Saturday, April 28, 2007

Heavy Load-metal conquest mini LP (1981)

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1.You've Got The Power
2.Dark Nights
3.Heavy Metal Heaven
5.heathens from the north

Great Swedish metal that sounds triumphant, and catchy as hell. I'd say these guys played nwobhm styled metal... seriously a great mini LP that came out in 1981. Nothing else I've heard from them has even come close to this 12". The band released an LP previous to this in 1979. Great cover art as well.

Heavy Load - Metal Conquest Download

Friday, April 27, 2007

Axegrinder-rise of the serpent (1988)

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1. never ending winter
2. hell storm
3. life chain
4. war machine
5. evilution
6. rise of the serpent
7. the final war

These crust metal lords played a much different/heavy style of metal then their U.K. predecessors. the music had the heaviness of metal, but the lyrics and ideas were very politically motivated by the punk scene. The band released this album on Peaceville (back when the label was still punk). when I think Of Axegrinder I also have always thought of Deviated Instinct, Bolt Thrower (1st LP), and Amebix.
I blame my friend Louis Jacobs for getting me into this shit...Heavy shit..

Dark Star-s/t LP (1981)

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1. Kaptain America
2. backstreet killer
3. the musician
4. lady of mars
5. louisa
6. rock bringer
7. lady love
8. green peace

Though I always lumped these guys in with bands like Def Leppard ("on through the night" era), because they played a more melodic-songs about chicks style of nwobhm. The opening chord of the first song "Kap America" is so heavy ...theres just no denying the power.
These guys formed at about the same time as Maiden, Angel Witch, Crucifixion, and Witchfinder General (1978-79).
The English explosion of metal was just incredible. So many bands were releasing demos, and 7"s during this time period, you really couldn't avoid the genre if you liked music at all in the early 80's. I'm not really sure why/how Dark Star got over looked. The band could have been a lot bigger. This album has some very commercial accessible hardrock tunes on it.
Again, this album isn't for everyone...

Witchfinder General-death penalty (1982)

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1. Invisible Hate
2. Free Country
3. Death Penalty
4. No Stayer
5. Witchfinder General
6. Burning a Sinner
7. R.I.P.

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Formed in around 1978 in England, Witchfinder General could be classified as one of the original NWOBHM bands, with heavy Sabbath/doom influences. Some of the riffs are straight up Sabbath riffs that cause you to go "wait I know that song". I'd say they take the best elements of early Sabbath musically, and have more of an early Motley Crue vocal style. It works well. My favorite song on this full length is "free country", It was a theme as a high schooler, who was bored in the burbs.

"Free Country"
Reality it is a lie
The briefest dream before I die
To comprehend the cosmic scheme
See the truth behind my dream

Look out for me
Let's trip on L.S.D.
Look out for me
D.S. look out for me

Rocky's gold, leb is red
Black goes right to my head
Mushroom tea, and token weed
Amphetamine is real good speed

Look out for me
Come have some mushroom tea
Look out for me
D.S. look out for me

Lines of speed on a mirror face
Sniff it up through a biro case
Heroin is for the hero
It's a killer, you gotta say no

Look out for me
Let's trip on L.S.D.
Look out for me
D.S. look out for me

Turn to drugs to free my mind
Just to see what I would find
Tabs are great, now ask the drummer
Smack my friend is just a bummer

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sodom-victim of death demo (1983)

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1. Witch Hammer
2. Devil's Attack
3. Let's Fight in the Darkness of Hell
4. Victims of Death
5. Live from Hell
6. Poisoned Blood
7. Satan's Conjuration
8. Witching Metal

So many fake assed metal bands have tried to sound like these guys through the years. These Krauts were pioneers, and along with Venom, and Bathory created and lead the black metal movement. The bands first demo is from 1982, this one is better and two years later. There is a rawness to the sound that these guys had that was closely related to hardcore. Don't let the sound quality/production get you on this demo, as It was meant to sound as hellish and raw as possible. The bass sounds like something off of an early Discharge record.

