Friday, April 27, 2007

Axegrinder-rise of the serpent (1988)

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1. never ending winter
2. hell storm
3. life chain
4. war machine
5. evilution
6. rise of the serpent
7. the final war

These crust metal lords played a much different/heavy style of metal then their U.K. predecessors. the music had the heaviness of metal, but the lyrics and ideas were very politically motivated by the punk scene. The band released this album on Peaceville (back when the label was still punk). when I think Of Axegrinder I also have always thought of Deviated Instinct, Bolt Thrower (1st LP), and Amebix.
I blame my friend Louis Jacobs for getting me into this shit...Heavy shit..

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  1. Holy crap. This is truly one of the best metal albums I have EVER heard. How did I miss this?