Thursday, April 17, 2008

WITCHFYNDE I'd rather go wild 7" (1983)

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1.I'd rather go wild
2.cry wolf

I originally bought this when it came out in 1983. I was taking guitar lessons from Henry of China White, and he played me the bands first LP from 1980, and I immediately found this single at Records And Such in the Albany area. Henry had an extensive metal collection, and would turn me onto new shit every week. I would be in awe just checking out all his zines, and records, barely even touched my guitar at the lessons. This was around the time I was discovering punk.
I eventually tossed or lost this record, as I was sort of rebelling against metal during my formative punk years. I recently was lucky enough to find another copy, and was so stoked to hold it in my hands again.
The band had a very Judas Priest kinda sound, but with bluesy catchier riffs. The singer couldn't scream like Halford, but seemed to sing in the same key. The guitar riffs were super melodic, and kept me humming the bands tunes after listening to their records. A great nwobhm band for sure.
The cover for this record is amazing. So classic.


  1. An truely incredible blog site you have here! you have turned me on to so much great stuff. Thanjks. I love this one. a great nwobhm ep


  2. i second grim's sir,are a patriot of musical la blog.thanks for the origins of not only how you obtained or became aware of said item,but offer a history and comments about, as well.well bring the memories back for cats that were actually in the scene and for the youth that need educators.

  3. I love this band1 thanks
    great blog site

  4. I'd Rather Go Wild is a great song. Thanks for posting it.

  5. thanks Bloodworm.

    Jon, you should check out the bands cloak and dagger LP... seriously great. The song Is on that as well I believe.

  6. I thought Witchfynde's 'Cloak and Dagger' was a fantastic metal record. My band used to cover 'Rather Go Wild' in the early 80's. I liked the Luther Beltz years best. Creepy band. LOVED EM. But not as much as the blessed Witchfinder General ;)

  7. great blog!! i had to hear this one just because of the kick ass cover.