D.A.M. -human wreckage LP (1990)

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1. M.A.D.
2. Death Warmed Up
3. killing time
4. left to rot
5. prophet of doom
6. terror squad
7. total destruction
8. vendetta
9. human wreckage
10. aliens
11. F.O.D.

These dudes were from England, which is not the country I think of when I think of this metal genre. Not the most ground breaking speed metal ever, but considering it being released in 1990 (late for this stuff), I think its pretty awesome. I understand people complaining of it being generic, and it is. I just like it cos I think it sounds like a lost Exodus or Metallica album.

Assassin-the upcoming terror LP (1986)

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1. Into War
2. Forbidden Reality
3. Nemesis
4. Fight (To Stop The Tyranny)
5. The Last Man
6. Assassin
7. Holy Terror
8. Bullets
9. Speed Of Light

More godly German Metal here. These guys formed in 83-84ish, and played thrash metal at bare bones speed. They released a number of ok sounding demos before releasing this, their first full length. Some metal elitists might complain that the music is to "simple", but come on, its thrash metal, and this shit wasn't rocket science. These guys were heavily influenced and similar sounding to Destruction, though their riffs were a bit more sloppily played. My favorite tune on this release is "the last man". Great lead guitar playing, and varied riffage make me wanna bust out my cut off denim jacket. Believe it or not, my love for German metal was partially what got me into German hardcore. This is an A+ German thrash album.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kohu 63-Lisää verta historiaan LP (1982)

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1. Ihmiss
2. kaatakaa...
3. kyllastynyt
4. lisaa verta historian
5. me ollaan jumalia
6. nayta niille
7. olet taydellinen
8. punkakaartilaisten
9. ruakkaus on sairautta
10. sotta
11. taako on vapautta
12. teilla ei oo maailmaa
13. tulevaisu lohduttaa
14. turmellus
15. valtaa lll
16. valtaa V

Kohu have supposedly been around since 1978. This is the Bands first LP, as I think they released two 7"eps prior to this LP.
Two guys who were from Germany (who I somehow met through my buddy Zoran) turned me on to this LP (by giving me a tape), and lead me to be under the assumption that the band was from Germany. It prolly wasn't until 1988 or 1989 that I discovered that Kohu 63 were from Finland. If you've never heard the band, I'd compare them to Discharge a bit. total punk rock with NO metal influences whatsoever.

Mass-metal fighter (1983)

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1. metal man
2. fire from hell
3. break out
4. high hell thrills
5. born to lose
6. outlaw
7. I cut through
8. night of steel
9. leaders call
10. born to be wild

Mass were another metal band who played heavy metal the way it was supposed to be played. They reminded me of a more metal mix of Kiss, Ac/Dc, with a pinch of Manowar thrown in the mix. Catchy and epic is how Mass wrote and played on metal fighter. I'd have to say they played a varied style of the NWOBHM (new wave of British heavy metal)... although they were from Germany.
The band started in around 1977, and put out about five albums before this classic album. This is the bands best release in my opinion. another great cover, that totally worked on getting me to buy this record in high school. My favorite song is prolly "I cut through". Leaders call totally reminds me of a later era Skrewdriver song.

Mandator-initial velocity LP (1988)

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1. attila
2. black rose
3. faces of death
4. jack boots and leather caps
5. power of the law
6. posers
7. I will be your last

These dudes were from the great country of Holland, and played some thrash metal that was pretty much overlooked or passed by, by many of us. I was immersed in the punk hardcore scene, and missed this one until i moved back to Albany, and found it at worlds records in around '91 or '92. It has a bit of a German flare, mixed with some Exodus as well. The solos are a bit longer then most thrashers of the time, and they go on, and on. This might be to straight up metal for many non metalheads.

