Friday, June 29, 2007

Mortal Sin-mayhemic destruction LP (1986)

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1. the curse
2.women in leather
5.blood, death, hatred
6.mortal slaughter
7.into the fire
8.mayhemic destruction

Mortal Sin are one of the few metal bands I've ever heard from Australia... I was tricked into thinking they were a California band when I'd first been turned on to them by my pal Kenny. They really perfect the Bay area 80's thrash metal sound, and play awesome metal in the vein of early Metallica, Exodus, Dark Angel and Legacy. Death bangers is what they called their fans...
The cover artwork on this album is so bad, that its good. It really helps to make this a classic metal album.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Condemned?-humanoid or biomechanoid? LP(1986)

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I'm not really sure how many of you guys that read my blog and listen to this stuff will actually get this recording. listening back to this three man band project, its really sorta prog-core, and If I hadn't bought it when it came out, I might be sorta turned off to it. I'm not sure... I know i still love it, and it makes me feel good to re listen to it. It really has a Christ on Parade, early Neurosis vibe to it.
The story goes that when Condemned To Death broke up, Keith the bassist moved to Australia to play in Death Sentence. He later did this project with two members of Australia's Vicious Circle. I would swear that more than one of the songs on this ended up being used musically as songs in Condemned Attitude (you guessed it, members of Attitude Adjustment and C2D).
I bought my copy of this LP at Reckless records on Haight Street in SF around 1986 or 1987, its on green wax.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nasty Savage-s/t LP (1985)

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1. No Sympathy
2. Gladiator
3. Fear Beyond the Vision
4. Metal Knights
5. Garden of Temptation
6. Asmodeus
7. Dungeon of Pleasure
8. The Morgue
9. Instigator
10. Psychopath
11. End of Time

Nasty Savage were from Brandon Florida, and were rumored to feature a pro wrestler as their front man...Nasty Ronnie Savage. The band had a devote following, and lots of interest from kids like me, a year before the LP even existed. This was due to Ronnie's use of underground rags, and hype he pretty much created himself way pre internet.
This LP is basically just some early stripped down speed metal, with awesome bass licks and riffage and then Ronnie's over the top screams added to liven things up a bit. This record is the first that I'm familiar with, that was recorded at the now infamous metal studio "Morris sound"(you know... Morbid Angel, Terrorizer, Assuck, Cannibal Corpse, etc).
Nasty Savage might have started or discovered something good in the waters of Florida.

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Nasty Ronnie taking on a member of the audience

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Direct Action-trapped in a world LP (1985)

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1. H-Bomb
2. Tomorrow's Too Late
3. Living Dead
4. International Blacklist
5. Repression
6. Eat the Rich
7. U.X.B.
8. Fire in the Sky
9. Animal Reflex
10. P.C.P.
11. Angels of Death
12. Hate Generation
13. Spirit of Youth
14. Direct Action
15. Trapped in a World
16. One Tin Soldier

This band were from Toronto, and put this record out the year I graduated high school. I Was turned onto these guys by a dude that semi lived with me in S.F.California in 1986... I forget his name even, but he was a grunt who had gone awol from the marines. The dumb ass had stolen c.o. cartridges, stored them in our basement, and somehow they leaked their way through the air vents, etc spreading teargas through out the house. I ended up with his copy of this record and a few others when he disappeared.
These guys band played a great political hardcore that reminds me of a more metal Youth Youth Youth. I love "international blacklist" and "h bomb".

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wasted Youth-Reagans in 12" (1981)

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By cryptocomx at 2007-06-26

1. Reagan's In
2. Problem Child
3. Teenage Nark
4. Uni-High Beefrag
5. Born Deprived
6. Fuck Authority
7. You're a Jerk
8. We Were On Heroin
9. Punk for a Day
10. Flush the Bouncers

I saw these guys at the On Broadway in 1985. A totally great show with many like minded punks and metal heads thrashing around together. What I recall most about the band was the guitarist's clear guitar (totally reminded me of Black Flag).... I'd never heard these guys yet, but after the show ended up with this LP. Unfortunately nothing the band did after this, was even half as close nor as godly as Reagans in.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Vio-lence-eternal nightmare LP (1988)

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1.Eternal Nightmare
2.Serial Killer
4.Calling In The Coroner
5.T.D.S.(Take It As You Will)
6.Bodies On Bodies
7.Kill On Command

I was already very familiar with all the songs on this LP, as the band had been playing them for a long time before the release of this LP. Not sure what the hold up on this debut record was, but it surely should have come out around 86 or 87. Violence were a great live band and could be seen live anywhere almost any weekend night in the bay area. The band stuck to playing mainly metal shows, but that didn't stop punks in San Francisco from going to check them out as well.

