Wednesday, July 11, 2007

DEATHROW-raging steel LP (1987)

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1.the dawn
2.raging steel
3.scattered by wind
4.dragons blood
5.the thing within
6.pledge to die
7.mortal dread
8.the undead cry
9.beyond the light

Vicious thrash metal that always reminded me a bit of the likes of Assassin or Dark Angel(with some Slayer thrown in ). This is the bands second release, and is a bit more technical than the previous.
There isn't really anything that makes this LP stick out any more than other great thrash that was coming out at the time, Its just another important LP to me because it brings back certain memories of a time and place I was at with certain people.
When I listen to this record it brings me back to my Livermore California days, driving around in my 1972 Gremlin, and having my long red haired sidekick Kenny trying to persistently put this tape in the tape deck.. with me yelling about being over metal and to throw some R.K.L. in instead. Kenny usually won.


  1. man, this record is great
    i had this on vinyl, but traded/lost it , can't remember
    thanks, downloading now


  2. Fileshare says the file can not be found. Is there anyway you can fix this?

  3. its back up Mike, try the media one..

  4. Thanks so much! Just listening to this makes me want to take a battle axe and slay some people lol

  5. I hear that. I'll try to put up one of the bands other LPs soon. not as good as this one of course

  6. this is great, thanks

  7. Hm, listening to this right now. I've got to disagree with the assertion that there isn't much to set this apart from other bands of the time. These guys were more technically accomplished than most German bands that weren't in the Big Three, they just didn't rub in peoples' faces with overt classical/power metal parts. Also, the production is fucking awesome. The guitar is bludgeoning.