Tankard-zombie attack (1986)

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1. zombie attack
2.thrash till death
3. screaming victims
4. mercenary
5. manic forces
7. alcohol
8. acid death
9. (empty) tankard

I was all about the German thrash metal in the early days. Being so obsessed with Kraut metal helped to open me up to German hardcore/ punk as well. What I loved about bands like Tankard was partially that I knew what to expect from them all time. They always played the same speed, sang about the same shit(beer), and put out the same records over and over. It was to easy to get screwed buying a favorite thrash bands release who then wrote songs like "one". For fans of fellow German thrash bands Kreator, and Destruction (mix in some Gang Green and you have Tankard).

Phantom Lord-evil never sleeps (1986)

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1. speed demons
2.highway of death
3. call of the wild
4. battle zone
5. evil never sleeps
6. mercy killer
7. wicked world
8. avenging angels

I don't think most people can deal with the vocal style that bands like Phantom Lord try to pull off. Its just so typically metal, high pitched screaming that erks most people I know. Me myself I love it, because Its exactly how metal was supposed to be in the early 80's. screaming vocals, screaming leads and wanks that make me want to get out my guitar and jam. Sick riffage on this record, Jack Starr from Virgin Steele plays guitar on both this bands albums. Evil never sleeps is the bands second release. The first album listed fake German names, as the band faked to be a German masterpiece.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Papsmear-lunch for the p.m.r.c. demo (1987)

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I got this from the drummer of T.H.C. (Thrashing Hectic Circle) in Livermore CA. at a show in around 1987.
Papsmear were one of those metal bands that when you mentioned their name, girls went,,,ewww!
They were from Las Vegas and played some pretty awesome speed/thrash metal that had some great hardcore influences. I'd compare them to Sacrilege B.C.
The band never had a proper release, but only three demo tapes. Its a shame, because they were great. This demo is only about 10 mins long, but well worth having.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

V/A End The Warzone compilation 7" (1987)

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L'arm (Holland)
1. the complexity of life
2. only reality
3. haagse mafia
4. o.s.l.

Pillsbury Hardcore (CA.)
5. ready to fight
6. bombs away

Attitude Adjustment (SF)
7. Bombs
8. american paranoia

Straight Ahead (NYC)
9. on parade
10. we stand
11. stand united
12. whose to blame
13. spirit of youth
14. think right
15. point of view
16. unnecessary violence
17. my problem

I lived in S.F when this now rare compilation came out, and the label that put it out was from the area as well making this an easy record to get at the time, it seemed to be everywhere. End the Warzone was maybe the 4th or 5th international compilation I'd ever listened to, and I loved the idea of the 7" compilation format (at the time). The reason I bought this was because of my love for Attitude Adjustment, I'd seen them lots, and owned their demos. The Singer Andy worked at the Record Vault and convinced me to by many great records (cleanse the bacteria, Uniform Choice, Septic Death, etc).

Ironchrist-getting the most out of your extinction (1989)

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1. Getting The Most Out Of Your Extinction
2. Neurotica
3. World War Three (Crack Party Weekend)
4. Mechanized Emotions
5. Equilibrium
6. Cyborg
7. Contusions
8. White Plague
9. Inheritance
10. Intermission

Ironchrist played a very strange style of thrash, that was far from generic. The vox are totally hardcore/punk influenced and sort of remind me of Cryptic Slaughter or DRI. The music is more technically advanced thrash that I can't even imagine trying to play. There are elements of all types in the music, though things rarely curve to far from the double bass, and mega fast guitar riffing. I discovered this a bit later in the early 90's when I was reaching out and searching for metal that I had missed in the later 80's. Not everyone will get this record, but its a classic, and I think It to be very strong, and pretty ahead of its time (while still remaining sort of retro vocally). The band was from Maryland.

