Wednesday, April 30, 2008

BENT SIRKIS- kill your immediate family demo (1986)

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1.Fire up the furnace
2.shut up
3.wake the dead
4.serious as death
5.dead don't die

Hilarious speed metal from Middletown New York(I think). There is no address on the demo anywhere, but it is from 1986. My friend Jim DOF turned me onto these belligerent metalheads, as I think I recall him telling me he grew up seeing these guys live, then later sharing bills with them in his band Affirmative Action. Most the songs are straight up speed/thrash metal recorded totally raw, making it sound cool. The songs are Slayer and early Exodus influenced for sure. The song Shut up is hilarious...and is the only song that isn't really fast.
These dudes are so obscure you won't find any info for them anywhere. I love uncovering these obscure metal gems. Enjoy, and comment. I would love to hear more info about these sick fuckers.


  1. i remember hearing about these guys. i know they played with Whiplash back in the day and Crumbsuckers too i believe. the story i remember was that they were on some real small label that folded and the record never got released. i think Kill Your Immediate Family was the name of the record.

  2. looks like theres a Myspace page.

  3. OH MAN, someone just played the single for me last year, i need that. thanks for the tape, tho.

  4. The myspace page is so weird, can't tell if they are still active?

    Bob, theres a 7"? I need this as comming to Brooklyn for Systematic Death on Friday?


  5. I don't have any stories but I've enjoyed most of what you've posted and would like to order you a pizza.

  6. thanks, that alone is good to hear buddy.

    I'm actually cooking a pie for me and the soon to be wife as I type this.
    I was a pizza maker in S.F. in the 80's and served both Lars Ulrich, and the Beastie Boys. Recall asking Lars about how the recording for Master of Puppets was going. Dude was short.

  7. Before I listened to it, I was wondering, what could make you think it was so hilarious? And then listening to "Shut Up", I indeed had to laugh. Especially the rising vocal scream at the end, comes out of nowhere! Great! Thanks!

  8. I just gotta say hats-off to ya man! By far THE coolest blog out there! Brings back memories when music had balls and was fun. Half of the albums I still have on vinyl. I had to spin my Blodcum LP after I saw the post. Fuckin awesome man! Keep it goin! CHEERS!!!!!

  9. very much for this demo memories of a good heavy metal.