Saturday, April 21, 2007

Possessed-death metal demo (1984)

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1. death metal
2. evil warriors
3. burning in hell
4. fallen angel

To this day it still boggles my mind that this demo was recorded in 1984. Its groundbreaking, and created an entire genre that has been beaten and mimicked to death still today. The first singer committed suicide before the band broke. I saw these guys a lot in my early days in the Bay area. They would play any show, band members would hang out with everyone, and watch all the other bands. They were a humble bunch. One of the great things about the scene back in those days, in S.F. was the diversity of the bands playing the shows. I can remember seeing Possessed at the Farm opening for Discharge, DRI, and some pre Corrupted Morals band. Mainly punks were at these shows, but Possessed played it like they weren't even being spit on. The bands first album seven churches is a classic, and rates in my top 10 metal albums of all time.