Razor-armed and dangerous LP (1984)

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1. the end
2. killer instict
3. hot meal
4. armed and dangerous
5. take the torch
6. ball and chain
7. fast and loud

Okay, anyone who knows me or is familiar with my record label knows that I did a tribute using the artwork for this great metal record on a later version of the DOF/9ST split 7".
Razor were from Ontario Canada, and became famous for their low budget recordings (they worked well for them). This was the bands first release. The band self released this great 12" on their own label (voice). Only 1,200 copies were pressed. The band put out so many great records in the next decade. I picked this up one day when my folks dropped me off to pick up my comics at Fantaco comics, and I'd later walk over to Worlds records in Albany NY to browse the great selection of punk and metal records. Great memories.

Mayhem-burned alive LP (USA 1986)

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1. burned alive
2. vicious circle
3. couch potato
4. face it
5. fuk-u
6. 6 is 9
7. white mice on speed (ace of spades)
8. domination
9. defy your master
10. aerobic genocide
11. over the top
12. ace of spades
13. another loving tribute fade

There were so many heavy metal bands called Mayhem in the 80's that it was pretty hard to keep track of, but we are all pretty familiar with Norway's Mayhem. Well This is the United States Mayhem featuring dudes from the Wild Dogs. The band played some speed metal that was heavily influenced by punk at the time. Recording cover songs by the likes of Motorhead, and the Doors. This is another LP that I was sorta tricked into buying due to its great cover art. The record was pretty limited and came out on Black Dragon records from France.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Poison Idea-pick your king 7" (1983)

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1. think twice
2. it's an action
3. in my headache
4. underage
5. self abuse
6. cult band
7. last one
8. pure hate
9. castration
10. reggae (I hate)
11. give it up
12. think fast

I first saw Poison Idea at the farm in San Francisco (the band was from Oregon). The singer was blowing fire, burnt a bible, and liked to cut himself up on stage (blood was running down his head like a pro wrestler). The combined weight of him, and guitarist Pig Champion almost brought down the stage. It seriously was buckling in the center. I was in aw as these overweight behemoths shredded away, mixing up older hardcore punk with tight metal riffing. My pal Zoran later tried to trade some hash with Porcell from Youth Of Today for the youth of today 7" (YOT had earlier opened the show).
I seem to remember years later going to see P.I. at the Anthrax with my friend Louis, and them either canceling or us having the date wrong. We were stuck seeing Dirge instead....ugh.
Pig Champion sadly passed away not so long ago. He was a legend, and made a huge impact and contribution to the punk/hardcore community.

Exorcist-nightmare theatre LP (1985)

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1. black mass
2. the invocation
3. burnt offerings
4. the hex
5. possessed
6. call for the exorcist
7. death by bewitchment
8. the trial
9. execution of the witches
10. consuming flames of redemtion
11. megawatt mayhem
12. riding to hell
13. queen of the dead
14. lucifers lament

Exorcist were a joke band made up of Virgin Steele members who were mimicking the more extreme metal being discovered and played by so many of us in the early 80's. The record is wicked catchy, and the vocals make it. For many a year (decades), I had no idea that this was a spin off of V.S.
I was sort of over a lot of metal by the time this record came out (or maybe rebelling against it due to punk), but the growling, harsh vocals held my attention. If I'd heard this a few years earlier, there might have an abundance of missing pets in the neighborhood.

Cirith Ungol-king of the dead (1984)

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1. atom smasher
2. black machine
3. master of the pit
4. king of the dead
5. death of the sun
6. finger of scorn
7. toccata in DM
8. cirith ungol

This is one of those records that as a teenager I bought on a whim due to the awesomeness of the artwork alone. I had no Idea what the band sounded like, but I knew I'd have to like it. My friends all hated it, but I think I forced myself to dig it. The band played a heavy style, with synthesizer sounding guitars, and heavy bass lines, totally doomy, and sabbath influenced, with growling vox that didn't always seem to fit the standard for the time.
Cirith Ungol were from L.A. , and formed in 1981. The band took their name from from a tower which played a key role in author J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings book series. The Band took forever to write/record records, as they were plagued with lineup problems from the start. This, "king of the dead" is the bands second release (my favorite). Most fans consider their 1st LP "frost and fire" to be their best material.

