Monday, July 9, 2007

Rumble Militia-fuck off commercial LP (1987)

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1. Full of danger
2. Treason
3. Dead end kids
4. Bang 'til death
5. Nuclear warfare - the first
6. Fright of stupidity
7. Rumble attack
8. Nuclear warfare - the last
9. Full of commercial

I stayed away from this band for years due to their bad fucking name. My friend Kenny from California tried to turn me on to this LP when it came out, but I just couldnt deal with the name. It took me to about 1989 or 1990, and me having gotten the record in a collection that I purchased to actually give this thrasher a chance and actually learned to love the LP. Mix some decent Bay Area crossover metal with the likes of fellow German's Destruction and you've got R.M. This is a rager.
The cover... again something I could have created with the right crayon collection.

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  1. Hahah. R.M. were from my hometown Bremen. They played a reunion show in 2002. Awsome memories of seeing them playing live back in 1990!
    Rumbile Militia have always been a Thrash Metal band with a punk attitude.

  2. thx bro..
    do you have another album of rumble militia?
    if it ok

    big thx from Indonesia!!

  3. Rumble Militia is great...
    I'm from Chile and I listen Rumble Militia from many years...
    If you have the album Adult Crash of Leeway please send me a e-mail to:

  4. vielen dank... rumble militia ist eine gute band

  5. hey dude, thx for this cool blog!

    i've seen them live around '98 or '99, guitarist hacki (halkan) is turkish, and i remember drummer is a greek guy. they had toured with suicidal tendencies, in suicidal for life era i think. r.m. is the shit.

    thx for the post.