Monday, July 9, 2007

Steel Warriors-12" (1984)

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1. Steel Warriors
2. Metal Forces
3. I Found That Something In You
4. We're Gonna Rock all Night

My buddy, neighbor Artie Philie gave this 12" to me as a gift for watching his cats. Wantagh Long Island metal played in the nwobhm style from way back in 1984 (fuck I was still a youngin). Only 4 tunes on this cheesy 12"(this is for die hard metal-heads only). I'm not sure what else the band ever did, this could be it. The front cover is seriously ridiculous as it looks like a crayon drawing that I woulda done in 7th grade if I had ran out of magic markers. This was self released by the band, so I'm guessing this is a VERY low pressed record.

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