Saturday, April 21, 2007

Corrupted Morals-think about it 7" (1986)

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1. think about it
2. money goes around
3. no assholes
4. quality control
5. go home
6. what?

I loved CM... to me they were the perfect mix of metal and punk. Great metallic riffing, and guitar gallops with some social politically aware lyrics(quality control was about the tylenol killings).
In the early days of the Gilman St project I would go to meetings, and met and talked to the og bass player. I forget his name (Jose maybe), but he was at all the meetings, and gave me the bands demo tape. There were like 11 songs on the tape (6 which made it to this ep), and I was forever hooked. Corrupted Morals later featured Larry from Possessed, and Primus. You could have caught these guys at any Gilman street show in the later 80's, seems like they played them all.
I would love to reissue the bands stuff. If anyone has any contact info please drop me a line, until then enjoy the tunes.