Corrupted Morals-think about it 7" (1986)

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1. think about it
2. money goes around
3. no assholes
4. quality control
5. go home
6. what?

I loved CM... to me they were the perfect mix of metal and punk. Great metallic riffing, and guitar gallops with some social politically aware lyrics(quality control was about the tylenol killings).
In the early days of the Gilman St project I would go to meetings, and met and talked to the og bass player. I forget his name (Jose maybe), but he was at all the meetings, and gave me the bands demo tape. There were like 11 songs on the tape (6 which made it to this ep), and I was forever hooked. Corrupted Morals later featured Larry from Possessed, and Primus. You could have caught these guys at any Gilman street show in the later 80's, seems like they played them all.
I would love to reissue the bands stuff. If anyone has any contact info please drop me a line, until then enjoy the tunes.

Minotaur-the oath of blood (1986)

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1. Sacrifice of the unbelievers
2. total decay
3. daddshal
4. tales of terror

Great German thrash metal from 1986. I've no idea how I lucked out into discovering these guys, as they really are under rated, and not really remembered. I'm not sure how much else the band really did, but I'm really doubting it topped this stuff.

Possessed-death metal demo (1984)

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1. death metal
2. evil warriors
3. burning in hell
4. fallen angel

To this day it still boggles my mind that this demo was recorded in 1984. Its groundbreaking, and created an entire genre that has been beaten and mimicked to death still today. The first singer committed suicide before the band broke. I saw these guys a lot in my early days in the Bay area. They would play any show, band members would hang out with everyone, and watch all the other bands. They were a humble bunch. One of the great things about the scene back in those days, in S.F. was the diversity of the bands playing the shows. I can remember seeing Possessed at the Farm opening for Discharge, DRI, and some pre Corrupted Morals band. Mainly punks were at these shows, but Possessed played it like they weren't even being spit on. The bands first album seven churches is a classic, and rates in my top 10 metal albums of all time.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Dark Angel-we have arrive LP (1985)

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  1. We Have Arrived
  2. Merciless Death
  3. Falling from the Sky
  4. Welcome to the Slaughterhouse
  5. No Tomorrow
  6. Hell's on Its Knees
  7. Vendetta
This LP brings back some great memories for me. My friend Zoran from S.F. and I were pretty much inseparable during those days. We'd go to almost every show, bomb hills on our skateboards, and get fucked up on anything that could get us a buzz together. Zoran knew everyone. Every time Dark Angel would plow into the bay area we would be there, on the guest list and hanging out with the undergrounds fastest and tightest drummer, Gene H. The guy was huge (prolly like 300 pounds), but never slowed down or missed a beat. One evening in particular I can recall hanging out in the Safeway parking lot drinking beer, and eating pirogies with Gene. This record reminds me of those times. Great thrashing speed metal from L.A.

Antidote-thou shall not kill 7" (1983)

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1. Die at war
2. foreign job lot
3. got me on the line
4. life as one/Nazi youth
5. real deal
6. something must be done
7. zero mentality

One of my favorite NYC hardcore/punk bands ever. A great buzzing guitar sound with hard hitting, and controversial lyrics push this hard to find, and VERY rare ep over the edge. The band has achieved a cult like status amongst punk rock record nerds world wide. Supposedly 500 copies existed??? Almost 25 years later, and these guys one great release is still influencing hardcore bands of modern times. The song Foreign job lot has gotten the band in trouble with p.c. types forever. Funny thing is that they also have an anti nazi song called Nazi youth. It was the 80's... thats all I can say.

Iron Maiden s/t LP (1980)

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Prowler/Remember Tomorrow/Running Free/Phantom Of The Opera.
Transylvania/Strange World/Charlotte The Harlot/Iron Maiden.

