Thursday, June 14, 2007

Omen-battle cry (1984)

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1. Death Rider

2. The Axeman
3. Last Rites
4. Dragon's Breath
5. Be My Wench
6. Battle Cry
7. Die By The Blade
8. Prince Of Darkness
9. Bring Out The Beast
10. In The Arena

Omen were a band I listened to in high school. My friend Dave Franchini and myself would get drunk in the woods and blast this record. Dave was the ultimate headbanger, and could get his curled locks flowing to this album. It was seriously a sight to see.
How can you go wrong with a song called "be my wench"? These guys came from the same school of metal as say Grim Reaper or Satan, cept I think Omen were from L.A. (playing the 2nd or 3rd tier of NWOBHM).
I saw them once in S.F. at the Stone (I think). There was no one there... just me and my buddy Zoran standing in front of these guys as they played this gigantic hall as though there were people there. It was funny. At the end of the set the singer screamed something like "WE'LL BE BACK TO KICK YOUR ASS'S SAN FRANCISCO!!!!"

Download battle cry below


  1. I discovered Omen on a Metal Blade sampler back in high school, that song was Teeth of the Hydra and from the opening riffs i was hooked. They reminded me of most nwobhm bands, but a bit darker (coulda been those vocals). I think my favorite song would be Termination, which has one of the best choruses ever:
    Cyborg lust
    Programmed to terminate
    Cyborg lust
    Come to seal your fate

    Anyway. Glad you've put this out there. I needed the digital pounding to give my cassettes a break! (yes I still have those suckers)

  2. Hard to believe that OMEN ever played in front of just 2 people!They play pretty often here in Greece and have a large following