Friday, June 29, 2007

Mortal Sin-mayhemic destruction LP (1986)

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1. the curse
2.women in leather
5.blood, death, hatred
6.mortal slaughter
7.into the fire
8.mayhemic destruction

Mortal Sin are one of the few metal bands I've ever heard from Australia... I was tricked into thinking they were a California band when I'd first been turned on to them by my pal Kenny. They really perfect the Bay area 80's thrash metal sound, and play awesome metal in the vein of early Metallica, Exodus, Dark Angel and Legacy. Death bangers is what they called their fans...
The cover artwork on this album is so bad, that its good. It really helps to make this a classic metal album.


  1. I also bought this one because of the cover, but it was another cover for europe perhaps? It looks great anyhow. And the band is still rocking to this day an australian friend told me.
    -Erik (Sweden)

  2. Hi - saw these guys play once back in the day. They were playing a show at a place that used to have all kinds of bands playing on the one night so no doubt I went to see a punk band but don't remember who. I wasn't really into metal at all back then - it was punk or nothing but I remember thinking these guys were pretty good live. I remember they did a Metalica cover.

  3. ....yeah, you probably saw them with The Hard-Ons or Massappeal or something back in the day. They used to do shows with all those bands, the whole Metal/Punk/Hardcore shows in the late 80's were great. good times.

    thanks for uploading this!:o)

  4. Grew up in Sydney in the 80's listening to bands like Massappeal, Hard-ons and Mortal Sin. I remember seeing Mortal Sin when they supported Metallica's first tour of Australia. It was at the Horden Pavilion and they came on and just destroyed the crowd. It was like wall of death at a L.O.G concert. My buddy got crushed in the mosh pit and passed out. Metallica came on and they looked so tired and unenthusiastic it was so disappointing. I was a huge Metallica fan and had been waiting years for them to come to Australia. Seeing them for the first time playing so lousy was heart breaking. They looked like they were just going through the motions and wanted to get the hell outta there. I guess most big acts like that usually tack on Australia right at the end of their world tour when they are totally exhausted and hating being on the road. So a week later, through a drummer friend of mine I got to go to see Mortal Sin practice at Party Pig studios in Western Sydney. It was this tiny little room and and it was just intense sitting there watching these guys shred. It was a highlight of my 80's metal experience and I'll never forget it. They are nice guys to hang out with too.

    Thanks for the download!

  5. YES!! man i loved this record!! i loved this cover!! why won't they use this cover for the 20th anniv. re-release?? i guess the other ones more "mayhemic" looking or something. Hahahaa.

    this ones a Top 10 metal record for me for sure. i was way into the early Metallica/Exodus sound at the time when i first heard this record so i fell in love pretty much instantly. and i must have listened to this every day (2 or 3x a day too i'm sure) for months!! I remember i couldn't wait to be old enough to drive so i could burn up the interstate at 90mph to the "feel the heeeeeeeaat" part of "Into The Fire". wow this one takes me back.

  6. I bought this when it came out because of the Simon Bisley artwork on the cover. this one looks like it was drawn by an eight year old. heheheh

  7. this blog is pretty shit hot.

    great work.


  8. Just watched them supporting Judas Priest in Sydney. They're still going great guns.

  9. I remember this album being one of those "import" albums we could never find, along with Venom's Japanese Assault and Nuclear Assault's Survive on CD. Nice to find it after these many years! Cheers, man!

  10. Destructical Mayhemliness??

  11. Mayhemingly Destructivizing??

  12. This is turning into some weird conversation where each of you say something once a year..... yeah it was at the Trade Union Club & I'm pretty sure these guys were headlining and I think this was pre Mass Appeal & even pre Hard-Ons but I could be wrong.... I thought this was from the time when punk bands in Sydney were basically the bands on the Flowers From the Dustbin comp.... as there seems to be the occasional Aussie hitting this post... I'm looking for a copy of the Beanflipper demo tape which I had & lost ;(..... it is awesome & they were an awesome band out of Melbourne around mid 90's sorta time who the band I was in at the time played with in Sydney & Melbourne. The album is great too but lacks the rawness of the demo - what a common complaint that is - & by then they'd replaced their original alcoholic singer. Anyone know where I can get it? This is a great blog btw & its great reading the stories behind your finding these bands & records.

  13. I'd say this cover art is totally awesome!