Iron Maiden were formed in 1975. Bassist Steve Harris attributes the band name to a movie adaptation of "the man in the Iron mask" which he saw around that time pierod, and so the group was named after the brutal torture device. This record was a leader/pioneer in the NWOBHM sound. It was a great metal record, and a great rock record as well. I was lucky enough to see these guys from the "killers" tour on up through "powerslave". Leaving the Glens Falls civic center after one of the concerts, I can recall getting in actual fights with Priest fans (number of the beast/screaming for vengeance tour).
I discovered these guys when I was prolly 14 years old. I can remember seeing a dude at a video store wearing a Maiden t shirt. I was intrigued by the artwork featuring Eddie the monster. In those days it was hard to find good music, you really had to search it out. When you found it, it was expensive. An LP back in the early 80's was still like $8.98. Gas was less then a dollar a gallon, cigs were as well...
Most of my friendships during that time period were based around the love of this band. I recall meeting a buddy named Patrick who was a year younger then me, who also shared a love for this band. His nick name became Adrian, because he looked much like Adrian Smith.

Holocaust-heavy metal mania 7" (1980)

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1. heavy metal mania
2. only as young as you feel

This e.p features two great songs by these U.K. metal kids. The bands follow up was an equally as great LP called the Nightcomers. These guys really had no idea what they were doing at the time, or even realized how groundbreaking, and influential their early work would become. To me these guys are the NWOBHM. Metallica were just one band who were VERY influenced by Holocaust.

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Welcome to my punk and metal audio blog, where you can download music, view art, and read about some metal/punk history as I recall it.

I mainly do this site to give others a chance to discover and enjoy older music that I've collected over the last 25 years. Also serves as a reminder to folks about their pasts.

Some History of who I am, and where I come from...
My Name is Nate...I started off as your typical dirthead kid in around 1981-82 (7th grade)listening to the likes of AC/DC, Kiss, Rush, Nugent, and Black Sabbath in Western NY state(Spencer Van Etten NY).
After most of my family finally moved to the Capital region (Albany NY), I'd Within no time whatsoever discovered bands playing the new wave of heavy metal (NWOBHM) style...Iron Maiden, Diamond Head, Samson, Judas Priest, Holocaust, Angel Witch, Def Leppard, Satan, Blitzkrieg, Saxon, Raven, etc.
This then led me to discover Motorhead, Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth, Exodus, Destruction, Kreator, etc.
Around 1984-85 punk bands started playing with, and sharing the stages with thrash metal bands. This was a very important time period in heavy music, as crossover was born. punks hated it... metalheads like me, we loved it, because not only were we still listening to our heavy, fast metal bands, but we were also discovering great punk bands that would forever change our lives.
Some of the early punk/hardcore bands I saw during this period were The Bad Brains, Raw Power, Agnostic Front, SNFU, Discharge, D.R.I., Feederz, D.O.A., M.D.C., Gang Green, Black Flag, GBH, R.K.L., the Circle Jerks, Suicidal Tendencies, B.G.K., Dayglo Abortions, Fang, Verbal Abuse, 7 Seconds, Violent Coercion, Corrupted Morals, Hirax, Doggy Style, Scream, Fang, Special Forces, False Prophets, Operation Ivy, Rabid Lassie, Poison Idea, Youth Of Today, Christ On Parade, Fugazi, Stikky, Subhumans, Neurosis, Dwarves, Unit Pride, Soul Side, Bl'ast, Wasted Youth, etc.
It was about timing, I was lucky because I'd decided to move from Albany N.Y. to S.F. California because of the bay area music scene. It was exploding while I lived there. I watched the birth of Gilman street, the death of the Farm, and Mab, the On Broadway. Important clubs in SF for sure. I can remember buying demo tapes from Andy Airborne, and getting autographs from King Diamond at the Record Vault on Polk street. I'd skate to every show, buy every demo, and 7" that I could afford, then rush home to check out what new shit was gonna make my ears bleed, and make my mind think. I made so many good friends, and have such great memories of this time period in my life.

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