Wednesday, April 16, 2008

MESSED UP go whole hogs demo tape (1992)

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1.move by oneself
2.desire our peace
3.unreasonable war
4.go whole hogs
5.white pig
6.big shit symbol limit
8.rusty mind

I can't even recall where or how I adopted this tape(rusty mind). If I had to guess I'd figure I ended up with it when my buddy Louis departed from his long love affair with Japanese Hardcore (in'92-93). I actually used to think the dude had a problem, and was possibly sick in the head due to this obsession with the genre. Japanese hardcore later became my obsession (to the point where I had three of the same Comes 12", two bastard LPs, and so on and so forth).
Messed Up made me so happy when I first heard them. I loved the fact the levels of the recordings always seemed to be pushed into the red, right up to the limit. The brutal music with the distorted recordings just really did it for me.
I'm not really sure about these songs, or if they've been released on other stuff or what. The first song is sort of a different recording compared to the others (kind of non distorted). "Desire our peace" is my favorite song, the guitar playing has for sure influenced me, and had an impact on my sloppiness.
I remember having this tape in my car blasting it as loud as it would go when I went to pick up an ex girlfriend years ago... a few hours later we went to leave her parents house, we were talking to her parents right there next to us. I started up the car with the door open, and out of the stereo, blasting at ten was Messed Up. Totally embarrassing.


  1. I was lucky to see these guys in Japan when I was a teacher. One of my favorite Japanese bands ever! Thank you!

  2. thanks! very good band indeed

  3. Glen... you are a lucky Bastard indeed. thanks for the comments. Nate

  4. Hahaha!! The stories man!! Classic.