Thursday, June 14, 2007

Raven-all for one LP (1983)

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1. Take Control
2. Mind Over Metal
3. Sledgehammer Rock
4. All For One
5. Run Silent, Run Deep
6. Hung, Drawn and Quartered
7. Break the Chain
8. Take it Away
9. Seek and Destroy
10. Athletic Rock

Okay, I never really dug all to much Raven, but "all for one" kicked my ass, and probably was one of the most influential records for learning heavy metal guitar playing for me. I loved the harmonics, and killer riffs that get pulled off here (hung drawn and quartered, and break the chain). Most my friends never understood my fascination with this LP.
Raven were a three piece band from the U.K. , who formed in around 1978 by the two brothers in the band.
The only other record I can deal with by these guys is "wiped out". There are a couple sleepers on "All for one"(some cheese ones as well), but for the most part it kills. Great production, a cool cover

Hung, Drawn and Quartered

Underneath the chambers
Right beneath their eyes
Sitting on a powder keg
Ending all their lies

Sentry turns too quickly
Everything is lost
Overpowered caught redhanded
What will be the cost

Hung, drawn and quartered
Split from ear to ear
Hung, drawn and quartered
All the kings horses and all the kings men
Couldn't put me back together again

Ground into submission
They burn me to the bone
Question after question
In that mocking tone

Treason! Verdict of the jury
Black cap judges head
Take him to the wooden scaffold
Hang till you are dead


Dragged out by the kings guard
Branded by the crowd
Mornings entertainment
See them laugh aloud

Placed upon a funeral pyre
Dressed up to the nines
Every year razed to the ground
A 100,000 times


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  1. Damn! That Raven LP is of my favorite metal records I bought about 12 years ago in a used bin based on the ridiculousness of it, I really like this LP and am stoked ot have it available "on the go" instead of just my turntable, this blog is amazing, I have been taking a lot of stuff on it, some I have on LP/CD/tape and other stuff I've been looking for for a while, like the Exorcist LP - big fan of Gloom records as well, they were always really easy to find in Toronto and a lot of the Gloom releases are favorites of mine, like the Last In Line LP, Monster X, Devoid Of Faith stuff, even the Toxic Holocaust stuff is pretty fucking rad. Keep up the good work on the blog!

  2. thanks for the kind words weirdo!

  3. Thrasher Blaster of DisasterAugust 25, 2007 at 12:24 AM

    Awesome LP, i can't remember a better recorded album in '83

    Your blog is awesome Only a few had the privilege of seen many of this bands live

  4. I didn't buy anymore Raven after 'All For One', just didn't have the same sense of... insanity that 'Wiped Out' had. Gotta say though, 'Sledgehammer Rock' makes me bounce, even now.

    Think I saw the lads in Nottingham, or maybe Leicester, around 1983; THE single most manic live experience I have ever had. How they are not all disabled now I will never know...

  5. Damn! Thanks for the All For One! I must agree on not feeling too interested in their other releases. But this great album and Anthrax's Fistful of Metal made 1984 my Megaforce year.

  6. I agree with jenny and penguindevil. This is also my last Raven LP that I bought. But the only reason I got this one was I remember the Metallica/Raven "Kill 'em All For One" tour was coming to the Mab in S.F. (it was either the Mab or the Stone). I remember Lars also was throwing Metallica records into the crowd telling people to share their music. What a sellout.

    By the way, penguin where can I find a "fistful of metal" these days?

  7. og metal gangsta shiznit!, i remember listening to these guys in middle school watchin ms13 fight 18st in the yard, and we ALL got down. good times