Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tankard-zombie attack (1986)

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1. zombie attack
2.thrash till death
3. screaming victims
4. mercenary
5. manic forces
7. alcohol
8. acid death
9. (empty) tankard

I was all about the German thrash metal in the early days. Being so obsessed with Kraut metal helped to open me up to German hardcore/ punk as well. What I loved about bands like Tankard was partially that I knew what to expect from them all time. They always played the same speed, sang about the same shit(beer), and put out the same records over and over. It was to easy to get screwed buying a favorite thrash bands release who then wrote songs like "one". For fans of fellow German thrash bands Kreator, and Destruction (mix in some Gang Green and you have Tankard).



  1. Brilliant Stuff! I just love tankard, and live they're just an expierence i wouldn't miss. Even nowadays, since Gerre got fat, they are just a bomb. Love to see 'em again.

  2. I am pretty impressed by this, the music is terrific and the production of this album is fantastic for something this old. And the cover art is pretty funny, lust look at the girls face, she is horrified with all those monsters in her living room.

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