Attitude Adjustment-dead serious demo (1985)

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1. Electric Shock
2. 9 to 5 Religion
3. DSFA (doesn't stand for anything)
4. Kristallnacht (instrumental)
5. In The Center
6. Bombs
7. Incredible End
8. Grey World
9. Dead Serious
10. American Paranoia

These guys meant everything to me in 1985-86 while I was living on speed in S.F. Andy "Airborne" Anderson the singer worked at the local record store (the record vault on Polk street), and was enthusiastic about all aspects of underground music. He was always telling stories, turning kids on to new fast music, etc.
I saw these guys at least a half a dozen times, everywhere from the Farm, to the on Broadway, to Ruthies Inn.
This was another band that appealed to me because they played the perfect blend of metal and hardcore punk, influencing so many kids like myself. This demo is so raw and pissed, its a genuine classic. It blows the LP away. Its rumored that Lars Ulrich recorded this demo, no idea of its a fabrication or not.
Andy I hear is now in comedy, and the drummer, Kontos was in Machine Head with some Vio-lence members.
The Above picture is why Andy got his nickname.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tyrranicide-god save the scene LP (1988)

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1. Hiding Under White
2. Nails on the Chalkboard
3. Was It Worth It?
4. Think for Yourself
5. One That I Am
6. Facing Reality
7. Denial (Of Hate)
8. Drink, Drive and Die
9. Peer Pressure
10. Pull the Plug
11. Inner Peace / Holy War
12. By His Own Hand

So many amazing things can be said about these Pleasanton California thrashers. These dudes seriously believed heavily in the do it yourself scene, and played tons of punk & metal shows in the bay area.
The first song on this LP is called hiding under white and is about the stupidity of the Klan, racial prejudice, etc. Jeff Hill was an amazing dude and great guitarist and front man. From what I can recall The bands drummer , Mike spent his life on crutches, and was pretty much crippled. I don't know how he was able to pull this shit off. It was amazing to watch him set up his drums then play.
I was very lucky to see these guys play tons of shows/party's in the suburbs of Northern California in the 80's, as my roommate Kenny was schoolmates with these dudes. Metal played with a punk attitude. Listening to these guys makes me think of old friends from that part of my life (jeff Stuckey, mike Lurky, Kenny, K. Dittmer).

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Omen-battle cry (1984)

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1. Death Rider

2. The Axeman
3. Last Rites
4. Dragon's Breath
5. Be My Wench
6. Battle Cry
7. Die By The Blade
8. Prince Of Darkness
9. Bring Out The Beast
10. In The Arena

Omen were a band I listened to in high school. My friend Dave Franchini and myself would get drunk in the woods and blast this record. Dave was the ultimate headbanger, and could get his curled locks flowing to this album. It was seriously a sight to see.
How can you go wrong with a song called "be my wench"? These guys came from the same school of metal as say Grim Reaper or Satan, cept I think Omen were from L.A. (playing the 2nd or 3rd tier of NWOBHM).
I saw them once in S.F. at the Stone (I think). There was no one there... just me and my buddy Zoran standing in front of these guys as they played this gigantic hall as though there were people there. It was funny. At the end of the set the singer screamed something like "WE'LL BE BACK TO KICK YOUR ASS'S SAN FRANCISCO!!!!"

Download battle cry below

Raven-all for one LP (1983)

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1. Take Control
2. Mind Over Metal
3. Sledgehammer Rock
4. All For One
5. Run Silent, Run Deep
6. Hung, Drawn and Quartered
7. Break the Chain
8. Take it Away
9. Seek and Destroy
10. Athletic Rock

Okay, I never really dug all to much Raven, but "all for one" kicked my ass, and probably was one of the most influential records for learning heavy metal guitar playing for me. I loved the harmonics, and killer riffs that get pulled off here (hung drawn and quartered, and break the chain). Most my friends never understood my fascination with this LP.
Raven were a three piece band from the U.K. , who formed in around 1978 by the two brothers in the band.
The only other record I can deal with by these guys is "wiped out". There are a couple sleepers on "All for one"(some cheese ones as well), but for the most part it kills. Great production, a cool cover

Hung, Drawn and Quartered

Underneath the chambers
Right beneath their eyes
Sitting on a powder keg
Ending all their lies

Sentry turns too quickly
Everything is lost
Overpowered caught redhanded
What will be the cost

Hung, drawn and quartered
Split from ear to ear
Hung, drawn and quartered
All the kings horses and all the kings men
Couldn't put me back together again

Ground into submission
They burn me to the bone
Question after question
In that mocking tone

Treason! Verdict of the jury
Black cap judges head
Take him to the wooden scaffold
Hang till you are dead


Dragged out by the kings guard
Branded by the crowd
Mornings entertainment
See them laugh aloud

Placed upon a funeral pyre
Dressed up to the nines
Every year razed to the ground
A 100,000 times


to download All for one click below

Friday, June 8, 2007

Clown Alley-circus of chaos LP (1986)

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1. The Lie
2. Unplugged
3. In The Cartoon
4. On The Way Up
5. Uranium Miner's Daughter
6. Pet Of A Pig
7. The Grey Men
8. Envy
9. Theme
10. The Second Day
11. The Prey

Clown Alley were one of the first bands I saw live when I moved out to the Bay Area in the mid 80's. I was in total awe watching the band go crazy, looking normal as fuck but playing melodic, simple, yet very original sounding thrash. The band had more then one female member when I first saw them. The band sounded metal as fuck, but didn't really fit the part..
When circus of chaos came out my buddy Zoran and myself found ourselves spinning the record almost daily. The production is insane on this LP, and has some wicked melodic guitar wanks that just get stuck in your head. The band featured 3 members in its lifetime that went on to play in the Melvins.
This LP came out on Alchemy records (also did some RKL, and Poison Idea).
Its a shame that this is all the band did...

download the LP
download the 1985 demo below