Thursday, July 5, 2007

Executioner-in the name of metal LP (1986)

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1. Victims of Evil
2. Hell And Back
3. Death By The Blade
4. Nuclear Nightmare
5. Your Life Is Over
6. Annihilation
7. In A Silent Way
8. Genocide
9. Going Blind
10. Cyanide
11. In The Name of Metal
12. Battlelands

Executioner were yet another band that I was convinced into buying their record due to the artwork( I sorta had a one track mind as far as art went back then). Executioner were from the Boston Area, and later featured Seth Putnam (A.C. vocalist) on bass guitar.
This record really is on the cusp of both punk and metal. There are cool elements of both styles written all over the songs on this slab. Some songs are just over a minute long, while others pass the 4 min mark. The music is raw as fuck metallic riffage, while the vox are sorta Boston or old NYC hardcore sounding(Antidote). My favorite track is "your life is over".


  1. oh man i found both of the executioner records at a local store as they were purging their vinyl in the early 90s and solely picked them up on the metal-ness of them. of course if really knew how atrocious the records were....egad. has to be some of the worst stuff ever committed to vinyl

  2. come on...if its so atrocious please, send me the second one

  3. if i find them at my parents house i will send you the records ....or trade them for whatever....

  4. What a fuckin tool. don't you have anything better to do with your time than talk shit about something that others are here to discuss and enjoy?? Man, get a life.

    Anywho, I remember hearin "Victims Of Evil" on some comp back in the day. Speed metal Hell maybe - it had At War and Artillery too I do remember.

    So i peep the LP - the version of "Victims of evil"
    on here is fuckin great!! Still prolly my fave. Though I love the classic heavy metal gone lo-fi sound of the title track as well. The chorus is great - with the backing vox that swell, all drenched out with reverb..

  5. Holy shit, Victims of Evil on this is like 4 times as fast compared to the Speed Metal Hell version. So fucking awesome. Thanks for uploading this, such an amazing album.

  6. I bought this lp in 1986. At the time I was into crossover. I noticed Mike Gitter's name on it and so there was a slight punk factor. I bought it. I didn't fall in love with it immediately, but quickly indeed, I did keep it in rotation on my turntable. Along with Hirax and S.O.D. at that time. On sleepless nights, I'd go to this l.p. I enjoyed it more and more everytime. If I could change anything about it, it would be the production. It is quite lo-fi. After all these years, well, that is appreciated, but this release needs a re-release, remastered! This recording stands the test of time in my estimation. Sad thing is, no one remembers it. In this age of all kinds of music, rock, punk, noise or otherwise, this recording is a lost artifact.