanese records...good call Nate!


  9. One of my favorite japanese hardcore records for sure!

    I finally got around to reading you Blog, Nate and it rules!

    Thanks so Much

    - Marcus

  10. Hi Nate

    co-incidentally just saw this on this site

    lots of info on Japanese punk Japanese..hvae to see what auto traslate makes of it..

    the you tube clips are pretty cool even with poor sound/pic.

  11. thanks man... I think I love her.

  12. These are one of the top Japanese HC bands love them & I dont often like girls singing this is one of the very few! cheers mate all the best for Atheistmus!

    Agz (Dr AIDS myspace & facefuck)

  13. this was recently bootlegged by some hipster fag from the East Coast. He did a great job, and I think used the proceeds to start a legit record label.
    thank you for the rip of this.

  14. The cover is typical of Japanese bands, using some type of Manga style on the art and with no colors, all pencil. Still a pretty cool design but could have been much better.

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  15. Thanks for a great blog and an amazing band/record!!


  16. Eric FlexyourheadJune 27, 2011 at 11:21 PM

    OK... came looking for "No Side" and found one of my old shots of Verbal Abuse (would have been 1985 @ John Barley's in Vancouver) in your "Enjoy the tunes" image. Way cool!